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The United States Should Support Disarming of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front

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The American Ethiopian community is urging the White House and State Department to support the disarming of the TPLF militia to secure lasting peace in Ethiopia.

The Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF leadership are currently engaged in peace talks in South Africa, mediated by the African Union.

The talks follow significant advances by the Ethiopian Federal Forces in recent weeks and they have now liberated a significant number of towns and cities in Tigray.

The Government of Ethiopia has publicly committed to coordinate with humanitarian agencies to ensure aid and services are restored at pace in the areas now under control of Ethiopian Forces.

The American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) has contacted US Government officials and Members of Congress to call on them to support the Ethiopian Government upscale aid efforts.

Community leaders are also pushing for international support for the TPLF rebels to lay down their arms and pursue political dialogue rather than violence in an effort to secure lasting peace in Ethiopia.

The most recent hostilities broke out on August 24th when the TPLF pulled out of talks, and initiated an offensive in the Amhara region stating: “the African Union cannot deliver peace to Tigray.” 

The Chairman of AEPAC Mesfin Tegenu said:

“Reports from the ground in Tigray seem to be encouraging. The towns and villages which have been liberated have been done so with minimal force, citizens have been protected, aid has restarted, and plans are in place for essential services to be reinstated in areas where it is safe to do so.

“The TPLF’s attempts to steal back power were always going to fail. The people of Ethiopia have not forgotten the 27-years of their authoritarian regime.

“This TPLF initiated war is all about power and corruption, it was never for the people of Tigray as some have tried to argue, and action taken by Ethiopian Federal Forces has been an essential defence of Ethiopia’s democratic journey and territorial integrity.

“As peace talks progress, we want the United States to play a positive role. One critical step toward peace must be for the rebel group to lay down their arms. It is the only way to stabilise and rebuild impacted regions. 

“Anti-American sentiment has risen dramatically in the Horn of Africa over the US’ perceived support for the TPLF. This can be changed, but only if decision makers in Washington DC recognise the Ethiopian people want this war to end and the only way to achieve it is for the TPLF to cease its violence.”

AEPAC representatives recently met with Congressman and Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Gregory Meeks to encourage Congress and the Biden administration to change their foreign policy position on Ethiopia and to be a more positive actor in the country’s search for peace and recovery.



The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee is dedicated to promoting a positive, synergetic relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC’s core mission is to strengthen and enhance the century-old relationship between the United States and Ethiopia. AEPAC strives to build a strong partnership based on the common interests and mutual benefits of the two countries.


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  1. QUOTE: “The American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) strives to build a strong partnership based on the common interests and mutual benefits of the two countries”.UNQUOTE

    Humble Short Commentary
    Let us be very frank and honest: AMERICA, THE MIGHTIEST, HAS ITS OWN WAY IN THE AFFAIRS OF THE WORLD. And Black Africa is a ‘peanut’ to America. Take it or leave it YOUR own choice, with wide open eyes, ears, and functional brain— hopefully!!!
    Post Script Reminder:
    Please, do not forget that YOU came to AMERICA for salvation, running away from OUR OWN beloved African Countries and indigenous ‘EDUCATED’ Black African Dictators ha ha ha or cry cry cry to your hearts’ content.

  2. The US and the Whole World should not ignore and should listen to the sufferings and daily Slaughtering of Amharas by Abiy Prosperity Party cadres and its hidden barbaric Oromo Shenes criminals.

    Amhara lives Matter.

  3. So far so good in a sense that both sides have not chosen the media to divulge what is going on behind the closed doors. I’m counting on the AU, Uhuru, IGAD and Good Ole USA for this historic peace talk to bear fruits. I said historic because it is the first one in a way it was planned, how long it took and the who-is-who in the planning. It was not some commies of the Soviet Union who twisted the arms of the adversaries and literally forced them to some joint in East Germany or Damascus. Close to 7 million innocent citizens in Tigray are crying for lasting peace. The entire 120 plus million upright citizens of the entire country are vying and screaming for peace. Every neighboring country is up all night having nightmares worrying when all those 120 plus people will be on the move, besieged, bewildered and don’t give a damn anymore!

  4. The approach African solutions to African problems is positive and the involvement of non-Africans in the peace talks should be ruled out or limited to an ancillary role. The US should not influence the process and create more problems.


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