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Tadesse Worede signed Nairobi agreement as “Tigray Combatant Commander,” not as TPLF forces commander

The TPLF hails the Pretoria agreement as good but it says TPLF was not a party to the discussion 

Tadesse Worede signing the Nairobi Agreement on November 12, 2022 (Photo : SM )


A document from the Nairobi agreement that was signed between the Ethiopian Defense Force Chief of Staff and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) military commander on disarmament indicates the agreement is not concluded with the TPLF. 

In the ending part of the document where the two representatives put their respective signatures, Tadesse Worede is addressed as “Commander, Tigray Armed Combatants” instead of TPLF combatants.  In the same document, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula is addressed as “Chief of the General Staff of ENDF” 

Tadesse Worede agreement
Document from the Nairobi Agreement (image :SM)

Weeks after the initial agreement,  the TPLF as an organization is breaking its silence. It is contesting that it did not send its negotiators to South Africa or Nairobi.  The claim it is making is that the agreement is between the Ethiopian government and the “Tigray government.” 

“There is no body that went to the peace talk representing the TPLF. In the peace agreement, the description ‘TPLF combatants’ needs correction. TPLF does not have combatants. The combatants in Tigray are not that of TPLF’s but Tigray’s” 

Furthermore, it made claims that the regional government was elected legally. 

However, the peace agreement signed in Pretoria did not give recognition to the “Tigray government” or for the election that the TPLF organized in the region months before it attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4, 2020 – an incident that triggered the two years war. 

It has also agreed, in the peace agreement,  to the principle that there should be only one Defense Force in the country. 

On the one hand, the central committee of TPLF said the peace agreement will bring about peace, and ensure justice and accountability. 

When the African Union announced the peace talk invitation last month, it was clearly indicated that the talk was between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF. 

At the time, the TPLF leaders responded to the AU call made to the Ethiopian government and the TPLF. The letter was signed by Debretsion, TPLF chairman. 

It is unclear why the TPLF is making claims ten days after the agreement was signed. 

When FM Berhanu Jula arrived in Addis Ababa, on Sunday, from the implementation agreement talk, he spoke on a positive note saying that the negotiation was conducted in good spirits. However, he said that there are “groups who do not want the agreement from here and from there.” The identities of the groups who are said to be not happy with the agreement is unspecified. 

The response to the agreement was overall good although there is a noticeable skepticism that the TPLF would not respect the agreement.  There are also views that make speculations that the TPLF is planning to adopt an Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) style struggle by disowning the armed combatants. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has a habit of glorifying petty gains – sometimes when there is none.  Although the desire for peace among Ethiopians – including in the Tigray region – is clearly strong, it remains questionable if the TPLF  would respect the agreement and disarm its forces whose existence it is denying now. 


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  1. Really? This what I was talking about as a hydra-ahead TPLF outfit. If I’m not mistaken , this Tadesse Wareda was the guy who was parting in Hargeaisa and Puntlland regions of Somalia and enriched himself by collecting tax money and elicit goods and drugs across the international borders as de facto Ethiopian ambassador cum spy of the igovernment over 26 years. Now wonder he has his own guerilla outfit right now.

  2. Really? This is what I was talking about as a hydra-ahead TPLF outfit. If I’m not mistaken , this Tadesse Wareda was the guy who was parting in Hargeaisa and Puntlland regions of Somalia and enriched himself by collecting tax money on behalf Ethiopia plus elicit goods and drugs across the international borders as de facto Ethiopian ambassador cum spy of the igovernment over 26 years. Now wonder he has his own guerilla outfit right now.

  3. FREE innocent Historian/journalist/ Senior Citizen TADIOS TANTU
    Free Innocent Journalist Temesgen Desalegn.

    STOP ABUSING Innocent SINIOR CITIZEN Tadios Tantu in Ethiopia
    Free innocent Temesgen Desalgn

    This is not a good solution for lasting peace at all because it does not include Amhara who is the owner of the land that TPLF want to steal and eat while the Oromo Prosperity Party is portraying itself as the donor when it has no right to give that is not Oromia.

    It is also so secretive and kept in closed doors unlike good news because it does not contain fair, justice and legal information that Amhara deserve and waiting for 30 years brutal years.. The Secret and tights lips speaks for that. They know Amhara will never accept a deal like the 1991 that made Amhara land theft victims,

    It also excluded Afar who also paid the highest price for TPLF and Prosperity Party war.

    Secret and sinister agreement is always present between TPLF , OLF and the Oromo Prosperity Party / Berhanu Jula who is not shy to showed comfort and relaxation when met for photoup with TPLF in Pretoria. The point is that this is not accepted by Amhara people that lost so many precious lives and livelihood’s over the proxy war between TPLF and Prosperity Party.

    However the ,MAIN and KEY BODY of the negotiation , THE Amhara was deliberately and out of fear was excluded from this secretive talks. Even Demeke Mekonen was not seen after all after Abiy Ahmed bragged to have one “Amhara person” to send to that meeting.

