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Ethiopian Peace Agreement: Statement from Twenty Organizations

Ethiopian Peace Agreement
Representatives of Ethiopian government and the TPLF signing the agreement in Pretoria on November 2,2022 (Photo : Reuters )


Twententy Ethiopian Organizations based in the Diaspora  on Wednesday released a statement in reaction to the Ethiopian Peace agreement that was signed in Pretoria, South Africa. 

They express concern that peace can not be preserved if the agreement is hinged on what they described as a “deeply flawed constitution.”

The Full statement reads as follows : 

“ An Exclusionary Peace Agreement Based on an Ethnicist  Constitution will NOT Preserve the Peace in Ethiopia

November 9, 2022 

The politics of polarization, institutionalized in the ethnocentric Ethiopian constitution and the  government, has predictably produced the bitter harvest of intensifying civil strife. Ethiopians  are now accustomed to suffering mass pillage, political violence, and the four atrocity crimes  (genocidal acts, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and war crimes). The most egregious  examples are the ongoing attacks on civilians (especially Amhara residents) in the Oromia  Region and the two-year-old lose-lose civil war engulfing some 20 million people in the regional  states of Tigray, Amhara, and Afar. 

The Peace Agreement for the Permanent Cessation of Hostilities, signed between the Federal  Government of Ethiopia and the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) on November 3, 2022  promises to herald peace by silencing the guns. However, the deal evades the fault line of  endemic instability. The maiming and death of hundreds of thousands and the displacement of  millions of innocent civilians must be rendered wholly “unthinkable.” 

If and only if the Agreement can robustly be implemented, there may be cause for cautious  optimism to repair deep-seated mistrust by affirming respect for Ethiopia’s territorial  integrity, recognition of federal monopoly over large-scale violence, resort to the AU and  UN transitional justice frameworks for redress and reconciliation, and support for an equitable relief and rebuilding of the war-torn regions. 

Regrettably the Agreement suggests that enduring peacebuilding with justice can be obtained  through the deeply flawed constitution. It lacks a clear roadmap to address myriad structural  problems, which include a workable plan for disarming and demobilizing combatants, including  the large and well-armed ethnic armies of the Tigray and the Oromia Regional States; explicit  commitments to settling the political and administrative status of the Wolqait and Raya regions  which were forcibly annexed and abused by the TPLF; and a clear modality for the accountability  process of truth-finding, transitional justice, and national reconciliation with full representation  of all stakeholders. 

Ethiopia’s political problems go far beyond the mutually destructive contest over monopoly of  state power by two ethnicist political parties, the ruling Prosperity Party and the erstwhile ruling  party of TPLF. Incessant demonizing and continued marginalization of the Amhara remain the  most formidable obstacles to post-conflict renewal.  

We humbly note that a robust settlement should be the next goal by using the fragile peace deal  as a springboard for an inclusive transitional process. Ethiopia needs to clean up the institutions  of grand corruption and craft a citizen-based democratic constitution in a transparent and  participatory manner. Ultimately, it is sustained and constructive citizen engagement that will  bring enduring peace with justice and unity. 


1. Adwa Great African Victory Association (AGAVA)  2. All Shewa Ethiopian People Multipurpose International Association  3. The Amhara Association in Queensland, Australia  

4. Amhara Dimtse Serechit  

5. Amhara Well-being and Development Association  6. Communities of Ethiopians in Finland  

7. Concerned Amharas in the Diaspora  

8. Ethio-Canadian Human Rights Association  

9. The Ethiopian Broadcast Group  

10. Ethiopian Civic Development Council (ECDC)  

11. Freedom and Justice for Telemt Amhara  

12. Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause  13. Global Amhara Coalition  

14. Gonder Hibret for Ethiopian Unity  

15. Major Lemma Woldetsadik Memorial Foundation  16. Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES)  

17. Radio Yenesew Ethiopia  

18. Selassie Stand Up, Inc.  

19. Vision Ethiopia  

20. Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network (WE-CAN) ” 


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  1. First peace in its sustained form should be a reality. Then with sustained peace and stability we can talk about constitution this and constitution that. It is like putting the cart before the horse and that is not funny, okay! Peace, peace and peace is needed and it is needed now! Then all this talk about some paperwork can follow. Let’s not jinx the hard earned peace agreement from our cozy and safe homes thousands of miles faraway from death and destruction. After peace firmly in place we can then talk about Wolkait this and Raya that. Praise The Lord peace has finally arrived on the land of my/your eternal heroes Tekle of Gojjam, Mikaeel(Mohammed Ali), Alula, Mekonnen, Balcha and Taytu of the Battle at Adwa. Peace now and peace forever! Insha’Allah!!!!

  2. Subject: “Ethiopian Peace Agreement: Statement from Twenty Organizations” by “Twenty Ethiopian Organizations based in the Diaspora ” dated November 10, 2022

    Humble Opinion
    a). Twenty Groups — seemingly — for the same aim.
    b). Who is deceiving who?
    c). Is it a curse or hidden blessing?
    d). Dear Ethiopia: Change your prayers you have a long way to go (if you are lucky!!!).
    e). Who ever thought that the admirable, self assured, ETHIOPIA would fall to such a low level ?!?!? and FINALLY,
    f). TOTAL FAILURE. There must be a hidden curse. THE END

  3. Always quick to worsen situations because of their indiscipline and arrogance. The listed groups say they are against ethnocentric politics while practicing a virulent kind themselves.

  4. ለመሆኑ – ማን ነው – “ወልቃይት – ለትግራይ ይሰጥ!” – ያለው? መቼ? ምኑስ ጋ ነው – የTPLF ሕገ መንግስት – “ወልቃይት የትግራይ ነው!”- የሚለው? TPLFን ትጥቅ ማስፈታቱን ደግሞ – ለኢትዮጵያ እየተጋደለ፣ እየደማ እና እየሞተ ላለው የኢትዮጵያ መከላከያ ሰራዊት ተውት!

    እንደተለመደው ማሳረግያችሁ – “አማራ እንዲህ ሆነ – አማራ እንድያ ሆነ…” ነው! ለመሆኑ – በእናንተ ዘመነ መንግሥታት – በአማራው ስም ነግዳችሁ – ራሳችሁን ጠቅማችሁ – አማራውን ከሌሎች ዘሮች ጋር አቃርናችሁ – ለዚህ ሁሉ ጥላቻ ዳረጋችሁት – እንጂ – ምን አደረጋችሁለት?

    ለነገሩማ – ኦነግ ሸኔ – ብዙ ሺ ኦሮሞዎችን ገድሎ – ወደ ሁለት ሚልዮን ኦሮሞዎችን ደግሞ አፈናቅሏል! ኦሮሞስ ማን ይጩህለት? ጎጃም እና ጎንደር እማ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ተቀባይ ቢሆኑ ኖሮ – ከወለጋ ተፈናቅለው እዝያ ተጠልለው የነበሩት አማራዎች ለምን – “ወለጋ መልሱን!” – አሉ?

    • የምትጽፋቸው አስተያየቶች ሚዛናዊና ቀጣፊዎችን የማይታገሱ፣ የማያፈናፍኑ ናቸው። በርታ። ሌላው ቢቀር፣ ግራ ለተጋባው ትምህርት ሰጭ ነው።


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