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AEPAC Statement on Peace Agreement between Ethiopian gov’t and TPLF 

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Representatives of Ethiopian Government and TPLF shake hands after signing the agreement on November 2, 2022 (Photo : public domain)

Statement by the Executive Chairman of AEPAC Mesfin Tegenu:

We welcome the news of a permanent cessation of hostilities in Northern Ethiopia. 

The war has devastated communities across the region. The suffering has been felt by all Ethiopians, at home and abroad. If there’s a chance at a lasting peace it should be grasped.

AEPAC has consistently called for the disarming of the TPLF, an increase in humanitarian aid, and the restoration of services to impacted areas in Tigray, Afar and Amhara. All of those have been incorporated in the agreement struck today.

The American Ethiopian community has stood firm with the African Union in its efforts to secure peace and on behalf of AEPAC and our partners I thank all those involved for their dedication to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia now has an opportunity to turn its focus back to the progressive program of social, democratic, and economic reform started in 2018.

We hope the White House and Members of Congress will see today’s news as an opportunity for the United States to play a positive role in Ethiopia’s future. That can only happen if the basis for relations is on mutual respect and trade, rather than condemnation and sanctions.

We recognise the important role the diaspora will continue to play in Ethiopia’s journey to peace, and AEPAC will fulfill its response


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