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“Ethiopia’s Sovereignty is Non-Negotiable” No More movement


The “No More” movement on Monday issued a statement on the occasion of the second year commemoration of TPLF attack on the Northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force – an incident that escalated to a full fledged war.

“The TPLF, emboldened by imperial foreign actors in the West to serve as their proxy in the region, continue their unrelenting assault on the people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar,” it said.

The full statement reads as follows :

“We are approaching the second anniversary of the tragic and treacherous events of November 4, 2020 when the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) murdered Ethiopian National Defense Forces and triggered yet another devastating conflict in the Horn of Africa. The TPLF, emboldened by imperial foreign actors in the West to serve as their proxy in the region, continue their unrelenting assault on the people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar.

We stand with all the people of the affected regions of Ethiopia who have been massacred, assaulted, maimed and displaced by the TPLF. We began our campaign last November with the slogan, “No More!” Today, we commit to redoubling our efforts and working harder to see peace prevail in the Horn of Africa.

In Pretoria, South Africa, an Ethiopian Parliament and U.S. Homeland Security designated terrorist organization sits face-to-face with the sovereign Federal Government of Ethiopia. The United States despite having designated the TPLF a terrorist organization, continues to provide diplomatic and moral support to it.

Despite 27 years of brutal ethnic apartheid, corruption, arbitrary arrests, torture and suppression of freedom of speech and assembly at the hands of TPLF and the overwhelming repudiation of TPLF by Ethiopia’s populace, the United States remains committed to seeing the TPLF exist as a malicious proxy in the region.

While publicly assuring the Ethiopian people that they are committed to Ethiopia’s sovereignty, the U.S. and its western allies continue their work against it. Millions across Ethiopia are explicitly saying “No More!” to their hostile agenda.

These Western nations brazenly challenge, in both words and actions, the national sovereignty of Ethiopia. Openly racist leaders in the European Union recently went as far as deriding all of Africa and the non-European world as the “jungle” to be civilized by the European “garden”. This is not lost on the Ethiopian people.

It is within this climate and with this type of language that harkens back to the dark days of Western colonialism of Africa, that these amnesic Western nations now make audacious and insincere demands of Ethiopia and Eritrea in the name of “humanitarianism”. Thus, we are not afraid to call this out with conviction and determination until the misguided policies are corrected.

Africa is our home. We will not accept talking points that are designed to convince us that someone in Washington, Brussels, London or Paris is more concerned about our people than we are.

We need peace now. Rather than exploiting the peace process, we demand that the United States, if it wants to be a partner for peace, call for its proxy TPLF to immediately lay down its arms.”


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  1. Government forced, controlled and provided demonstration. Those are forced Amhara people Abiy Ahmed and the Orommuma are busing.

    The Orommuma now is abusing Amharas in Minjar to steal Amhara land.


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