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Tigray Democratic Party sees hails the peace agreement 

Tigray democratic party
Aregawi Berhe, chairman of TDF (Photo : public Domain)


Tigray Democratic Party (TDP)on Tuesday said the peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) will have a significant role in achieving durable peace in Ethiopia and strengthening unity among people. 

The party vows to do its part toward the implementation of the agreement. The central committee of the party called on Ethiopians to do their part to ensure that peace prevails in Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) cited Aregarwi Berhe, chairman, as saying “At this time peace is a foundation for Ethiopia’s development.” He used to be the chairman of TPLF in the seventies and early eighties before parting ways with the party – which was then a guerrilla force struggling for power. 

The party was experiencing threats in the Tigray region when the TPLF was in power.  Now the TDF chairman sees the peace agreement as relevant in terms of creating conducive conditions for political parties, including the Tigray Democratic Party, to peacefully operate in the region. 

Mulubirhan Haile is the public relation head of the TDP.  He said the peace talk demonstrated that Africa is capable of resolving its own problem. 

He also sees great importance in the peace agreement in terms of contributing to strengthening a culture of resolving differences through dialogue. 

Furthermore, while noting the importance of peace for rehabilitation and reconstruction work in the areas and communities affected by the war, he denounced groups who are attempting to obstruct the process in pursuit of their own personal gains. He said, without naming names, they need to refrain from it. 

Former TPLF supporters based in the Diaspora (particularly in Europe and North America) are denouncing the TPLF for signing the peace agreement. 

These groups particularly oppose TPLF’s agreement to the principle of a single defense force in Ethiopia and its agreement to disarm its combatants in the interest of peace.  

They are now making claims that the rebel forces do not belong to the TPLF and that it can not sign an agreement to disarm them. 


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  1. This dear countryman is one of those who realized the follies of the demonic teachings of Marx, Lenin and Mao and redeemed himself. I am with him in applauding the peace agreement and pray that peace will finally land on the Land of The Queen of Sheba after more than 45 years. Mothers in Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions badly need it. The youth of those regions desperately dream for it. The entire 120 plus million people of that gem of the colored deserve it. Peace here, peace over there and peace everywhere!!!! Insha’Allah!!!!

  2. Warm Greetings, Mr. Aregarwi Berhe
    It is delightful to see your photo
    You do NOT know me; but I know about you and family.
    Your fantastic inquisitive posture portrays everything — i.e. noticing the attempt to destroy Tigray based on individual adventure to compensate for ‘their failed ambition’. It is a posture that says a lot.
    I wish good luck to that wonderful country named TIGRAY & that I am DEEPLY familiar with, ever since my childhood.
    Good Luck to Ethiopia, as it is known for centuries, and let the Spirit of Tigrayan Hero, Atse Yohaness, to Rest in PEACE for Eternity.

  3. Will the OLF and its violent and murderous political wing aka Shene ever evolve to become a party with ideas dedicated to problem solving and committed to responsible and responsive governance?????

    Will pastor ayalkebet, aka Abiy the Terrible, aka Wegegnaw, ever see the ridiculous walking sticks of contradictions that he and his partners in crime are??? So the operation dubbed as rule of law operations that resulted in the massacre of thousands and millions of displaced conclude with forgiveness of so called tplf, olf, shene, pp or whatever collection of thugs being held accountable before the law?

    In 2018, with sleight of hand and deceptive maneuvering, abiy, a protege and project child of EPRDF, babtized by tplf “peacefully transfers power in Ethiopia, for the first time ever, from tplf1 to tplf2. War breaks out, the bloodless transfer of power becomes the bloodiest ever, just like the bloodless revolution of 1974 led by the derg and its ruthless butcher, thug mengistu hailemariam ended up bleeding every Ethiopian.

    It is highly doubtful that the new ethnofanatic abiy is any different from his tplf bosom buddies.


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