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EZEMA leader Berhanu Nega on the Wollega Massacre

The Wollega situation is “not a clash between Amhara and Oromo”


Dr. Berhanu Nega, leader of Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party, has remarked on the massacre in Wollega ( Oromo region of Ethiopia).

Hundreds of innocent civilians were massacred in the latest string of targeted attacks in the area after the militant Oromo Nationalist group (it calls itself Oromo Liberation Army) launched an attack a few days ago.

“In no way it is a clash between an Amhara and Oromo. It is an enterprise of certain mad groups who aspire to get or maintain power, and the work of a group that seeks to protect its privileges, ” he said. For him, there are groups like that from all sides.

Dr. Berhanu used the word foolishness to describe what he thought is a move to remove government, organize on the basis of ethnicity and protect the security of the ethnic group. He said that “peace did not happen that way anywhere in the history of the world.”

Watch what Dr. Berhanu had to say

Video : embedded from Amharic Tube YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Why so suddenly Berhanu Nega is thrown on our face? Why rushed to came and give advise to Amharas that do not need his advise and are dying by Government Sponsored Amhara Genocide in Wollega, Oromia Ethiopia?

    Prof. Berhanu Nega advise your evil master Abiy Ahmed who send you to talk that lead 4 Years of Amhara Genocide. Yes there is no government for Amhara and many non-Oromo Ethiopians the one holding power is a leader of savage Oromo that murders, loots and impoverishes ethnic Amhara.

    When anyone speaks ill about Amhara victims or Fannos it automatically speaks for supporting Abiy Ahemd and Shene agenda. Millions of Amharas died hoping there is a real government that protects innocents lives and go after violent criminals. The one that is violently holding power is busy stealing land and properties from Amhara and many non-Amharas in order to change Ethiopia to and for Oromia mafias.

  2. You are the same evil person who rushed to address Abiy’s lies and sinister message and joined to work for him. He sent the wrong person who is also known for Amhara intellectual Genocide.

    Don’t brush off and expect Amharas and Ethiopians to let you go on without deep addressing what just happened in Pretoria between OLF/PP and TPLF without Amhara. Shene is instructed to destruct Amharas attention because the Pretoria agreement is built on the demise of people, Amhara Genocide and to steal and sell Amhara Land to TPLF.

    When Behanu should be telling his master Abiy and the barbaric Shimeles Abdissa, Adanech and Orommuma criminals in Wellega to stop Amhara Genocide instead he is worried about Amharas decisiveness to save their children and women from this coward savage Oromo Admin. right hand Shene savage murderers.

    Why not speaking to the one that is holding power, Abiy Government , Shimeles and the Oromo savage massacrers in Oroma Zone and to hold them accountable for Amhara Genocide and looting and compensating their loss?

    Oromo ignorant corrupt thieves and murderer riffraff’s posing as government must be ousted from Power and held accountable for the loss of innocent lives, and lootings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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