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Urban and Infrastructure Development Ministry donated 1.5 billion birr to Oromia region 

State Minister in the Ministry, Fanta Dejen, (left) Chaltu Sani , the Minister (middle) and Shimeles Abdissa Oromo region president (right) are seen with 1.5 billion commercial bank of Ethiopia cheque (Photo : Public Domain)


Ethiopia’s Urban and Infrastructure Development Ministry donated 1.5 billion birr to the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  

It was Chaltu Sani , the Minister, and State Minister in the Ministry, Fanta Dejen,  who delivered the cheque to Shimeles Abdissa, the regional president. 

According to a report by the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC), state media, the money is to be spent on the reconstruction of  “institutions affected by conflict and natural disaster,” and to support displaced people in the region.

Shimeles Abdissa said he is going to spend the money on ways that needy citizens in the region can support themselves on a long-term basis. 

The Ministry claimed that it is working to improve the lives of citizens in abject poverty in 84 towns across the country. 

It also said that it has spent close to one billion birr for the reconstruction of institutions affected by war in the Afar, Amhara and Benishangul regions and to support displaced citizens. 

18 institutions that were destroyed by the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) were rebuilt in a short time, it was said. 


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  1. Good job for good cause. How about us? We are very fortunate to live comfortably here in the USA, Europe, Oceania and other parts of the globe. We should always be mindful of the fact that millions of those we left behind still live in dire straits. Let’s do everything we can to lend them our hands with the last red cent in our pocket irrespective of politics, religion and ethnicity. Blessings to you all! Peace and love!!!!

  2. We are confused and convinced by OPDO/OLF thievery daily and hourly tactics. Collection of corrupt dictators OPDO/Prosperity aka Impoverishing Party has believed its own lies and now cannot differentiate between its own lies and deceits.
    OPDO/OLF/Impoverishing other Ethnics Ethiopians Party rewarding itself with by big announcement telling people to we are not afraid of you, show confidence that it has crushed TPLF while purging and going after their money from member of its own party with different views it fears to pose treats.

    It is the arrogance and disrespect that is speaking loud and clear. Why not call it OLF/OPDO is in power and can steal and loot the country?
    1 Billion Birr to be divided among three regions including the heavily destroyed Amhara and Afar regions by the proxy war of TPLF and OLF/Prosperity Party/OPDO and Benishangul region while Oromia got 1.5 Billion Birr in addition to the loot from Amhara Genocide victims in Oromia zone.

    What is the justification for picking Oromia region that never suffered from TPLF and OPDO/Prosperity Party war ?
    Oromia region has been looting and distributing the hard earned wealth from Amhara Genocide and displaced victims for four OPDO/Impoverishing Ethiopia Party misruling.

    Adding 1.5 Billion Birr to the loot from Amhara Genocide and Displaced victims of Oromia zone , while other regions such as Afar, Amhara and the other regions still are suffering from the impact of the TPLF and Prosperity Party/OPDO war that created infrastructure, farming, displacement and economical disasters?

  3. This is to our dear editors,

    My friend just shot me an email with an attached link that includes terrible news about one of our young daughters. She was a student at Princeton College and a valedictorian 20 year old. She was missing for a week and she was found dead. I have the link he sent me for you. She was to be a US citizen very soon. As a father of a wonderful daughter my heart is broken. We would appreciate it very much if you shed some light on this tragedy using your enormous capabilities and extensive networking. Woe! Woe! Woe!!!
    Here is the link my friend sent me for your references


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