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Ethiopian court going after a city councilor over alleged corruption 

Ethiopia News _ Addis Ababa City Council
Habiba Omar is facing corruption allegation related to land distribution in Lemi Kura (Photo : Addis Ababa City Administration )


The Addis Ababa City Council on Friday announced that it has passed a decision to revoke the immunity of one of its members. 

Habiba Omar, a member of the council who served as Lemi Kura Sub City Head of Land Administration, is stripped of immunity. 

It is the Ministry of Justice that is going after Habiba over corrupt practices.  The question from the Ministry was directed to the City council. 

The Ministry of Justice implicated her in the misappropriation of land which was allegedly undertaken under the guise of distributing land to farmers and children of farmers in Lemi Kura Sub-city. 

The size of land that is allegedly misappropriated is undisclosed. 

In a related development, the City Administration undertook a three months performance evaluation. It is claiming that it has embarked on taking action in the direction of fighting corruption. 

It has been struggling with corruption for a long time now. However, the nature of corruption since Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018 is changing. 

The latest example is corruption related to the distribution of tens of thousands of condominium units in the city for which the city administration openly apologized.  


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  1. OFC operatives like this failure only want to take land and buildings belonging to other hard working people claiming some fake history that Addis Ababa which they call finfine was theirs. Look here, this is the 21st century – work hard, study hard, don’t claim what you didn’t work for (lazy bone) nd don’t recite fake history because Berera used to be under the Royal Ethiopian Monarchy for hundreds of years – until you invaded it 500 years ago. Everyone knows this history – no one is going to take Addis Ababa back to the mud age…you are such funny losers…

  2. About a week ago my friend shot me an email and told me similar story of theft/embezzlement that took place right here in our own USA by members of our Diaspora. It happened in the state of Minnesota. The money that was pilfered from the government coffers was not just chum change. It was told to be in excess of 250 million dollars. Here is the link to the indictment:

    And last night he shot me another email telling a few of those thieves have fled to Ethiopia and some have been arrested. They embezzled the country that has given them the opportunities they never had in their own motherland. The cruel part of the story is they did all the pilfering in the name of the desperately needy children. Were these really from Ethiopia and born to parents of upright people? Has that country stopped producing children of high morale and value and is churning monsters instead? What is going on? That is not the country I left behind more than 6 decades ago.

  3. BTW, there were a total of 48 individuals charged with this massive embezzlement but only about 8 were arrested. The rest may be hiding here and have already fled the country. Boy, such crimes just make my blood boil. I never heard such a heinous crime by our Diaspora before.

  4. The Kegna narrative is built of greedy wish by lazy bone heads who never know how to work hard and earn a decent income. They are acting like a starved hyena that suddenly hit the ground in inside a barn of many baby sheep (lamb).

    Using force to steal and snatch Addis Ababans’ homes and property will never make it legal and right. It will always be challenged and never will go away from history until the rightful owners get their properties back.

    The Orommuma travelling from Oromia with false history narratives and full of greedy ambition to rob Addis Ababans land and houses who never spent any money or sweat to build Addis Ababa should learn their history first.

    Ethiopia was not created 500 years ago or 30 years ago by EPRDF aka TPLF and OLF.

    Ethiopia history goes well beyond the birth of Christs, The Semitic-speaking adoption of religion, inventions of language, alphabets, writings, arts and so on well describes the presence of Amharas, Gurages, Tigreas, Agews and other non-Oromo people. At that time there were no single Oromo participation in Ethiopia. This is the fact and must be able to accept well documented, written, and proved history. The invasion of Oromo followed the footstep of Imam Ahmad invasion of Abyssinia in 1529.
    Every Ethiopian knows their real history and no body will be fooled by the Orommuma who just took Latin alphabet as its alphabet only 30 years ago verse the Century old Sematic alpha.

    It is a hard and never winning battle to go against the very old history that already has spread out around the world in every museums, schools, libraries and so on.

  5. Editor: can you describe in details by what it is meant “revoke the immunity of its members”? The enforcement of criminal codes and due process should be carried out by the judiciary branch, irrespective of any permission by the so called “Addis Ababa City Council”. If Adenach Abebe and her PP cohorts masquerading as elected members of AA are indeed, in charge of who gets arrested among their own and what the judiciary branch can or cannot do against them, when they break the law, then the corruption, embezzlement, nepotism charges constantly heard about these inept fools take a whole different meaning.

    Editor: one of the fundamental functions of the press in any democratic government is tohold powers to be to account, to shine light on the relationship between the governing and the governed. Ethiopia, is far from a being a democratic nation, and not even close to be a functioning state with ascendancy for the rule of law. The press is not doing its job, either. Preposterous claims, self-contradicting facts are presented with not one attempt of providing the public with the actual relevant data often showing the contrary.

    A very uninformed and defeatist culture has been forming overt the past 50 years. The separation of powers has now become completely impossible to be realized in Ethiopia. Extra judicial killings, imprisonments have now become 1000 or 10000 times worse than the era of Emperor Haile Selassie. With the summary executions of 60 plus high public and military officials of the Government of Emperor Haile Selassie, Ethiopia has descended into a land under the iron fist and shackles of the executive branch which has been shedding its skin like a snake and changing its hideous and evil colors like a chameleon over the past 50 years as the military dictatorship of butcher mengistu, the ethonfascistic cliques of meles zenawi and his puppets hailemariam and the equally if not worse ethnofascitic pretenders of abiy ahmed’s pp thieves!!!!!!!

  6. Look at what I just found online today. It tells the latest story about the Minnesota Feeding Our Future scandal committed by members of our Diaspora. It shows the brazen heist is not something that was planned and carried out by an individual but it has all the indications that it was done by an organized group. I kept wondering how much of the $250 million brazenly pilfered from the generous hands of Good Ole USA can be retrieved. With this shadowy money transfer system called ‘Hawala’ it will be very hard to track and retrieve. It also makes you wonder how much of that ended up in financing these murderous ‘liberation front’ massacring innocent citizens inside the old country. On another news posted online it was reported a few of these sons/daughters of a thousand fathers have managed to flee the country on one-way tickets to Ethiopia. Now we Ethiopians are gonna be called thieves and convicts as if the stigma from photos of starving children is not enough. Here is the link:


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