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“Change in Addis Ababa was started five years ago”, says Adanech Abiebie 

Addis Ababa Mayor continues to portray resistance to language, anthem and flag imposition as an attempt by some groups to create confusion  

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Addis Ababa Mayor, Adanech Abiebie, during the meeting (Photo : public domain)


Days after Addis Ababa police issued a statement announcing the arrest of about 97 students and teachers from some schools in Addis Ababa – which it linked to “violence” -, Adanech Abiebie on Sunday said she had a “fruitful discussion with residents of the city from all walks of life.

“Today we have openly discussed security disruption activities in some schools in our city in connection with the Oromia region flag and anthem,”  Adanech Abiebie said in her status update. 

There is also a move to teach the Oromo language in schools.  Adanech Abiebei says the policy was started five years ago. 

She says we  (“residents of Addis Ababa” and her administration) have reached a point of consensus that the move by “some groups: to portray it [ changing the language of instruction, national anthem and flag] as if it is started now and as an effort to impose a region’s flag and anthem, to create confusion, is incorrect. 

In fact, it is not just “some groups.” Some legally registered political parties, some of whom work with the government, have vehemently condemned the move. 

From the perspective of Opposition parties ( like EZEMA and NaMA – among others) Oromia region’s attempt to impose its flag and anthem on schools in Addis Ababa is unacceptable. The organizations openly criticized radical nationalist groups within Abiy Ahmed’s federal government, Oromia regional state and Addis Ababa administration for a concerted effort to impose a regional flag in Addis Ababa and segregate school children on the basis of language as unacceptable.  

Police, like the mayor, linked the resistance movement to what many say is an attempt to impose the Oromia region flag and anthem on schools (elementary and high school) in Addis Ababa to a radical group’s movement to make Addis Ababa a center of violence – an allegation that the opposition is not accepting. 

Apart from attempts to impose language and flag on Addis Ababa students, the Oromo regional state ( it has trained over 200,000 special forces) is also criticized over the non-stop massacre of ethnic Amhara civilians in the Oromo region of Ethiopia for about four years now.

The regional government has long been saying that it has weakened the OLF-Shane group to the point that it no longer poses a security threat. There was a point whereby the Federal government itself made similar claims. The reality on the ground is that the militant group is now extensively operating in the Oromia region including within a radius of 100 kilometers outside of Addis Ababa. 

In addition to clandestine operatives within different government structures, the Shane group is said to have cells in the capital Addis Ababa as well. 


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  1. Arrest Adanceh Abebe , who is abusing Addis Abeba Teachers and Students.
    Disrupting and violating Teachers, Students and Addis Abeba resident humans rights!!!

    FREE AA Students and Teachers!! Respect their Rights and International Laws!!

    It is illegal and a CRIME to force people to sing for the notoriously known Apartheid, racist and discriminatory flag.

    This racist, apartheid and illegally formed governmental policy must be abolished, confronted and condemned now and hard until every citizens rights and privileges are restored.

    Ethiopians are against, do not accept the Apartheid radical Extremist Oromo flag that insults Ethiopia and perceives Ethiopia/ns as a hostile and enemy to the radical Oromo extremists . The hatful flag goes against Ethiopia, their country’s interest, unity, history, laws, principles, safety, peace and is a plot to AA and Ethiopians lives in danger of massacre and extinction by the same Oromo radical extremist criminals who are now forcing them to sing!!

    Go and arrest the notorious savage Oromo Shene Terrorist!! Go where the real SAVAGE OROMO SHENE CRIMINALS AND MURDERERS are!!

    Adanch Abebe, LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE with fake Orommuma math. 5 years ago TPLF was fighting to survive in power
    Abiy came less than 4 years ago, Adanche came after Takele Uma 2 years ago and according to Adanch Abebe Orommuma math, change in Addis Ababa came 5 years without anyone speaking or knowing about it.


    Adanech fictions and lies and trying to rationalize the illegal invasion on AA by ethnic Oromo Radical Extremist by saying that it was decided 5 years ago is a sign of fear by her ethnic government.

