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Reports of  TPLF preparing for the Fourth round of offensive 

Ethiopian _ TPLF _ 4th offensive
TPLF forces ( Photo : file /source : SM )


News of a peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in Pretoria South Africa early this month brought a sense of relief for many Ethiopians including those in the Tigray region. 

But there is some doubt that the TPLF would not only repudiate its implementation – despite the Nairobi Agreement on the implementation. 

Citizens report on social media and some local media in Ethiopia are reporting that the TPLF is preparing for the fourth round of the offensive. 

It is said to be preoccupied with preparing trenches for anticipated new offensives in the areas under its control. 

No confirmation from other sources including Ethiopian government media outlets.

The rebel group, however, has openly made claims that TPLF did not take part in the Pretoria peace agreement or at the Nairobi agreement which spelled out ways of implementing the disarmament, the provision of humanitarian aid and the resumption of social services in the region.

The claim was made just after the conclusion of the Nairobi agreement. So who took part in the Pretoria and Nairobi agreement? TPLF says it was the government of Tigray but the Pretoria agreement said there is no such thing as the government of Tigray at this point since the regional election the TPLF conducted in violation of Ethiopian law was null and void. 

So, the claim itself is a sign that the TPLF has either changed its mind after the agreement was signed or merely entered into the agreement for the sake of a military strategy until its enablers replenish its arsenal. 

More so, the TPLF has resumed an extensive propaganda campaign with the claims that Eritrean troops are engaged extensively in rights abuse and the destruction of properties in Tigray – and that it will not disarm until Eritrean forces withdraw from the region.  It’s a bit tricky there. Because, according to the Ethiopian government, much of the Tigray region is under the Ethiopian coalition forces.  

In any case, the Ethiopian government has not yet reacted to the claim that the TPLF was not represented in Pretoria and Nairobi. 

On Sunday, the Ministry of Defense organized a small recognition event for those who took part in the talks representing the Ethiopian government, including the Defense Chief of Staff Field Marshal Berhanu Jula. 

In a remark during the event, the Minister, Dr. Abraha Belay, rather said the two parties ( Ethiopian gov’t and TPLF) are working on implementing the agreement. 

The Defense Chief of Staff himself said that the agreement was concluded in a way that ensures Ethiopia’s interests, including the unity of Ethiopia. And he did not remark on the TPLF’s denial that it was not part of the agreement. The Chief of Staff said he will work relentlessly to ensure that the goals of the peace agreement are achieved. 

As far as the Ethiopian government is concerned, what is known so far is that the flow of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region has resumed for several days now. 

There have been few precedents whereby the TPLF rebel group launched an offensive when it was expected to pursue the path to peace. The group is also emboldened by its western backers (Primarily the United States) who are now making renewed allegations about Eritrean troops and forces from Afar and Amhara regions. 

It remains a question if the propaganda coordination between the TPLF and western backers does not have a military intent by triggering a peace agreement breach on the part of the TPLF.  From experience, it is unlikely that the group will think twice before accepting orders from its backers to start another round of offensives. 


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  1. The advice I have been giving myself lately since the final signing of the peace agreement in Nairobi is to stay calm and be patient. I honestly and wholeheartedly believe that our Eritrean brothers and sisters do want to see their giant neighbor to be peaceful and stable. I don’t think they want the current peace agreement between the TPLF and FDRE to fail. They may have a different opinion about the process. We should all remember that when the current conflict erupted missiles had rained on them from the skies. There could have been human casualties from those missiles. They don’t want to tell us how many people lost their lives or wounded because they don’t seem to be cry babies about it like others. They seem to be looking for guarantees or assurance that will never happen to them again.

    In regards to some of leaders in the TPLF outfit allegedly wanting to resume the destructive conflict, I am not sure how they will do that effectively. Weren’t they on the losing spree at the war fronts during the days leading up to their acceptance of the peace agreement? I am quite sure the commanders of the ENDF have been watching every move by the TPLF leaders. Above all the reported pressure coming from those upright people of Tigray had an effect on the TPLF leaders to sue for peace. Then what changes since Nairobi? I’m gonna watch it patiently. Politicians can say all sorts of things to keep themselves above the fray but what they do is not always in congruence with what they tell people. Like they say it is politics!!! I’m gonna sit back and watch.

  2. TPLF and ‘Government of Tigray’ are one-and-the-same. BOTH have to go even if they were different. So, both should never see the light of day under Ethiopian sky ever again.

    EPLF/ELF, TPLF/TDF, OLF-IFLO*/OLA… were launched by Egypt & Egypt’s White Supremacist West masters to destabilize Ethiopia & plunge Ethiopia in perpetual chaos.

    Ethiopia’s option is only ONE: Dealing these Proxy Dogs a Swift Crushing Blow. The longer they live, the more people they get killed and the bone-dry destitute Ethiopia gets.

    All these proxies are fighting Ethiopia with Ethiopia’s own resources and with the alms from their masters. So, Ethiopia should avoid any protracted war and take swift actions!

    IFLO* – Islamic Front for the Liberation of Oromia

    • Hi i_Mognu [ In my little dictionary it reads: & Smile ]

      Here is my commentary
      Your short, crisp, commentary is loaded with humble wisdom.
      It is hoped that all relevant caring Ethiopian officials will tune themselves to the protection of the only Ancient INDEPENDENT Black African Country that protected itself, by itself, against the ever-hungry colonial forces, for time immemorial.

      Alas! The marauders are still at it, using sophisticated manoeuvring technique to achieve their goal that they will never give up. And Black Africa is naturally RICH to be very attractive to the naturally hungry marauders. Black Africa is hooked — has been re-hooked for time immemorial. The history of Black Africa is everlasting testimony of crime perpetrated by marauders upon the Continent of Black Africa.

      Question: Would Black Africans be capable enough to protect themselves against ever lasting hungry colonial powers? Here is a situation, unbelievable as it may be: the unexpected shocking situation is that the BLACK AFRICANS THEMSELVES are in tandem with the colonial powers!!!! YES, with the colonial powers!!!! What is taking place in Ethiopia, for example, is nothing less than a long-range plan for the fragmentation of one of the oldest independent, history-loaded Black African Country. It is a crime of limitless intention to destroy Black Africa — much more that it has already been done. Ask yourself: Would the current African Leaders [as well as the supremely educated Ethiopians with top most academic degrees from 'star' universities around the Globe] be capable enough to save their respective States from the ravage of 20th century sleek manoeuvring of current colonial powers?
      Be honest — to yourself.
      Amen — Inshallah [in alphabetical order, please]

      • Oops! One word is missing in the beginning line. Here is the corrected line:
        AQUOTE: “Hi i_Mognu [ In my little dictionary it reads: AwaKi & Smile ] UNQUOTE

  3. There is encouraging news trickling out of Tigray where at some areas where battles were raging that now soldiers of both sides are freely mingling up and talking to each other. Such peaceful meet up of young men and women soldiers is the one we should all extol so it echoes through the hills and escarpments. The motto should be don’t forget the deaths, destruction and suffering this stupid war that was started for utterly stupid reasons has caused but let bygones be bygones. Then and only then Allah’s blessing shall be added so the youth on both sides would go back to tinkering with its smart phones arguing and fussing about what Beyonce was wearing on given days or challenging others into a non waging bet that an African team will win the trophy at Doha. Or getting stuck with their books aiming to be a valedictorian on graduation. The youth should never belong at the war fronts. Some of you may challenge me on my bold statement. What I get back to you with is this question. Where do your children/grandchildren go to everyday? A-ha! Answer my question and then we can have father-to-father and grandfather-to-grandfather civil discussion.


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