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Why TPLF needs to send a clear message to its supporters in the diaspora 

There is no greater cause than peace. TPLF can be trashed for a whole lot of reasons but not for being pragmatist about achieving peace

Undated picture shows TPLF supporters in the UK protest “Genocide in Tigray.” Investigation by Human rights groups established that there was no genocide. (Photo : from Ethiopia Insight )


Despite reservations about possible uncertainties at the implementation stage, most Ethiopians have welcomed and celebrated the peace agreement reached in South Africa last week.  

More so, the peace talk is a great relief for those suffering from the bloody war that lasted for two years. Ethiopia as a country is obviously affected by the war. But People in the Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions paid the heaviest price – not to mention the sacrifices of the Ethiopian Defense Force and all other regional forces and the sacrifice paid by Eritrea too. 

But for the TPLF supporters based in Europe and North America, the peace agreement came as a shock. They have been recently blocking highways. They think that the TPLF betrayed the people of Tigray.  There are even voices that tend to relegate the TPLF to the status of just “just one of the parties in Tigray”, and that it does not have the mandate to sign an agreement to disarm what they call the “Tigray Defense Force.” 

First of all, the name “Tigray Defense Force” came to the surface after the TPLF launched an attack on strings of posts of the Northern Command of Ethiopia. There was no such thing as TDF before the war. 

Secondly, what turned out to be TDF after the war is a huge force that the TPLF mobilized, trained and armed as “Tigray region Special Forces” and militia. 

The military context under which the TPLF wholeheartedly, it seemed, opted for a peaceful settlement of the conflict is clear to any observer who had been following the war. What is safe to say is that the peace agreement was not by any means humiliating to the TPLF. It is not humiliating for Ethiopians in the Tigray region, “Tegaru” as TPLF and supporters call them, either. It was rather an honorable end to the meaningless mayhem and destruction. 

The peace agreement will bring all that was lacking to the Tigray region in terms of social service delivery and reconstruction of infrastructures.  Children will no longer have to remain soldiers too instead of going to school. 

For a considerable number of what used to be pro-TPLF activists in the Diaspora, TDF seems to be needed to function like the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organization that calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army.” 

When the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was no longer in a position to carry on with a “struggle”, as it calls it, that combines military and non-military means, it declared that it had ended its relationship with the military wing- which the Ethiopian government now calls “Shane.” But that will ruin the Tigray region further. It is time to give peace a chance. 

More than anything  else those who claim to advocate for “Tigary” need to rethink the baseless view that tends to  paint Ethiopians  and Eritreans as enemies of “Tigray.”  It is completely baseless. 

The TPLF itself has to play a role in clearing the foggy view that can not stand the truth.  Clearly, it was very pragmatic of the TPLF to diligently work toward the peace talk. It is time to end unnecessary political intrigue that does not serve the interest of the people in the long run ( in fact it did not serve in the short term too.)  

The peace agreement obviously will not end all the problems in the Tigray region and Ethiopia too. The political thought that the TPLF has been advancing for nearly five decades must be changed. It must be changed because it did not advance justice and unity as a cause – the very reason why it failed to be appealing for Ethiopians. The TPLF lost a chance to make history in Ethiopia by broadening its support base in the country to create a strong and united Ethiopia based on justice and Ethiopian values.  TPLF is a victim of its own political thought and administrative practices. It has to rethink it if it is to have a political future. There is still a chance to come up with a political view that is capable of fixing the country’s problem. More than anything else, the tradition of working with foreign forces hostile to Ethiopia is truly like shooting oneself in the leg, if not worse. 

As to the TPLF supporters in the diaspora, they did not experience the war firsthand. They do not have a solid ground to advocate for the continuity of hostility. The TPLF needs to be clear to these groups that peace is in the interest of the Tigray region – as is the case with the rest of Ethiopia. 


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  1. Repeat!

    I expect most of the participants in this illegal blockage of a major highway to be part of the generation born after or in a few years leading up to 1991. It shows they are still under the spell of the diehard bigoted commie older generation. Just like their comrades back in the old country they are content to send the gullible youth out in the streets and battlefields from they comfy homes. I bet you those diehard commies were at home watching how their scheme unfolds right on TV. They got the money they pilfered during their 27 year rule. Law enforcement folks need to take a note of this. Who knows one of those cars seen emblazoned with some flag during the blockage could be seen speeding towards a crowd of innocent people or government building. How dare they do this? In this blockage they are attacking innocent American working people. How dare they attack a country that gave them all the shelter and everything they need? How dare they? This must be investigated and those who organized this serious criminal must face the full weight of the law. How dare they?

    These stubborn and irredeemable bigots are incensed that a peace deal has been signed in which the TPLF will and should be disarmed to the last light gun. The AU has endorsed and demanded the disarmament and disbanding the entire riff raff. These bigots are incensed because they are still gripped with this arrogance that they were the ones that single handedly overthrew the demonic Mengistu. They really believe in such crockpot. The fact is if not for Tamrat Layne and Aba Dula’s support they would have been still wandering through the forsaken escarpments of Tigray. They had no clues which way was up in Amhara and Oromia regions. They found the most servile beasts of burden that opened the door for them and carried them on their backs all the way to Addis/Finfine. They called that EPRDF. My foot!!! These young people should wake up to these connivers. Again the good folks in the law enforcement should look into this criminal incidence and take those responsible to court. With the peace agreement signed it will be safe for those who are here on temporary permit to go back. That is why they do not want to hear about any peace deal(cessation of hostilities). Out of my sight before they bring their terrorism here.