    Abiy now lost all his credibility he sends his servants, Berhanu Nega and Adanech to lie and degrade themselves hoping that will numb and hypnotize Ethiopians to believe and quietly sit in their homes and wait for Shene Orommumas to come and slaughter them and their children and take their houses and belongings.

    The only solution for Apartheid Radical Ethnic Oromo greedy rule is for Addis Ababans to unite AS ONE and FORCFULLY STOP the violation of their rights, being bullied by the Orommuma Bully Abiy Ahmed, Adanech Abebea and Orommuma Radical Oromo Extremists

    Throw OUT this Apartheid Radical Ethnic OROMO daytime hyenas OUT OF ADDIS ABABA and Ethiopia which are testing Addis Ababan’s patience and limits.

    Abiy Ahmed and the Oromo Radical ethnocentric nationalist are salivating to rule Ethiopia at the barrel of Guns, barbarism and Massacre on this modern day. When white Apartheid, racist and discriminatory system is removed from South Africa, and America the black Oromo ethnocentric racist aided by Germany are creating chaos and massacre and turning the Ethiopia a backward very poor and unstable country in the world.

    Oromia flag should stay in Oromia. ADDIS ABABA is a STATE and has its own ETHIOPIAN FLAG. Keep Oromia flag OUT of ADDIS ABABA. Despite what the greedy radical Oromos wants Ethiopians to believe as if Ethiopians are ignorant like them who will bite anything the Orommuma throws at them.

  3. Down with Abiy Ahmed the Radical Extremist Oromo Apartheid system in Ethiopia!!

    Stop the Systematic Apartheid system that discriminates, isolates, and targets Amharas and Addis Ababa residents NOW!!

    STEP DOWN, PM Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdissa NOW!!!

    DOWN with PM ABIY AHMED MURDEROUS radical extremist Oromo Apartheid system in Ethiopia!!!

  4. maybe too harsh statements? of course, oromo youth want the beautiful skyscrapers of Addis for themselves, faking stories of how Menelik and neftehnas drove them out of their land – the land was Fetagar and ruled by Atse Zerayakob 600 years ago. Bring evidence to refute this instead of story telling and nefarious claims. This story has been circling in Wisconsin and Frankfurt by so-called oromo intellectuals and now, they are preparing the final showdown to usurp total power drive hardliner Amharas (note already the word has been coined hardliner Fano) out of all oromo places including Addis, institute gadda system and destroy Orthodoxy, …..And God forbidding, they are in a good condition and they may do it – as the events in Shashamane and Epheson city show….OMG, Save us from this

  5. Do you now the gov is selling two Ethiopian tanker ships called bahirdar and harassa. I thing this gov is selling and privatizing properties and public companies to facilitate the breakup of Ethiopia.
    Apart from is desire to incorporate Addis to oromia the gov creates confusion like flag issue to hide what it’s doing in the background.

    • Yep, chaos and violence is the only way PM Abiy and the Orommuma know how to do. Mediaeval, uncivilized and violent method.

      No democracy, no transparency, no vote, no respect for human rights, no respect for human lives, no citizens rights and no rule of law and so on is the definition of PM Abiy and PP collections.

      Ethiopia is hold captive by Pretenders as a legitimate government when they are actually Ethiopia’s Enemy. People should act now and save Ethiopia for Ethiopians before it is too late and stop the pillage and destruction.

  6. FREE Meskerem Abera, Tadios Tantu, Zemene Kassie, the Balderas members, Fannos and ALL Amharas

    The Unelected, unknown by Addis Ababa resident Adanech Abebea, Mayor of Addis Ababa is murdering Addis Ababa students and people.
    Abiy Ahmed and his Oromo thugs must learn the democratic rights and wishes of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia.

    Ruthless coward Adanech Abebea and Abiy Ahmed are indiscriminately arresting, torturing and killing Amharas hoping that will intimidate and keep Amharas silence and ignorant about what is planned for them.. But today every Amhara knows the Orommuma and TPLF plots to massacre every Amharas just because they are Amharas and takeover their land, properties and wealth.


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