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OLF Shane “does not have central command” to make negotiation possible, says gov’t

Hailu Adugna _ Oromo region
Hailu Adugna ( photo : public domain )


Oromia regional state on Monday said it will not sit for negotiation with a group that calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army.”   

It has been a problem, says the regional government, to take measures except for a military one.  The regional government is saying that the group does not have a central command.  

In a recent interview with a cybermedia, former OLF ideology and chairman, Lencho Letta remarked that the OLF Shane group does not have a central command and that commanders are based in villages in the Oromia region. 

Adugna Hailu, Oromia Regional State Communication Office head, linked the killing of civilians and unarmed persons in the region with Shane group.  

According to DW Amharic report, Oromo regional state is blaming “Shane” and “Amhara radial forces” in connection with the worsening security situation in Horro Guduru and Wellga.  

The Oromo regional state is the only government body to make claims about the existence of militant groups linked to ethnic Amhara identity. Residents in the area have been claiming, as reported by DW Amharic, that “FANO” forces are operating in the region. 

The sources cited Agudgna Hailu as saying that “terrorist force Shane and radicals on the part of Amhara have been working to incite violence targeting peaceful people.” And Mr. Hailu portrayed what was observed in East Wollega and Horo Guduru as the same effort – to bring about violence between Amhara and Oromo.

What is proven so far is that the OLF Shane group has been massacring unarmed and innocent ethnic Amhara communities in the region for over four years now. There have been even claims of genocide against ethnic Amahra in the region.  

Shane group is said to have support groups within the regional government structure with whom it coordinates the attack on civilians in the region – mostly targeting ethnic Amhara. 

The militant ethnic Oromo nationalist group has been operating primarily in the western parts of the region for over four years now.  

There have been recent reports that the group controls extensive areas.  

In May 2022, the Ethiopian Parliament designated Shane, as the Ethiopian government calls it,  as a terrorist organization. At the height of the war between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in November 2021, the latter announced that it had formed a military alliance with ‘Shane.’

The TPLF has signed a peace agreement with the Ethiopian government early this month and has agreed to disarm its combatants.

Ethnic Oromo Nationalist organizations like the Oromo Federalist Congress have been calling for the Federal government to negotiate with the OLF Shane group to end the security challenge in the region. At times, the organization has been accusing the government of targeting civilians during operations that are meant to be against the Shane group. 


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  1. There hasn’t been any justifiable reason in Oromia for an armed struggle as it was the same for Tigray. None exists in every region. I have said this umpteen times in the past already. All these so called liberation fronts were founded and are still being led by individuals whose primary objective is to carve out a region as their private fiefdom. All of them have been destructive mainly to the people they are having fits to ‘liberate’. Just take a look at what happened in Tigray. More than 600,000 dead citizens later everything insight is destroyed. Western Oromia was one of the most stable and productive places in the country until a ‘liberation’ front ghouls came in and laid siege on the citizens and properties. Were there legitimate and pressing issues in Oromia that justifies for anyone to raise arms? None whatsoever!!! Let me put it this way. Economic issues that have been bedeviling my Itu clan member ain’t no different from what has been dragging that Amhara farmer and city dweller. None one. The same for citizens from all other regions. So I will tell you this with 100% confidence. If some one or individuals tell you he/she will start a ‘liberation’ front he/she is lying to you bold face. They are up to no good. They are usually eloquent, street smart and know how to feed on others’ raw emotion. Their ultimate aim is to yank away a territory by force and found their personal fiefdom. I’m not making this up. Just look around inside the country.

  2. Of course there is no group called Shene except what the “government” named one.

    There is no government that sits happily, quietly while looking at well dressed, well armed, well financed with growing number to loot banks and people, to train in Universities and open fields without fear of getting arrested or killed by the “government” unless they are part of the “government” themselves.

    We always hear so many Amharas and Fannos getting arrested, moved from Amhara to Addis Ababa and then to Oromia zone Prisons. At the same time what the government called Shene, the brutal savage murderers and thieves to move freely and continue to massacre Amharas in Wellega, Gojjam (Benishangul) and Showa regions.

    What Abiy and the Orommuma bunces could not understand is that their lies has been expired years ago and have lost ears to listen. The voice coming to us right now is the Cry and Genocide Death toll in Wellga and Showa.

    Abiy should lose his remote controls in Amhara zone and other Smart Ethiopians Zones. When he loses the remote controls means no power to turn on and off.

    The excuse for Oromo armed struggle was by accusing Amhara as an oppressor but now what we see is the Oromo PP government to be the most Oppressive and Lawless Tyrannical that has never been seen before. While the government is controlled by Extremist ethnic Oromos, the killings and lootings of innocent Amharas, and lawlessness has not stopped in Oromia and throughout Ethiopia.


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