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United Nations  Secretary-General in Ethiopia

Antonio Guterres’s visit to Ethiopia does seem to have something to do with the peace agreement but it is unclear if he is meeting with TPLF leaders 

Antonio Guterres _ Ethiopia
UNSG Antonio Guterres meeting with Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on December 1,2022 ( Photo : Public Domain)


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is in Ethiopia. He met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

“I warmly welcome to #Ethiopia UNSG @antonioguterres. Joined by AUC Chair @AUC_MoussaFaki , we held fruitful discussions on a number of issues. I look forward to our strengthened collaboration,” Abiy Ahmed wrote on his social media. 

Abiy Ahmed did not reveal the content of the discussion with Mr. Guterres. 

From what the UNSG tweeted , his trip to Ethiopia seems to have something to do with peace. 

“Peace is never easy — but it is always necessary.The @UN will continue working with the @_AfricanUnion to deliver the peace, prosperity and climate justice that the people of Africa deserve,”  he said. 

There appear to be renewed discussion, on social media, about peace agreement signed in South Africa. 

Tibor Nagy, United States’ veteran diplomat, has remarked on the peace situation in Ethiopia. 

“The two recent agreements ending the Northern Ethiopia war, while not perfect, are the only path to peace. That’s reality. There will be fits and starts and complaints from all sides, but the process needs everyone’s support. The world needs a peaceful and stable Ethiopia,” he said. 

Ethiopia’s devastating two years war ended after a peace agreement was signed between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in November 2022. 

Military experts from the government and the rebel TPLF side are reportedly meeting in Shire, Tigray region of Ethiopia, to discuss the technicalities of the disarmament. 

However, implementation of the agreement – including disarming the TPLF fighters – has been delayed.  In a statement, the Ethiopian government released, on Thursday, it said the implementation was delayed for “technical reasons.”

According to the Pretoria  Peace agreement, the TPLF forces were to disarm within one month after the signing of the agreement. Although the specified timeframe has elapsed, the process of disarming has not started.

It is unclear if the UN secretary-general is traveling to Mekelle to meet with the TPLF leaders. 


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  1. This trip of apology by Guterres tells the whole story that things are looking up for that gem of the colored that produced us all. I saw BBC the other day sobbing beyond consolation while reporting on the news that the TPLF is in its final step of handing over all its heavy weapons by this coming Saturday. I mean crying rivers!!! Where are AP, AFP, Reuters, Bloomberg, NY Times and their Brooklyn speakeasy booth buddies, you may ask? They are so depressed at the news that peace has finally landed in Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions that they needed to be sedated. They are all on speed and turn on, tune in, drop out trip! Kjetil has lost all his marbles and was seen running naked along with the supremacist Davison in the wilderness of Europe. His other associate on a fellowship at a US university was so depressed that he kept knocking back bottles after bottles of hard khamr(liquor’ that he passed out due acute alcohol poisoning.

  2. Did you have the chance to watch the match between Cameroon and Brazil today? If you didn’t, you have missed one of the biggest upsets in the World Cup history. Cameroon embarrassed the soccer powerhouse Brazil by a score of 1-0 and what a fantastic goal it was. Even though Cameroon did not make it to the next round with this historic win its players should go home with heads up high. They fought tooth and nail. You see, sometimes you need to lighten up by temporarily switching attention. Now I invite you to watch the game tomorrow between Good Ole USA and the Netherlands which I am predicting in USA’s favor. When the final whistle blows it will be 1-0 with USA on top. Also don’t miss the other two games Senegal vs. England and Morocco vs. Spain in which I am expecting both Senegal and Morocco to end up triumphant. Mark your calendar and watch. Happy watching!!!! Peace and blessings!!!

  3. Although I totally disagree and condemn TPLF ideology, war strategy and history and everything they dis only this time I can understand their concerns. They are dealing with the most callous, desensitized to scenes of cruelty or suffering individual.
    Abiy government is killing and massacring hundreds of Amharas every day for the last 3+ years. Every day hundreds of Amharas die in Wollega by Oromo Police, Oromo Special Force and Shene the Oromo extremist radical terrorist groups.

    Yet Abiy Ahmed is calm, undisturbed, no sympathy, no solution and acts like nothing happened. In other words he wants more Amhara massacre. Not going after those Oromo Terrorist blood suckers and looters but instead giving signal to them to kill more and get away with while luring Amharas into death trap meetings and forbidding to defend themselves. .

    So when TPLF looks such tragic massacre where thousands of innocent Amharas are killed everyday by the Oromia Zone Police, Special Force and the Extremist Oromo Terrorist who are doing the dirty job for those Orommumas including Shimeles Abdissa, and Abiy Ahmed who are working to transform Ethiopia into Cushtic Oromia what would make TPLF to trust Abiy Ahmed for not going after them once they lay down their arms?

    Strong man and muscle head Abiy believes in guns and ethnic wars to solve all power thrust problems and agenda. In just 3+ Abiy rule more than Millions of Ethiopians died in internal ethnic war.


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