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Forum for Ethiopian Scholars & Professionals (FESP) 12th Conference

Forum for Ethiopian Scholars _ 2

Forum for Ethiopian Scholars & Professionals (FESP) 12th Conference

In partnership with

The Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES), Addis Ababa University and Abbay Television

Zoom Webinar address
Meeting ID: 829 9682 5028

Guidelines for viewers and online participants

We encourage online viewers to participate using the Q&A option. Please use the webinar
address and meeting ID number provided at the top of the penultimate program. Speakers have
separate dedicated link. The videos will also be available on YouTube and Facebook. All
questions that get sent to speakers will be moderated. It is at the sole discretion of the session
chair to decide which questions/comments should be answered. Please comply with the following

(1) Make sure that your question is relevant to the theme of the session.
(2) State your full name (no pen name), your institutional affiliation, the country where you
are, and identify the speaker to whom the question is addressed to.
(3) As a matter of courtesy, be brief and ask one question using the Q & A option. No long
comments will be entertained. The chat option may be closed to improve audience
attention. Do not send file attachments.
(4) If you are given the opportunity to ask your question verbally, you should be on video.

(5) Address individuals, political organizations, governments, institutions, and social groups
using their formal names, ranks, titles, etc. and the way they would like to be called.

Full details about the conference is available HERE


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