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Tedros Adhanom Continues Defending His Party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front

Tedros Adhanom _ TPLF _ WHO
Tedros Adhanom (left) and Michelle Bachelet, former president Chile, who also served as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 2018 to 2022 (photo source : Almariam blog)

By Belachew Aga

Sitting at WHO position he took buying and lobbing African rulers while he was a “foreign minister” of Ethiopia, Tedros Adhanom is turning every rock in the universe to confuse the world and safe his terrorist party called the Tigre Peoples liberation front (TPLF). 

TPLF has been known as a terrorist group by Ethiopians since it was founded and labelled as a terrorist group by the United States of America (USA). Although USA labelled TPLF as a terrorist group, unfortunately it provided strong support to TPLF to overthrow the communist government of Ethiopia which was also hated by the people of Ethiopia. After TPLF took power with strong support from the USA, Sudan, Egypt and many other countries, TPLF greedily controlled all the economic center, the military, the spy agency and almost all ministerial positions with no sense of shame. 

Through this power it grasped greedy, TPLF committed genocide to the people of Amhara, Sidamo, Ogaden, Gambella and other regions. It committed crimes against humanity including sterilization of Amharas through a unique birth control program, filled prisons with Oromo prisoners to the point even one of the TPLF leaders said the prisons speak Oromigna, tortured political prisoners including inserting wooden sticks through the rectum of political prisoners, and hanging water bottles on the testicles of male prisoners. 

This heinous terrorist group was removed through the scarifies of thousands of martyrs but wanted to come back and make the lives of Ethiopians Hell again. In order to do that, TPLF drove huge trucks on the members of the Ethiopian defense forces while they were asleep. Those who escaped the truck were shot with heavy weaponries that TPLF robbed from Ethiopians for nearly 30 years. The terrorist TPLF launched also an attack to Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea. 

 About 85% of Ethiopians defense weapons were under the hands of Tedros Adhanom’s party-the TPLF.  Using these weapons, TPLF invaded the Amhara and Afar region and raped women, robbed everything including dough and forks, destroyed schools, hospitals and residences. The government and the people started defending the invaded regions. The terrorist TPLF was defeated and went back to eat what it robbed. When the robbed food stuff was gone, TPLF cried for international bread flour.  The international bread flour and cooking gas arrived with trucks. However, the robber TPLF stole the trucks and the gas and invaded and robbed the Amhara and Afar regions again.  TPLF was again defeated the second time although the United Nations provided it with food and vehicles ignoring the reports of the humanitarian organizations that exposed the crimes TPLF committed in Amhara and Afar regions. The robber TPLF was defeated for the third time despite the material, propaganda and diplomatic support of the west and its propaganda machines such as the BBC, which presented three TPLF liars without inviting government representatives or other decent Ethiopians on its October 16, 2022 news hour program.  

The material, propaganda and diplomacy support are organized by Tedros Adhanom(the 3rd highly ranked leader of TPLF) , and his likes who live in diaspora. 

Watch out the World, Tedros Adhanom is confusing you as he was confusing you with the origin and status of COVID to save his terrorist party-the TPLF.

Stand up Ethiopian diaspora! Counteract Tedros Adhanom’s propaganda that is confusing the globe about his terrorist party. 


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  1. The whole UN system is plaqued with bandits, terrorists, money launderers, thieves, fascists, inefficient goons, racists, name it. poor tedros adhanom is simply one of them. The hell with UN – time to get rid of it

  2. Did you really say “ Tedros Adhanom continues defending his party, the Tigray liberation front “ did you call it a party? ? ? I pray it was just unintended error on your part. TPLF is not a party as you described it, but rather one of the few egregious criminal terror groups in the world, established by 5th and 6th grade educated criminals, who knows nothing except crimes, terror and killings.


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