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CBE branch in Wolkait reportedly designated under Shire District 

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia did not deny or confirm it 

CBE Wolkait branch
CBE executives during a meeting this week (Photo : CBE Social Media )

Updated on November 13, 2022 at 10:28 P.M. Toronto time

The peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF was signed in Pretoria South Africa earlier this month.

Although the initial reactions to it were more of a celebration in view of what appeared like a relief from two years of a devastating war, there was a great deal of skepticism and reservations. 

It emanated from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government’s acceptance of the constitution as a tool to resolve what was worded in the agreement as “controversial areas.” 

Resentment is predicated on the view that the TPLF designed the constitution to implement its political objectives, including expanding the territories of Tigray region well into the Amhara region.  

Before the TPLF took power in 1991, Wolkait and Raya were parts of Gondar and Wollo respectively. But they turned out to be parts of Tigray “constitutionally” after the TPLF ‘s drafted constitution was ratified. 

This week early signs are observed that the agreement signed in South Africa could run into problems.  

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has reportedly categorized the branch in Wolkait as one that is under Shire CBE district. 

The news has alarmed residents of the area. Commercial Bank of Ethiopian authorities have not yet responded to it. At this point it is unclear if it was an executive order from Federal government authorities or purely a decision from CBE officials. 

Either way, the decision is casting doubt on whether the agreement will be implemented.  There are also rumors that the TPLF still has tens of thousands of combatants in neighboring Sudan. 

The branch bank designation issue in Wolkait is getting traction among a considerable number of Ethiopians on social media. 

Meanwhile, there are also reports of voices within the TPLF that tend to reject the peace agreement signed in South Africa. 

An unverified video news video from Tigay TV showed a news anchor reading out a statement from the “central committee of TPLF.” 

It said “There is something that should be seen clearly. We would like to inform our people, the international community and other forces that  there was no entity that represented TPLF in the peace talk in South Africa and the agreement signing in the ceremony.” 

It is to be recalled that in response to the African Union’s call for a peace talk, sometime in October, the TPLF released a letter announcing negotiators in South Africa.  Getachew Reda, who signed the agreement representing TPLF, was in the list of names designated as negotiators. 


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  1. “Before the TPLF took power in 1991, Wolkait and Raya were parts of Gondar and Gojam respectively.”

    Please make sure your articles are proofread. This should read “Gondar and Wollo”.


  2. Any Ethiopian with modicum understanding of the geography of Ethiopia knows very well that there is no such area designated as Western Tigray that includes Wolkait.

    The backstabber and incompetent “pastor””premier” masquerading as the leader of Ethiopia together with his pp gluttonous and undisciplined cohorts have always been in a dilemma since their sudden ascension to power in 2018.

    In the world stage and in all the diplomatic arenas, they were all exposed weakening the causes of Ethiopian sovereignty and independence. Because abiy has a hidden oromumma agenda against other Ethiopians, he is unwilling to face the reality on the ground square in the eye.

    In 4 years, except for the imprisonments and harassments of his political foes, he has not allowed due process before the law to be practiced equally for all. His violent and militant branch of so called OLF-Shane has been massacring innocent civilians of non Oromo ethnicity for 4 years. He has not brought a single murderer to face justice. Abiy’s fat thumb has always been on the scale of justice for for years.

    Western Tigray is land that was part of Gonder Begmeder, and as admitted by TPLFs own original founder, Dr. Aregawi Berhe, it is land forcefully cut of Gonder and annexed into Tigray to make a Western corridor for a new to be created Greater Tigray, connected to the Sudan. An agreement that honors this annexation is a threat both to the security of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    Whether pastor ayalkebet likes it or not, his true intentions and the interest of his pp partners in crime will be divulged by their abandonment of the causes of Ethiopia and the subsequent trauma that is awaiting Ethiopians.

  3. One of the paragraphs in this article goes:
    ‘The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has reportedly categorized the branch in Wolkait as one that is under Shire CBE district.’
    What about it? Is Shire in Sudan or Eritrea? What about it? As far as I know and everyone knows Shire is a property of Ethiopia with the eternal deed issued, signed and delivered by The Almighty Our Creator at its creation. Period!!! CBE, to everyone’s observation, is being run by over qualified finance gurus. They know what makes the most sense when they come up with branches and district centers. Peace, peace, peace nothing but peace y’all!!!!

  4. TPLF and OLF plotted Constitution Does NOT REPRESENT AMHARAS!!!

    Wolkait was and is part of Begmeder Gondar, Raya part of Wollo. TPLF and OLF Constitution only helped Tigray and Oromia but damaged and hurt major population, ethnic Amharas.

    Oromo PP formerly known as OPDO, EPRDF as a group with TPLF and OLF plot against Amhara is the same as the 1884 Berlin Conference where powerful Europeans leaders gathered and agreed to scramble for Africans land and resources among themselves without the knowledge and participation of Africans. TPLF and OLF constitution is Scramble for Amahra land and resources is illegal and not a constitution that should be respected. .

    Any unconstitutionally drafted by TPLF and ratified by Terrorist TPLF that went beyond generosity to grant itself what is not theirs but Amhara’s land is illegal and must be thrown out.

    Despite the wrong population count and what TPLF and Abiy PP refused to conduct population census, Amharas remained to be the majority of the population and that is the reason why Amharas are targeted for Genocide by TPLF and the current regime supporter Shene.

    When the world, the US, Europe, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Genocide Watch should have been busy to STOP and INVESIGATE GENOCIDE perpetrators they choose to stay quit as a mouse and in many cases they choose to stand with TPLF and OLF Genociders.

    Abiy the Terrible with with divide tongues, is back with twisted words soaked in venom against Amhara but Amhara are no more the same who trust him, his government and party. They have proven to be unqualified and unworthy of anyone’s trust.

    Abiy Ahmed, PP or anyone have no right to tell Amharas to give their ancestorial land to Tigray. If Abiy wants to give land to Tigray give them Arsi, Wollega or Oromia.


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