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Ethiopian opposition says a structure within gov’t supports terrorists 

Ethiopian News _ OLF Shane
Berhanu Nega, leader of EZEMA ( Photo : file)


Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice (EZEMA), one of the major opposition political parties in Ethiopia, on Monday said that “protecting the security of citizens proved to be impossible because there is a structure within the government that supports and embraces terrorists.” 

The party said that information it has gathered from different sources indicates that peaceful citizens have been killed, displaced from their places and kidnapped in the past few weeks. 

It linked the incidents to the OLF-Shane militant group – a radical ethnic Oromo group that mainly operates in East Wollega and Horo Guduru zones of the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

The statement released by the party has listed dozens of security incidents in the region that happened in the past few weeks. 

The measure taken by the government is one that did not take into consideration the depth and complexity of the problem.

EZEMA boldly said that acts of terror, genocide and looting were committed on civilians by the Shane group. Furthermore, the party reiterated that the security of citizens should be given priority under any circumstances. 

“At a time when senior government officials are openly saying that OLF-Shane is not just an armed group in the jungle but a group that is supported by individuals within government structures, the government is not giving proportional attention to the problem and the terror group continues to make daily lives of citizens miserable,”  EZEMA said in its statement. 

The OLF -Shane group has massacred tens of thousands of civilians in the past four or five years mostly targeting ethnic Amhara civilians in farming communities.  Millions have been displaced.

Some politicized Ethiopians have been openly expressing views that the government does not have intentions to take serious measures that will eliminate the terrorist group in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  


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  1. Asking the Abiy regime , banana republic and kangaroo courts to uphold the rule of law is self-contradictory. OLF-Shane is the militant wing of PP by all its actions and intentions. Many people have said it. The so called PM, Pastor Ayalkebet aka Abiy Kibew himself has admitted to this fact. He said such self incriminating pithy truths as, “everybody’s hands is soaked in blood”, “ if we attempt to arrest all that are guilty, we will not have enough prisons or people left around”. These inadvertent blurts are typical of a psychopathic and sociopathic mindset, that knows of all the ills and evils it has committed against the defenseless but lacks the remorseful heart and conscience of a normal human being to repent and make amends.

    The aversion by the West against the Abiy regime is not what Abiy claims to his sycophantic audience. Abiy’s and his PP sycophants grandeur of delusion and illusion of oromumma are undemocratic, in violation of the basic human rights of an individual to liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Abiy is by his nature and mindset subservient to group mentality, often referred to as herd mentality. His vision and horizon are limited to oromumma and not one inch further beyond. He is a byproduct of TPLF group, more precisely ethno-linguistic enclave mentality. His precipitous fall from grace and ignominious downfall are all the result of his failure, his PP utter failure to grasp the following: the inviolable dignity, individuality, inalienable rights of the an individual human being are sacrosanct and will rise and shine as indomitable anytime and all the time against the herd mentality of any oppressive political entity or demagogue ethnofantic party whether dressed as TPL,F, OLF, Shane or PP or what have you.

    Furthermore, Abiy cannot be either the torch bearer of pan Africanism or even beyond that world citizenry. He is a man limited by his intellect, education and experience, and relegated by his fate or even more so, nature’s fate to group or herd mentality. He just simply cannot evolve into a statesman.

  2. Let’s take a break from politics and try to enjoy the World Cup. Senegal, Morocco, Australia and USA have made it to the knock out round. They deserve it all cuz their players had put up heroic fight to get here. What can I say more about Morocco! They finished the round at the top of their group. Senegal, USA and Australia finished at the respectable 2nd. What left me in shock was Germany’s disastrous finish. Congratulations to folks Down Under are in order! I will root for all these 4 teams. If Ghana avenges its 2010 loss to Uruguay, then there will be 5 teams that I will throw my lot with. That game will be the first one tomorrow morning. My prediction?
    USA 1 Netherlands 0
    Australia 2 Argentina 1
    Senegal 2 England 1
    Morocco 1 Spain 1. Morocco will prevail on the penalty shootout.
    If Ghana comes out a winner tomorrow its next game will end in its favor. Good luck y’all!!!!


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