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Amhara region remarks on the peace agreement with the TPLF 

Amhara region _ peace agreement
Yilkal Kefale, head of the regional administration


The Amhara region of Ethiopia on Monday remarked on the peace agreement that was reached in Pretoria, South Africa, between the Ethiopian government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

For the Amhara regional state, it is something that lays a foundation for Unity and builds a common value. 

It further said that the materialization of the peace talk is something that “we have been aspiring for as a regional state.” 

The regional authority also expressed its commitment to doing everything that is needed on its part for its implementation. 

It stated that the peace that is prevailing needs to be exploited so as to work together to recover from the destruction of the war and to speed up the process of building durable peace. 

Afar, Amhara and the Tigray regions have been severely impacted by the bloody war that lasted for two years. 

Although there seems to be similar interest, based on video footage aired in local media outlets in Ethiopia, on the part of people in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, TPLF supporters in North America and Europe are mobilizing against the peace agreement. 

There had also been attempts to portray the war as a war between ethnic Amhara and ethnic Tigray people. 

All available information regarding the war, however, does suggest that the war was primarily fought between the TPLF and the Ethiopian government. Eritrean forces were also involved in it after the TPLF forces fired rockets to Asmara just weeks after the outbreak of the war. 

However, Amhara regional forces and the militia took part in the war as was the case with security forces and militia from other regions in the country.  

The war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives from the government and TPLF side. 

The peace agreement is currently entering the implementation stage with the TPLF and Ethiopian government discussing modalities of the implementation in Nairobi, Kenya. 


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  1. This spinless guy does not represent the great people of Amhara. Indoctrinated by The Ethnic Apartheid Ethiopian regime lead by Abiy Ahmed, the so called Amhara Prosperity Party say or did nothing while Amharas continued to be Massacred in Wollega, Oromia (THE BLOOD BATH OF AMHARA PEOPLE) every day since Abiy Ahmed came to power.

    Amhara has never been represented while OLF and TPLF secretly plotted against the people of Amhara and Amhara land.
    Amharas in their own country today are living as STATLESS, victims of the Ethnic Apartheid Oromo government.

  2. Q: Are Amara intellectuals targeted to derail Amaras’ peace-development-prosperity?

    Dr. Yilikal is an intelligent intellectual with a laser focus on Amaras’ peace, prosperity, and development. Petty anti-Ethiopia divisive-and-destructive Egyptian agendas aren’t worth his time. Go and see how he transformed Gojjam and Gonder in just two years.

    Ethiopia’s enemies are hiring Amaras to misinform-disinform, divide, and kill Amaras. Dr. Yilikal & Co. should learn from what Amaras’ enemies did to Dr. Ambachew & Co. Just as Ambachew, Yilikal is also facing smear campaigns, character assassinations, etc.

    Reminder: TPLF stripped General Asminew of his rank and sent him to jail for life. Ambachew & Co. fought for his release. Abiy released him and reinstated his rank. Ambachew made him Amara Security Head. Asaminew gunned down Ambachew & Co.

    NB: When Abiy saw the anti-Ambachew smear campaign and assigned him to a federal post, his killers said: “Abiy took Ambachew to weaken Amaras’ Struggle!” Ambachew stayed. Alas, Asaminew killed the same Amaras who got him released and gave him job.


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