    The same sinister agreement had been done between TPLF and OLF when they scrambled for Amhara land in 1991. 27 years later the student OLF got the worse sinister than its teacher TPLF and threw TPLF out of power. While fighting for Power they picked Amhara and Afar land who are their main obstacle power and lootings. .

    Of course creating violence to steal land money and Power is TPLF and OLA nature. Demanding and crying like a brat kid to have what does not belong to TPLF is TPLF nature. This greedy drama encircled with violent and merciless killings worked for 27 while Amharas have to suffer from the daily imprisonment, killings, abuses and inhumane treatments that got worse when Abiy Ahmed came to power.

  4. The heroic and unique people of Tigray have rejected the agreement because it entails capitulation and violation of the sovereignty of the ancient nation of Tigray. The Tigrayans will have no option but to continue their just war which they will win in the end. Their forces advanced to Addis Ababa last year but were ordered to withdraw to allow for peace. This withdrawal is wrong because it has not created peace. The enemy forces are now in Tigray and killing its people but our victory is coming soon.

    • While you are writing this inane comment from a safe distance, you are not ashamed to condemn the poor people of Tigray to fight an unwinnable war. Don’t instigate a war that you are not willing to fight in!

  5. So the loud mouth TPLF propagandist excuse my French, I mean, TPLF spokesperson, aka Getachew vodka that was seen reading parts of the agreement in Pretoria then was just there for photo shows ???

    These buffoons are so muscle headed. To the average Ethiopian which includes Ethiopians living in Tigray who are brothers and sisters, wives, husbands, mothers and fathers to other Ethiopians, it does not make a single difference, whether you call yourselves, TPLF, TDF, crocodiles or lizards or parrots. Your group is an insurrectionist and outlawed collection of riff ruffs, that has been designated as a TERRORIST group that steals, murders and causes mayhem. You will disarm, your criminal mafia leaders will be tried under the laws of the land, and justice will be meted out. The same will happen to your buddies called OLF, Shane or whatever, nobody really cares what you call yourselves. You will be taught to respect the rule of law, you will be taught to earn your living through good old fashioned concept called “get a job” and you will be taught to stop stealing, to stop killing and to act like a human being.

  6. It does not matter if he signed his name as a commander of Winnie the Pooh army. This is not just between the two generals but was sanctioned by AU and USA. There is nothing than be done legally to invalidate the peace agreement sign in Pretoria.
    But I am not that naive to expect everyone on both sides will give his or her blessings to the agreement. We should expect that some still armed diehards among the TPLF riff raff that will take to the bushes or stay in town and engage in various crimes such as homicides and robberies. Shane is the glaring example. These ruthless vagabonds have been roaming in pockets of Oromia killing and pillaging just to make news. They burn places of worship with innocent citizens inside just for publicity. First they were killing innocent peasants to start an all out bloody conflict between the two fraternal peoples of Amhara and Oromia and when that did not work they are now killing mostly their own people. What is left for them is killing themselves which is inevitable.

  7. After Terrorist TPLF lost the war miserably, killing thousands. raping, looting and destroying properties this so called agreement is a newly devised loser technique to get Amhara land that was stole in 1991 and to scape from facing justice for thousands of lives they killed and many heinous crimes they committed in Amhara, Afar and Tigray.

    The so called Constitution concocted by Terrorist TPLF and OLF who came as rebel groups out of cages helped by foreign enablers with hunger to kill and steal Amhara people and land will never be accepted or allowed to happen ever again by Amharas.

    Before daring to call what Terrorist TPLF calls constitution those Terrorist TPLF and OLF should learn how to work hard and earn their living as normal human beings.

    TPLF and OLF should also be tried and punished under International and laws of the land. There should be no negotiation with notorious Terrorist criminals. The Police and Army should turn their face to OLF that freely roam around, massacring , looting, abducting and demanding ransom by kidnapping and killing Amharas.

  8. Hasn’t the TPLF claimed to have won almost a hundred percent of the votes in the last regional election? How did the split come about between the Government of Tigray and the TPLF? I guess the TPLF is living up to its well-deserved reputation as a devious negotiator. No matter what, it will never win a war against an entire nation.

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  12. Don.Macdonald @ mail.house.gov

    Arya.Ansari @ mail.house.gov

    Re: Congressman Sherman on Ethiopia

    I trust my message will reach the congressman.

    I am puzzled by Congressman Sherman’s consistent and continued anti-Ethiopia rhetoric; perhaps you might enlighten me. How does his virulent views regarding an internal conflict in northern Ethiopia help him, US international interests, and the district he represents?

    It appears the congressman might have material and political support from immigrants who hail from a region called Tigrai in northern Ethiopia, as well as a pool of interest groups representing Ethiopia’s historical enemies, such as Egypt and other Arab states Your feedback will be most appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Teketel Haile-Mariam, PhD


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