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Berhanu Nega speaks on 12th grade national exam, highlighted education reform process


Berhanu Nega (Dr.), Minister for Education, appeared on “Keye Mesmer” (translates to red line) show on the state-owned EBC to discuss the upcoming 12th grade national exam.

He spoke about the preparation for the 12th grade national high school leaving examination – something that has been controversial for many years on grounds of alleged foul play from different groups.

In the past, especially since after PM Abiy Ahmed took office, exams were stolen very often in what appears to be a politically motivated orchestration.

There is hope that this year will be different.

Dr. Berhanu, who is also leader of the one of the biggest non-ethnic based opposition parties in the country, talked about the exam which will be administered this week and also about the reform measures in the education sector.

Watch his interview below.

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. The foundation for development, economic, social and cultural advancement, for good governance, for the raising of informed and capable citizens for any nation is EDUCATION. In the past, despite the educational facilities in terms of quantity and geographical distribution were fewer, there was always an ethos, an uncompromising dress be for quality, for the development of young minds based on caliber, effort and discipline. Thirty years of stupidity under TPLF has destroyed what little good Ethiopia had saved from her past. One does not need to look at further than the so called diplomats and public figures swarming around. Unable to utter a single coherent statement before international bodies whether before the UN or AU, one cringes with shame and embarrassment at the garbage the nation’s educational system churns out as “educated graduates “. The TPLF used ethnic quota system to place unqualified, uneducated buffoons at key domestic and international posts just because they were lucrative and prestigious. The fool masquerading as the WHO Director is a perfect example.

    Educational standards must never be based on tribalism. A student who has no aptitude for math wether from Amhara, Oromo, Guraghe, Afar, or Somali region should not be allowed by a tribalistic educational system to bypass all student weeding tests and exams and seat at the university and be awarded a diploma in say statistics so he or she can get a job with a good salary at the Ethiopian Statistics Office. That would mean more than insult to injury, now a developing nation will be stuck with a fool generating garbage data in and out daily.

    It is highly doubtful that the Abiy regime will be any different. Consumed with an ideologue mindset, he, just like his mentors and predecessors, the TPLF hyenas, is encouraging the corrupt system of ethnic politics domination mated bastardization of tribal selection of students, workers, government officials in every sector of the economy.

    Let’s review one quick fact. PM Aklilu Habetewold who was a Sorbonne graduate, fluent in English, Arabic, French, who was an international lawyer and jurist, with further training in economics and public administration had 20 plus years experience as an assistant foreign minister, League of Nations and UN representative of Ethiopia, as a full fledged foreign minister before he was selected to be PM of Ethiopia. Compare this with track record of butcher Mengistu, the hateful Meles, then Haile Mariam and now Abiy who became premiers with ZERO work experience. Their resumes were thin and practically blank for the position they applied. It is not by accident that the past almost 50 years show highly degraded public leadership in every aspects and errands of Ethiopia. Unqualified people are head over heels at posts they do not have the education and training to run. If a person who has never driven a car, sat at the driver’s seat of a 60 passenger carrying bus, and then drove the bus full with 60 passengers over the cliff and every body died on the scene, would we be surprised? Should we be? Of course, the politicized news to the public will read, a passenger bus derailed under heavy rain, and mechanical failure of the brake system is suspected. But in private circles, it will be divulged the driver was from region x, selected on his or her her ethnicity and given a bus to drive with zero training. Actual cause of accident and deaths: an unqualified person with zero training in driving, driving the bus!!!!!!!



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