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Collective Responsibility for the Destruction of Ethiopia

Collective Responsibility


Virtually all ethnicities of Ethiopia, particularly their respective elites, are responsible for the systematic historical, cultural and territorial destruction of the ancient country Ethiopia.

Mengistu Hailemariam thought his military was strong enough to defeat the separatists Shabia and TPLF. He was proved wrong! The separatists won, and we lost Eritrea and our vital access to the sea. TPLF thought its separatist military would forever rule Ethiopia based on the principle of divide and rule! Again, events proved it wrong; it was outmaneuvered by another separatist group, the OPDO/OLF, and lost its power! Whereas the TPLF sort of held the disintegration of Ethiopia in suspended animation, the OPDO/OLF is proceeding with the destruction of Ethiopia using the Nazi big lie technique!

The TPLF, and now increasingly the OPDO/OLF, have been systematically destroying the old country’s cultural, historical, and territorial foundations— practically with the explicit purpose of carving up the country into smaller countries!

Only the AMHARAs have, despite the collaborationist Amhara BEADEN, come out openly as an ethnicity or language group to oppose the country-demolition process. The political roadmap of the ruling OPDO/OLF is clear enough to the elites of the other ethnicities. However, though the very political roadmap includes the incorporation of those different ethnicities into the intended future Oromia Republic, they have not demonstrated any resolute opposition to their being openly subjugated by the revanchist group!

The OPDO/OLF has committed all the most hideous crimes known to humankind—ranging from ethnic cleansing to direct genocide and cannibalism! The military of the OPDO/OLF has done very little to stop the carnage; in fact, there are accusations that it is an accomplice! The AMHARAs and the Affaris have been the primary victims so far. Ethnicities who are gradually realising that the OPDO/OLF is working to institute Oromo hegemony and create the Oromia Republic are trying to fend off subjugation and demanding the creation of ethnic killils of their own, as decreed by the Constitution!

So, if Ethiopia is destroyed, as planned by the TPLF and OPDO/OLF language groups, almost all the Ethiopian people will be collectively held responsible for the demolition of the great country! Nevertheless, all the patriotic citizens who, individually or as groups, are now making sacrifices to save Ethiopia from destruction should at least relieve their conscience of the burden of historical guilt; you have tried your best to reverse the sinister foreign-sponsored plot. But this does not mean we should stop our rigorous effort to continue fighting peacefully, to stem the tide of the wicked design thrust upon our beloved Ethiopia.

GIRMA BERHANU teaches in the Department of Education and Special Education at Gothenburg University , Sweden.


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  1. Who made Amaras or Oromos or Tigres “The Custodians of Ethiopia”? Ethiopia is a mosaic of 86 ethnics. I wonder why most ‘Ethiopian Diaspora Intellectuals’ and self-appointed Ethnic Activist always portray Ethiopia as ALL about Amaras/Oromos/Tigres.

    It is views like Prof. G. Berhanu’s that subjected me to the animosity and harassment of the EPLF/TPLF and OLF/IFLO* supporters – back in the 1990s. They were in the West on Derg and TPLF/EPLF scholarships. IFLO*: Islamic Front for Liberation of Oromia.

    According to Christian Tadelle’s 2019 Walta interview, there are over 15 million Amaras living-and-working in the Oromo Zone ALONE. So, now, he is putting those Amaras at risk, too. BTW, I have never met any Oromo in Gojjam and Gonder during my trips!

    ለመሆኑ – አብይን – ዬትኛው የአማራ ድርጅት – በአባልነት ይቀበለው ነበር? ኦሕዲድም – “እናትህ አማራ ናቸው!” – ብሎ – አንቀበልህም ቢለውስ ኖሮ? FYI, it was only for አ.ብ.ን.’s launching ceremony that TEN American Embassy personnel flew to Bahir-Dar. Isn’t that the same pro-TPLF/EPLF embassy which has been spewing anti-Amhara propaganda for decades?

