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AU led Ethiopia’s Peace talks to start on Monday in South Africa 

The TPLF is yet to respond if it is attending the peace talk on Monday in South Africa. Ethiopian authorities have accepted call to attend  

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African Union led Ethiopia’s Peace Talk is scheduled to start this coming Monday in South Africa.  Redwan Hussien, Security advisor to the Prime Minister, on Thursday disclosed that the government is informed about it. 

Redwan Hussien is also a member of the Ethiopian government negotiating team. 

He tweeted “AUC has informed us that the Peace Talks is set for 24 Oct,2022 to be held in South Africa.We have reconfirmed our commitment to participate. However,We are dismayed that some are bent on preempting  the peace talks & spreading false allegations against the defensive measures.”

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has not confirmed, at this writing, that it is attending the meeting on Monday in South Africa. 

The talk that was scheduled to take place earlier this week was indefinitely extended due to a logistical problem. However, the African Union did not spell out what the logistical problem was. 

When the TPLF wrote a letter in response to the African Union’s call for peace talks, a letter that was written in the name of the “Government of Tigray” and signed by Debretsion Gebremichael, asked the African Union if there was a logistical and security arrangement for TPLF negotiators. 

On the part of TPLF, Getachew Reda and Tsadkan Gebretensae are named as negotiators. 

The third round of the war started on August 24 when the TPLF launched an attack south of the Tigray region of Ethiopia and controlled Kobo, a town about 30 kilometers northeast of Woldia, which was taken back by Ethiopian forces earlier this month. 

This week, the Ethiopian government announced that it took control of Alamata and Korem in the south and the city of Shire in the West. 

The TPLF has admitted that its forces “withdrew” from the town of Shire. However, local sources indicate that the TPLF forces suffered a crushing defeat in the Shire area. 

The airport in the city, now in the hands of Ethiopian forces, will be open for humanitarian aid to support people in the city – according to the Ethiopian government. 

Shire is said to have a military strategic significance and there are unconfirmed reports that Ethiopian forces are now close to the historic Aksum city. 

TPLF, a designated terrorist organization that extensively used underaged children for the war, has been claiming that Eritrean and Ethiopian forces are carrying out “genocide” in Tigray.

The Ethiopian government claims the military operations are designed in a way to avoid fighting in urban areas to ensure that civilians are not harmed. 

It also said that Shire, Alamata and Korem were captured without fighting in urban centers. 


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  1. This is in one way comical. Even though the current raging battles are not something to laugh about but the announcement of the peace talk while the two sides fighting sounds like a set up for a punchline. But I don’t lose hope on it completely for the sake of those young people being marched in an awaiting inferno.

  2. Subject: “AU led Ethiopia’s Peace talks to start on Monday in South Africa”, October 20, 2022

    Humble Short Commentary, 21 Oct. 2022
    a)THE TIME is way way over due for BLACK AFRICANS to handle their affairs by themselves. for themselves, according to
    their own needs.
    b) The above Meeting {“Peace talks”) is a good example of INDEPENDENCE of BLACK AFRICA.
    c) It is very sad that Part of Ethiopia — the oldest country in the world ; the HOME COUNTRY of Atse YOHANNES of
    TIGRAY; has to be the PONY of Western World, for their own agenda, over the RICH CONTINENT of AFRICA.
    d) It is time for BLACK AFRICANS to be THEMSELVES for THEMSELVES in their own TERRITORY.
    e)It is sad that such pronouncement has to made for OBVIOUS CRUEL matter at hand.
    g)There is something called “THE END.” Doesn’t it apply to the incipient colonization of our BLACK AFRICA ?!?

  3. What is in it for Ethiopia? What is there to negotiate? If they go, who stands trial for TPLF’s 27-year Crimes against Humanity Spree and their latest War Crimes, Genocide, Massacre, Gang Rape, Looting, and infinite other Gross Human Rights Violations?

    Isn’t ‘negotiation’ give-and-take? What exactly has the TPLF to offer? These Savages took Barbarism to an all new level. TPLF Criminals never deserve to see the light of day! If Abiy & Co. ever let them leave Ethiopia, Abiy & Co. should stand trial for complicity!


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