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Some students attempted to disrupt grade 12 examination 


One student was reportedly killed at Debre Tabor University during violence as over 7000 students refused to write grade 12 exam 

Dr. Berhanu Nega speaking during press conference on October 12, 2022 (Photo : screenshot from video)


The Ministry of Education on Wednesday announced that the first round of the grade 12 high school leaving certificate examination concluded “peacefully.” 

However, it said that there were unexpected incidents. 

The collapse of a bridge linking two campuses at Hawassa University has claimed one student’s life.  451 other students were injured, according to the Ministry of Education. 

However, there were also security incidents in the Amhara region of Ethiopia as a group of students refused to write the exam. 

Based on the statement from the Ministry,  1,700 students at Mekdela Amba University, 1,226 students at Debremarkos University,  2,226 students at Bahir Dar University and 7, 150 students from Debre Tabor University refused to write the exam and left the university campuses.

A total of 12,787 students did not write the exam. More than 500,000 students were sitting in for the first round of the exam. The total number of students writing the grade 12 exam is over 976,000. 

They refused to write due to tight exam arrangements that the ministry put in place to avoid cheating.  A statement from Debretabor University indicated that the students refused to comply with the exam arrangement. 

The Ministry said elders attempted to convince students to write the exam but it was not successful.  

Situation at Debretabor University was reportedly a bit chaotic. 

Those students who refused to write the exam were attempting to obstruct those who were interested in writing the exam.  It was something that led to the involvement of security forces. 

One student is reportedly dead and several others injured. Among those injured are security forces and exam invigilate, according to the Ministry of Education statement.  

It is announced that those who refused to write the exam without any concrete reason will not be given an opportunity to write it again. However, those who were unable to write for compelling reasons will be given a chance to write it, the ministry has announced. 

Meanwhile, the National Movement of Amhar (NaMA) on Wednesday issued a statement condemning the incidents in Debre Markos and DebreTabor Universities.  It also called on activists to refrain from conveying messages that disturb the emotions of students writing the exams.  


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