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International Guraghe Association  demands Federal gov’t to look into statehood issue 

Guraghe Association  _ Ethiopia


The International Guraghe Association is demanding the Federal government look into the situation of the crisis in the Guraghe zone of the SNNPR region. 

In a statement released earlier this week, the association said South region leaders are engaged in illegal activity to impose “cluster arrangement” on Guraghe people which representatives of the people rejected in a majority vote. 

It went on to claim that the leadership in the region are working hard to eliminate Guraghe’s existence.  

The association also called for Federal Human Rights organizations and the Justice department to end what it called grievance and harassment against Guraghe people. 

There has been a protest in Guraghe zone of the SNNPR ( which is said to have well over 1.8 million people) demanding statehood status. 

Recently the zone came under “Command Post” administration – a form of arrangement much like the state of an emergency situation where law enforcement bodies are given more power and the administration is under security forces. 

Council at zone level administered vote on whether to keep the current administration arrangement for the zone which is a cluster one – meaning it is under the SNNPR region along with the several other ethnic groups in the region pr for statehood. The majority of the council members voted to end the cluster arrangement and were in favor of statehood status. 

Government has reportedly arrested Tarekegne Kitani, a council member, in connection with the movement in the Guraghe region,  violating the rights to immunity. 


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