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Aregawi Berhe on the peace agreement , Wolkait


Aregawi Berhe, chairman of Tigray Democratic Party, hails the peace agreement as an important achievement.

And he sees those who are opposing it as groups with self-serving agenda.

Asked if he sees Wolkait and Raya as Tigray or Amhara area, he said it is “Ethiopian!”

Watch his interview below

Video : embedded from EBC Youtube channel 
Cover photo : screenshot from the video 


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  1. Overall it was a great show, succinct but covered most topics of current urgency. Dr Aregawi Berhe, has underlined the fundamental issue of contention: a corrupted definition and implementation of federalism. Federalism is a a system of governance, used largely for multiethnic and multi linguistic nations. It’s fundamental goal is the establishment of a feasible working relation between the center and periphery or between the central/ federal government and the local/ provincial governing body. Federalism IS NOT NEW TO ETHIOPIA, UNDER THE AUSPICES OF KINE OF KINGS/ EMPEROR OF ETHIOPIA, IT HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED IN ETHIOPIA CENTURIES BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF TPLF!!!!!!!!

    The fact that more than 80 languages and dialects are extant in Ethiopia to,thi day is testimony to the fact that a unitary system that crushed everything else never existed in Ethiopia as claimed by current ethno fanatic politicians, or if it did it never managed to achieve that because the languages are still here, still in use and so are the various ethnic groups.

    The PM and his PP constantly talk about the future of Ethiopia, prosperity, food sufficiency, etc. etc ad nauseam. None of these goals will be achieved if the rights to liberty, the rights to life, the right for the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed for each and every INDIVIDUAL ETHIOPIAN, With out freedom of movement of Ethiopians from one region to another, there cannot be economic growth, there can’t be trade growth, there can’t be a functioning society.

    It is our hope that people like Dr. Aregawi Berhe will inspire current powers to be to read, reflect, understand and discuss before causing mayhems and misery to millions and millions of innocent victims. It also behaves the PM, his PP members and all other politicians of diverse background to think outside the box and bear the responsibility they have willingly accepted to serve the public.

  2. Correction: “behaves” should read as “behooves” in entry in he last paragraph.


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