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Ruling party central committee meeting concludes


The central committee of Ethiopia’s ruling party, Prosperity Party, has concluded a meeting which it was having over the past few days.

The key issues that were discussed during the meeting, according to local sources, was the agreement between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the government, which is believed to have ended the two years war.

According to the source, the ruling party has resolved to further carry on the work started to meet commitment along the line to deliver humanitarian assistance and restore service to the Tigray region. Most of the cities and towns in the Tigray region are said to have electric power now. 

Peace as a condition for “development and prosperity” was also emphasized during the meeting based on the report from local sources.

The security situation in the Wollega area of Oromia region ( where hundreds of innocent civilians were massacred in horrifying circumstances) is reportedly discussed but unclear what exactly the government’s plan of action is to protect the security of Ethiopians.

Ethiopian opposition parties, human rights groups and the general public have been blaming Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration over failure to protect the security of Ethiopians. Tens of thousands of civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara, have been massacred in the region. Millions have been displaced.

Video : embedded from Walta TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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