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Ethiopian Forces in control of Adwa and Aksum: SM report 

TPLF nor Ethiopian government confirmed the capture of Adwa and Aksum 

Ethiopian News _ Adwa _ Aksum _ TPLF
Picture purportedly showing an open air market in Mekelle (Source : Social Media)


Ethiopian Forces have reportedly controlled two more big towns in the Tigray region of Ethiopia in the past three days.  Adigrat and Adwa are the two new additions. The Ethiopian government, however, did not confirm it. 

Unverified sources on social media even claim that Ethiopian forces are advancing further to Mekelle – a seat for the Tigray regional state. 

On Tuesday this week, the government confirmed that it took control of Shire, Alamata and Korem towns and that it is preparing to facilitate the distribution of humanitarian aid. 

The government has announced that it has opened the  Kombolcha-Dessie- Woldia-Kobo-Alamata route to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid. 

The route from Gondar to Tigray via Shire in the west is also said to be open for similar purposes. 

Speculations are high that Ethiopian Forces could enter Mekelle any time as the TPLF line of defence is said to be collapsing. 

On Saturday, the state media featured tens of thousands of TPLF captives from the recent operations in the west and South of Tigray region. 

The TPLF has not reacted officially to confirm the capture of important urban centers in the Tigray region by Ethiopian Forces.  Kindeya Gebrehiwot, former president of Mekelle University who now seems to be assuming the role of digital media and foreign relations for the TPLF, on Sunday said what he called “Eritrean-led invasion” carried out strikes against Adwa, May-Kinetal & AbiyAdi towns.

It is to be recalled that the TPLF made claims about the bombardment of Shire just hours before Ethiopian forces took control of the city. 

Professor’s Kendeya’s tweet is rather getting negative reaction as “fake news” 

The TPLF has confirmed that it will attend the peace talks scheduled to take place on Monday in South Africa.  TPLF negotiators, according to Professor Kendaya, have already arrived in South Africa for the African Union-led peace talks.  

aid- TPLF _ Ethiopian News
Aid Convoy heading to the Tigra region of Ethiopia after the Ethiopian government took control of several towns in the region (photo : SM)

With more than 70 percent of the Tigray region of Ethiopia now under the control of Ethiopian forces, an increasing number of Ethiopians are posing questions about the relevance of sitting in for peace talks with the TPLF forces. 

Ethiopia is facing increasing pressure from western powers and multilateral institutions on alleged grounds of “genocide and humanitarian disaster” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia – something the Ethiopian government and Ethiopians reject as fictitious.  

The government thinks that the international community is feeding on TPLF propaganda. 

The United States and the European Union last week called for an immediate “cessation of hostilities” as the Ethiopian Forces made rapid advances taking many towns in the region. 

Ethiopians across the country on Saturday staged a massive demonstration across the country to oppose western powers’ intervention in Ethiopia. They carried banners demanding an end to intervention and not to support the TPLF terrorist forces. 

Protesters also demanded the government ensure that TPLF is disarmed so that it will not start a fourth round of war against Ethiopia. 


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  1. Unless the over qualified editors of this esteemed website investigate and validate this claim, I will remain reluctant to believe any of it. I will never forget what we used to be told back in November 2020. One general even had the audacity to tell us that Debre and his riff raffs had lost their capacity to even wage a guerilla war. That was in 2020. Then came the hasty withdrawal and Debre ended up at the gates of Addis/Finfine. I’m confident in our editors’ enormous connections and dexterity to corroborate this story for us.


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