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Ethiopia’s Defense Chief says “We are determined to implementation of Peace Agreement”

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Field Marshal Berhanu Jula speaking to journalists on Sunday in Addis Ababa after arriving from Nairobi Implementation Agreement (Photo : public domain )

Updated on November 13,2022

Ethiopia’s Defence Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, who had been holding talks with the TPLF military commander, Tadesse Worede,  in Nairobi, had on Sunday arrived in Addis Ababa. 

The two sides signed the agreement this past Saturday after over one week of intense talk in Ethiopia’s Southern neighbor. 

He told reporters in Addis Ababa that “the peace agreement [he was referring to the implementation agreement apparently] in one that mutual understanding was reached; we are determined for its implementation.” 

He further said that an agreement has been reached on ways of disarming the TPLF combatants and the unimpeded flow of humanitarian aid to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

For Field Marshal Berhanu, the agreement is based on “the interest of the Ethiopian People.”  He also  talked about groups that he described as  “bodies working for the aggravation of the conflict to amass their own benefits.”  However, he did not say it explicitly. 

TPLF supporters in North America and Europe had been opposing the peace agreement on alleged grounds that it “would hand over the people of Tigray to its slaughterers.” 

However, the TPlF negotiators both at the Pretoria talk and the Nairobi talk have reportedly expressed ‘commitment’ to implement the agreement. 

VOA Amharic cited Tadesse Worede, TPLF military commander, as saying “Our people’s suffering has continued; we are confirming our determination today for the agreement in the hope that our people’s suffering will end. “

Although there is a sense of relief among Ethiopians, including in the Tigray region, there are also reservations and doubts about the successful implementation of the agreement. 

Some cite TPLF as an untrustworthy partner for the peace agreement. These groups are citing the history of TPLF’s betrayals, including the attack against the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force which triggered the bloody war, in the course of all its history since the mid-seventies. 

In fact, there appear to be factions based in the Tigray region who tend to have a rejectionist stand on the peace agreement. And it is the “Central Committee of the TPLF” itself that is discarding the agreement. 

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If implemented, the TPLF combatants are to disarm within a month and the Ethiopian government forces will take over Mekelle during the course of the transitional administration period until the Electoral Board organizes an election for the region.


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  1. Al Capone said: “A smile takes you far, but a smile with a gun takes you a lot farther!” So, extending the olive branch to TPLF should be accompanied by sustained firepower. Recall that Egypt launched ELF-EPLF-TPLF-OLF to wreak perpetual havoc in Ethiopia.

    So, why does the White Supremacist West inflame Tigray’s secession, refer to TPLF as Government of Tigray, and call Wolqait-Tegede-Humera West Tigray? It is to form a self-sufficient US proxy that serves as a US Base to bully Ethiopia, Sudan, and Eritrea.

    Finally, Ethiopia should fast-track fixing the Colossal Failures it faced when the TPLF triggered this war: media, intelligence, communications, diplomatic… These should also end: Ethnic Enclave System; TPLF’s Ethnic-based constitution; Ethnic Special Forces…

  2. Right on brother! Right on!!!

    Peace agreement has been signed and peace shall be implemented in all its glory! It will be implemented not with spoonful but by the shovel! Peace is gonna rain in buckets from the skies, peace shall be gushing out of every inch of the grounds in Tigray, Afar and Amhara regions for the wailing and grieving mothers in those regions. Even though it will not be as perfect as some bigoted stragglers demand the resumption of humanitarian aids and the reconstruction of the critical infrastructures have already begun in earnest. Who says everything should be necessarily right or necessarily wrong? But some bigoted individuals(I did not say people) are hard at work reminding these two brothers with ‘mediators and negotiators should consider the very questions of the people of Tigray’. Any demand of that farmer in Tigray totally different from that of Amhara, Oromo, Afar, Somali, Sidama, Gambela, Benishangul and all other regions, they only know and nobody else except the one daydream that has been afflicting them since the 1970’s, a republic of their own which is a fat chance. Ways to go Brothers Tadesse and Berhanu!! Get’em tigers!!!! Let’s go!!!!

  3. This Dinagde incarnate was born 4 loaded guns in his hands and 4 cartridges of bullets in his ears, man! A dead on sharpshooter as an Itu marksman, I may add. Bad company till the day he dies!!! He ain’t no one to mess with, dude! I ain’t gonna do that, bruh! Not me!!!

  4. If is was indeed peace agreement why then harassing and denying Medical treatment to Patriot General Tefera Mamo ?
    Why abuse the 80 Years old respected, well versed and educated Historian Mr. Tadios Tantu?

    Why come up with another lie and venomous words when he speaks about centuries old Amharas in Wolkait .
    Why he never attempted to change, correct and return illegally annexed stolen Amhara land by Benishangul and Oromia?

    Why need to Abuse 80 years old, Senior Citizen for speaking out the truth and the History he experienced, knew, learned, read and taught? If the history was wrong why not challenged him as Mr. Tantu offered?

    Why is Abiy afraid of Amhara patriots and people unless he has ill feeling for them? Of course it is obvious to everyone that Abiy hates Amharas and that is what he grew up chewing while spying for Sebhat Nega. Whenever he speaks rather throws venom against Amharas he cannot stop himself from going deeper and deeper.
    He never show remorse nor tried to stop while Amharas are getting massacred. Actually he is adding more and more misery and by allowing the coward Shene demons to get more modern weapons that the Federal Army carries.


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