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Mekelle Electric power line connected to national power station : gov’t 

Mekelle Electric power _ Ethiopian News
Moges Mekonnen, Ethiopian Electric Power Communication’s Director (Photo : Public Domain )


The Ethiopian government on Tuesday said the Mekelle electric power line which was disconnected with the national power grid due to the war is now connected. 

Moges Mekonnen, Ethiopian Electric Power Communication’s Director, reportedly told ENA the power line was connected after the 230 kilo volt power extension between Almata and Mehoni was completed as part of restoring electric power to the region. 

North East region, it is EEP power distribution designation apparently, coordinated power station and power line maintenance technicians from all regions, it was said. 

The work is said to hasten the work to restore electric power in the entire Tigray region. 

ENA, state media, also announced that power transmission line repair work between Humera and Shire (230 kv ) is completed.

Restoring services to the Tigray region was one of the key commitments that the Ethiopian government entered into when it signed the Pretoria peace agreement.

The other important task of the Ethiopian government was to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the region. The government announced this past weekend that over 45,000 metrics of aid have been delivered to the region after the peace agreement was signed early last month.

On the other hand, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has announced this week that it has disengaged 65 percent of its forces but will not do so to the remaining portion.  It said, “security concerns to the region are not resolved.”  

According to the agreement, the group was expected to disarm within one month after the agreement was signed. 


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