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Sixteen reportedly killed in Horo Guduru Wollega 

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Horo Guduru zone of Wollega is shown in red in google map of the area


Sixteen people are reportedly killed in the latest string of attacks on civilians in Horo Guduru zone of Wollega, Western Ethiopia.  The incident happened this past Thursday in the Umuru district, Miger locality. 

DW Amharic report cited residents from the area to report that FANO groups operating in the area with a claim to eliminate “Shane” – a radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group that has been massacring civilians in the region. 

Residents also told the source that Shane gunmen were carrying out attacks on civilians in Jabo Doben locality of the district.  There have been recurring attacks in different localities of the district, it was said. 

Most of the victims from the Thursday attack are said to be women. 

District authorities in Amuru were contacted in connection with the incident but they declined. DW Amharic also said that zone and region-level authorities were not willing to give information about the attack. 

According to the source, there were about five attacks in Umuru district in a span of one week. 

Shane, as the government calls it, armed groups have been carrying out a recurring massacre in Horo Guduru targeting civilians in the past three or so years. Thousands were killed in the region – mostly ethnic Amhara farming communities. And hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced on grounds of security threats. 

The Ethiopian government has been linking Shane operation and its killings in the region to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – now a rebel group that has been fighting the Ethiopian government for about two years now. 


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