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Controversial Ministry of Education against students who refused to writer grade 12 exams


Two days ago, about 12,787 grade 12 students who were supposed to right grade 12 leaving certificate examination in Debremarkos, Bahir Dar, DebreTabor and Meqdela Universities ( all in the Amhara region of Ethiopia) refused to write exam.

Students who did so reportedly claimed that the exam was stolen and that they do not accept to write it under tight exam arrangements.

The Ministry of Education claimed that students in Debretabor University went further, and caused violence intending to obstruct those students who opted to write it despite reported problems (stolen despite unspecified where and how). One student was killed. Several others were wounded including security forces and invigilators.

The Ministry passed the decision that those students who refused to write it never get another chance. It is claiming that they were not forced by circumstances but they opted so.

Heated conversations on social media indicates that the issues has turned out to be controversial. What is your thought about it?

Video : embedded from EBS Youtube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. It is a preplan attempt of Berhanu Nega who is the master of ignorance. Without any attempt to know why and showing any concern he jumped to his preconceived conclusion which is denying Amhara students education for the second time.
    This is a wish come true for Berhanu the opportunistic political demagogue.

    He jumped on the opportunity to deny education to Amhara students despites their cries to get attention and justice for those raped innocent young students by police.

    If he acted like any educated person who has respect for education the first thing he should have done was showing concern and trying to find out why that happened. If they have problems trying to alleviate or solve their problem/s. If it is out of his control he should have tried to convince those students to reconsider and take the exam. But would that be expected from the political demagogue Berhanu? No!!!

    Amharas are known to be good students. They are not used to steal or be fed exam results. Amhara is the source and inventor of education, reading and writing which Berhanu himself befitted from.

  2. Lets be honest and ask ourselves this question? Who brought education and built schools, reading, writings, religion, newspaper, civilization, hospitals and so on? Of course it was the Amhara, Tigrea and Sematic. Amhara students historically are known to score the highest because education is its culture and heritage. Many respect and thanks to the wise great Southern Ethiopians to share their brother and sisters achievements and acknowledge this.

    So who dares to say the oxymoron that Amhara students don’t want to study? Had any Amhara being fed exam answers from the Ministry of Education before the exam? No it was the Oromia Zone that was fed and historically known to score the worse in school exams as a whole.

    So who is fooling who?
    Doesn’t every one know Shene Abiy’s hand is in it?
    Doesn’t everyone know Demagogue Berhanu is picked for this purpose and serving his evil master?

    Berhanu is the beneficiary of the great Amhara educational culture. If it was up to his like and the Orommua Shene, Ethiopia would have been in total ignorance, no civilization, no writing, no reading, n schools, no historical documents, no religion, no government but barbaric Shene Oromia slaughtering Amharas, Muslims and Orthodox Christians.

    Berhanu is a danger to education and must be removed.

  3. Same as the Systemic Amhara Genocide by OPDO/OLF and Prosperity Party the Intellectual Genocide is being perpetrated by the right hand of OPDO/OLF Berhanu Nega.

    1) Systematic discrimination against Amhara people with regard to denying educational opportunities, denying to take exams, higher education, making education difficult and depriving school materials to those who could not afford to buy and scholarship grants;
    (2) Forcing Amharas to go to Wellega for education and while travelling to and from Wellega they are killed, kidnapped and abducted , disappeared while the one calling itself a government never takes responsibility to find those missing students and going after the Oromo criminals that are roaming freely and getting help from Oromia Administration. ” (3) cultural genocide, the action of the system which has the aim or effect of dispossessing the people of their lands, territories or resources, cultural values, language, and historical/religious relics and heritages. “


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