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Oromo Language in Geez letters – “alphabets do not have ethnicities”


Before the TPLF group introduced the ethnic-based federalism about three decades ago, Ethiopians used to write Oromo language in Geez letters – that is said to be the only African alphabet.

Radical ethnic Oromo nationalists introduced the Latin letters to be used in Oromo communication.
The following video reflects on the use of geez letters to communicate in Oromigna

Video : embedded from ESAT TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. I have no problem with Oromos using Latin to write their scripts. What worries me more is OLF and OFC intellectuals trying to impose their gedda culture on the rest of us

  2. When did the Ge’ez become African. It belongs to Amhara. Why are you guys imposing it on Oromo? And, Oromo language is cushitic, has no relation with semitic Ge’ez

    • Ge’ez belongs to Afro-Asiatic and Nilo-Saharan speakers. I think I should be up to Oromo people on what to use, but to say that Ge’ez belongs to the Amhara is not true at all, especially considering the languages considered closest to it are Tigrayna and Tigre and Gurage people use as well.

  3. This is why nationalists who identify under the fake ethnicity called “Amhara” will always lose. First of all, Ge’ez came from Yemen and Saudi Arabia so how can it be African? Second, Egypt and Morocco both have their own scripts so how can Ge’ez be the only African script? Afaan Oromoo speakers have no problem using Fidel except that it was used to subjugate them, so they use Latin alphabets to separate themselves from oppression. It’s really not that hard to understand.

    In addition to that, this kind of mentality is the reason Amharic speakers have so many enemies. In fact, we’re surrounded. If you try to force something unnatural, it will backfire. There are so many things we should be worried about, we have to stop rehashing old issues! Our country is at a breaking point, we still don’t have enough schools or hospitals!! We don’t have enough doctors or engineers!!!!


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