    • Constructive and advisory as usual. But the TPLF goons in the US and other western countries are out of touch with the reality and beating the drum of war from their save havens. The reality is that the TPLF has surrendered without raising white flag and their much acclaimed `Tigrayan superiority` has been disproved. Their western propaganda allies can not change anything on the ground and blocking highways should be punishable.

      • I hope the law enforcement folks will look into this criminal act and prosecute those who instigated and planned this stupid but potentially lethal blockade to show these bigots the full scale of the law. That must be done as a deterrent. The way they ambushed the working people of Seattle shows these are not just protestors by outright fanatics. Fanatics can change into destructive terrorists on a dime. I’m still in disbelief they did that. I can’t believe it! Who knows, one of these fanatics may try to do terrible thing to innocent civilians. These bigots have to be nipped in the bud. Period!

        On the hand we all have the responsibility to refrain from all sorts of behavior that will contribute to the resumption of hostilities. We have to remain guarded in our utterances. By and large the Ethiopian people are known to be magnanimous. Our past history is teeming with the history of that culture. Didn’t we forgive more than 250,000 soldiers of Mussolini in 1941 after our gallant fighters captured them? We even let them stay in our country and help in the rebuilding with full pay. We are Allah fearing people. But in the 1960’s and 70’s that blessed custom was overwhelmed by the deacons/deresaas of Marx, Lenin and Mao when they became dominant on the political scene. Hell broke loose after that. I bet you those who instigated this blockade are some of those old commies who refused to die. Blessings to you and your family!!!

  2. Subject: “Why TPLF needs to send a clear message to its supporters in the diaspora” by, Editorial, November 8, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 8 Nov 2022
    Insightful and sober Article based on sanity.
    May TIGRAY come back to its well-known WISDOM.
    And let the Heroes of Tigray in the History of Ethiopia — like Atse Yohannes — ‘Rest In Peace’

  3. May those victims rest in eternal peace! For us here at our comfy and safe homes, it is time to refrain from scratching the surface just to once again expose an old wound which will not further the accord for those who are laboring 24 hours to bring peace and stability. It is time to temper our rhetorics and avoid making incendiary remark. There is still a good deal of raw emotion out there. Even BBC is now reporting that food prices are coming down in Tigray already. That is a big deal for the suffering innocent millions there. That is the dividend of the peace deal. I applaud those who worked very hard unfazed by stupid criticism by stragglers and brought about this desperately needed peace. I applaud H.E. Obasanjo, Envoy Mike Hammer, Brother and Neighbor H.E Uhuru, AU Chairman and former South African Vice President for working together very hard and produce this unprecedented peace deal. It is time to roll up sleeves and start the reconstructive mountain of work. There will be no time for bickering.

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    አብዛኛዎቹ Social Media owners – የሐገር ወዳድ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ድምፅ የሚያፍኑት – ራሳቸውን ለመከላከል ነው! ምክንያቱም – አብዛኛዎቹ ውጪ የሚኖሩት ኢትዮጵያውያን – ከአሁኑ እና ካለፉት መንግሥታት ጋር – የቀጥታም ሆነ የተዛዋሪ የጥቅም ትስስር ስላላቸው ነው!

    እኔ በበኩሌ – ኢትዮጵያውያን – ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ እያለሁ ባደረሱብኝ በደሎች ምክንያት – እንኳን ለኢትዮጵያ መቆርቆር ቀርቶ – ኢትዮጵያ ብትነድ እንኳን – ግድ ሊሰጠኝ አይገባም ነበር! እና – እኔ – እነ ቦርከና፣ ዘሐበሻ፣ ወዘተ ሐሳቤን post ብያደርጉ ባያደርጉ – ምን ይቀርብኛል?

    • ‘TPLF-supporteur’, ignorez ma réponse précédente! Voici la bonne réponse:

      Exposer les mercenaires barbares-sauvages comme vous qui ne cessent jamais d’être insulte à l’espèce humaine – juste pour être payé quelques sous de milliard de $$$ volé par TPLF pendant son 27 ans de barbarisme en Éthiopie! Avez-vous d’autre question?

  5. QUOTE: “እነ ቦርከና፣ ዘሐበሻ፣ ወዘተ ሐሳቤን post ብያደርጉ ባያደርጉ – ምን ይቀርብኛል?” UNQUOTE

    Dear Author:
    a) Please don’t give up on that beautiful ancient African State, full of history.
    b) Ethiopia is a special one of a kind.
    c) This is not blind emotional statement. It is historical fact. — a PRIDE for Black Africa.
    d) Dear Author: It is VERY clear that YOU LOVE ETHIOPIA. YES, ETHIOPIA IS YOU!!!
    e) And so, to answer your question ምን ይቀርብኛል? ‘YOU WILL LOSE
    f) Ponder over it, Dear Author.


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