  2. As I said before, Prof Girma Berhanu is ethnic Amhara, and not quite the intellectual one expects of someone teaching in a European university. His most recent article compared western Ethiopia to Auschwitz and his relatives to Jews! Accordingly, Abiy and his party became Hitler and the Nazi party. Girma’s grasp of world history is not only laughable but debases the plight of Jews who suffered genocide!

    The idea that Ethiopia belonged to the Amhara and the rest are guests is a product of a sick mind. Girma is not alone in holding such hateful and savage outlook. There is Prof Mesfin Arega and a few more acolytes.

  3. Thank you Prof. Girma Berhanu for blatantly spelling out and holding OPDO/OLF and TPLF responsible the destruction of culture, territory, history and millions of precious lives withing the last 30 years.

    “In times of tyranny and injustice when law oppresses the people the outlaw takes his place in history”!!!!

    OPDO/OLF Abiy and the Gada Co. depend and count on working hard creating chaos, Genocide, confusion, violence and deceits hoping the ancient Ethiopia will be disintegrated and destroyed.

    The only good news is now every one has unveiled the OPDO/OLF evil agenda and are resisting against. OPDO/OLF government is counting its day to fail miserably just like the Derg/Mengistu Hailemariam and TPLF because Ethiopia and its people are to stay forever. Now everyone has tested the toxic cocktails of OPDO/OLF and TPLF . Just as the recent video released when the Muslim man from the South Ethiopia was heard speaking how were duped by OLF when OLF were telling them it was only the Amharas they want to kill not the Southerners. Not the Wolayita, Hadias and other Southerners they are after. The man then continued to say now OLF/OPDO are killing, looting and displacing us. We have no other country to go to and etc…

  4. Patriot citizens are fighting against Tyranny, invation of rights to worship GOD and Genocide by exposing and rejecting every destructive move of OPDO/OLF evil and toxic Gada/Ireecha (pagan religion) agenda.

    The pagan religion, Ireecha what we saw and know growing up when Oromos living around Debrezeit doing is worshiping Hora Lake by throwing live chicken, sheep and animal into the lake and decorating the big tree right next to Hora Lake with beads, lathering the tree with butter and presenting “rimito kita” or unpleasant looking bread to the tree. That is what is known as the Ireecha worship.

    This is what the OPDO/OLF/Prosperty Party is forcing people to adapt and celebrate as if people do not know what is Ireecha. When the whole world is gone away from worshipping trees, mountains, snake, and objects as backward primitive Abiy/ Shimelis/Adanech are using force to shove it in our throats. That will never happen.

    OPDO/OLF Abiy and co the leftover of TPLF are “responsible for the systematic historical, cultural and territorial destruction of the ancient country Ethiopia”. The current and last 30 years generation are living and witnessing OPDO/OLF destructive political agenda. The last 4 years has brought more deaths and systematic historical, cultural and territorial destruction of the great and ancient country Ethiopia.

    OPDO/OLF/Prosperity Party already has generated so much rejection and due to its vile and destructive backward and dangerous politics that is bent on destroying Ethiopia and Ethiopians and it standing on its shaky legs.

    • Hi Abdul-FataL Al-Egypty,

      About the ‘buttered tree’: The Egyptian medical experts who took the sap for analysis confirmed that the tree’s cholesterol levels are within normal range and the tree is fine.

      About buttering the tree: I thought that the Arusi Oromos run out of things to do with butter. However, they saw Abdul-FataL telling Egyptians to eat leaves and wanted to send Egyptians butter-fortified leaves. The animals are the share of the fish in the lake!

      About the tree-decorating beads: The Adda Gaddas (!?) said, “We wanted to see what beads look-like on a real tree before sending them for the White House’s Christmas tree!” They are hoping that good ol’ Joe will make it to Christmas!

      PS: Is it unfair to Ethiopia if we set the exchange rate for 1 bottle of Abbay water for 100 liters of Egyptian gasoline? Oh, how is “The Cairo Institute of Ethiopian Studies” doin’?


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