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Ethiopia’s INSA says it has foiled 1600 cyberattacks 

cyberattacks  _ Ethiopia
Abel Temesgen, cyber attacks analysis team leader, talking to ENA reporter (Photo : public Domain)


Ethiopia continues to get cyberattacks.  The Information Network Security Administration (INSA) on Tuesday said it has foiled over 1600 attacks in the past three months. 

ENA, state media, cited Abel Temesgen, cyberattacks analysis team leader, as saying that the attacks targeted financial and educational institutions. 

However, it is unspecified where the attacks came from or whether the agents were entities or individuals.  In 2020, Egypt based hackers attempted cyber attacks on Ethiopian government sites. 

Based on Abel’s explanation INSA analyzes the sources of the attacks and vulnerabilities that made those attacks possible. 

It is to be recalled that the Ministry of Education has been administering Grade 12 exams for nearly two weeks now. There were fears that exams would be stolen. 

Abel talked about the growing institutional capacity to foil cyber attacks. He added that the attacks are unpredictable which calls for a need to be alert at all times. 

He advises institutions to have cyber security control centers and engage in preventing cyber attacks. 


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