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U.S. Congressman who allegedly received Money from TPLF supporters launching new campaign

Congressman Brad Sherman says U.S. president is open to for ideas on how to respond to “Tigray genocide” – a new claim that he is making

Congressman Brad Sherman
Congressman Brad Sherman ( from the Twitter handle of Congressman Brad Sherman )


It was not too long ago that Congressman Brad Sherman was allegedly accepting money from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) supporters living in the United States. 

The same congressman seem to be launching a new “genocide in Tigray” campaign. From what he tweeted, the goal seems to be getting Eritrea forces out of the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  

He said : “Spoke directly to @POTUS #Biden today regarding potential genocide in #Tigray. He is very well aware of the situation and is open to hear my ideas on how to respond, particularly to pressure #Eritrea to withdraw troops. ” 

Ethiopia and Eritrea have been facing renewed foreign pressure in connection with the war against the TPLF forces. 

Congressman Brad Sherman’s disclosure about his conversation with the U.S. president came just a day after the United States and five other western countries issued a statement condemning Eritrea for not “respecting the sovereignty of Ethiopia.”

Australia, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States said that they are “profoundly concerned by the escalation of the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in northern Ethiopia. ” 

Regarding Eritrea, the statement said “We call on Eritrean forces to cease their military operations and withdraw from northern Ethiopia. ” 

Congressman Brad Sherman’s tweeter message hints that the focus of his latest “Tigray genocide” campaign aims at the withdrawal of Eritrean forces. 

The TPLF has been attempting a “regime change” in Eritrea – something that ended in fiasco. 

When the Ethiopian forces responded to an unexpected TPLF attack against the Northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, something that triggered the unending war, leaders of the organization launched a rocket targeting Asmara.

The rocket attack was interpreted as an effort to internationalize the war.  

It was also attempting to involve Sudan in the conflict. When the Ethiopian forces who were posted along the Sudan border were withdrawn for deployment to the Tigray region of Ethiopia for what the government described as a “law enforcement operation,”  Sudan deployed forces and occupied the Ethiopian territories. 

The area is still under Sudanese forces. 

The United States has been supporting the TPLF forces under the guise of “humanitarian aid delivery” to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. This is getting more complicated now. The recent vote by Ethiopia at the UN regarding the expropriation of Ukraine’s territory by Russia will not help further the accord in its dealing with the West. Ethiopia is itself was once a victim of violent and deadly aggression by a bully. It’s people were bombed and gassed from the sky. But this same nation abstained on the same issue? It is unbelievable. It is like justifying what was done to her by Mussolini in the 1930’s. I could not believe it when I saw the result of the vote. Those guys better find a peaceful way out of this stupid conflict. Otherwise the entire 120 million plus folks will be on the move.

      • I can tell you this as a matter of fact. You would not say this to me if we ever cross paths. I swear a God you either will pick yourself up in pieces or you may have been given a one way ticket to an eternal rest.

        Dear Editors,

        This son of a thousand fathers has desecrated this esteemed website the very website we take as our waterhole and where we get our daily fill.

  2. Please also do not forget the tripartiate link among Ireland, Samantha Powers, and America’s State Department regarding support for the junta against Ethiopia.

    The Ethiopian government has rightly issued stern warning to Ireland not to continue its anti-Ethiopian stand at the UN and European Union. That could potentially result in total rupture of diplomatic relationship with Ireland if Ireland does not change its posture; not a bad idea. Ethiopian Airlines should watch the worsening reslationshp with Ireland and plan for alternative refueling stop over on their flight to the US and Canada.

    Samantha Power was originally from Ireland, and served as the US Ambassador to the UN during the Obama administratiobn. She thus had link with Ireland’s representatives at the UN on all things of interest for the government of Ireland. She is now administrator of USAID, and one can rightly assume her above mentioned background to play center stage in the US’s foreign policy towards Ethiopia. President Biden most probably does not have time to understand and follow US foreign policy with individual countries such as poor Ethiopia (other than Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran, Israel, and NATO), leaving that to personalities like Samantha Powers and Susan Rice; I am not even sure the Secretary of State has that much deep understanding of African issues, and possibly less concering Ethiopia. All of that gives opportunites to the likes of the Congressman from California, and others like him to capitalize their positions and prostitute themselves to the highest foreign bidders; that essentially is how the American democracy works where influences are bought and sold freely but within the law. In that sense the system is exactly like the culture of widespread bribery and theft by public officials in Ethiopia cultivated and fine tunred by TPLF.

  3. Hot Subject ” U.S. Congressman who allegedly received Money from TPLF supporters launching new campaign”,, October 13, 2022

    Let us be Cool,
    a) Dear Black Africa has NEVER been free in the true sense of the word.

    b) In that realty, let us pick Ethiopia.

    c) Ethiopia has been a FREE COUNTRY for time immemorial; but alas under Emperors, Kings far away from the
    so-called DEMOCRATIC system of governance. Yet, we know, even that has its own DIRT efficiently DIRTIER

    d) OH Lord, have mercy upon your own ‘children’ — but then, on the other hand, you may have your own wisdom of
    dealing with your dear pretentious children of multi – co-loured skins.

    AMEN – INSHALAH, in Alphabetical order, please.

  4. Ethiopia, keep going, as the adage goes ” The dogs bark, yet the camel marches on”. Ethiopia and Eritrea have mutual understanding and must exercise their natural rights to defend themselves from a ragtag thats is delusional, shameful, holding its very people as hostage, and hell bent to destabilize the countries with combined 120million people. No one will take away Ethiopia’ destined greatness. American old, erroneous and hideous policies are pushing Ethiopia to switch alliances for its survival. How about demanding the ragtag of Tigray to disarm and act like the Ethiopian kilil that it is.

  5. Brad Sherman is one of the most corrupt individuals in the US congress, he will sale his own country for a buck, there is no surprise here!
    As appalling as it may be, given the length of relationship between Ethiopia and the United States of America, the animosity between the two countries and the hate that the US has towards the ancient land and it’s people is beyond any one’s imagination. In my humble opinion, Ethiopia should be diligently justified to do without the hegemonic USA. It must not be forgotten what the United States of America did to the great people and nation of Yugoslavia, killed thousands of Orthodox Christians and broke up the country in pieces. Someone define TERRORISM for me please!


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