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Girma Taye, Ethiopian Athlete,  suspended for five plus years over doping 

Athlete Girma Taye (Photo source : ENA)


The Ethiopian Anti-Doping Authority announced that it has suspended athlete Taye Girma for five years and four months. He will not be able to compete in any sport during those years of suspension. 

The authority is saying that it has been established from laboratory tests that the athlete used  Erythropoietin (EPO).  

 EPO is part of a class of substances called Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents (ESAs) and it is “prohibited at all times under the WADA Prohibited List and is the most commonly used non-Specified Substance,”  according to USADA

It is further announced that his results from March 2021 will be canceled. 

His results including from the 50th Ethiopian Athletics Championship that took place in March 2021 are disqualified.  

As well, his result from the June 2021 10K road race in  Telese Terme, Italy, is disqualified. 

Taye Girma will have to return medals and awards from the disqualified results. 

The Ethiopian Anti-Doping Authority has called on relevant bodies to follow up that the Athlete is not taking part in any competition until December 2, 2026. 


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  1. You don’t mess with the indomitable the 5 star General(in my book) Derartu Tulu. What a dumb bell he is. Now he has to cough up all his earnings/trophies and go back to destitution.

  2. Subject: ” Girma Taye, Ethiopian Athlete, suspended for five plus years over doping” October 3, 2022, borkena.com

    Humble Commentary, 5 Oct 2021

    a) TRAGEDY is part of HUMAN BEINGS

    b) ) And it will always be until we hit the graves

    c). But we are also endowed with inherent quality of appreciating NATURE

    d). Thus we lead happy life — until we say our good-byes at a time to leave the Good Earth.

    e). Despite the mysterious good life, we human beings are also endowed with mischievous life!!!

    f). It is Nature’s mysterious way to remind us of the CONTRAST of Life : GOOD BAD

    g). Hence, our happiness and fraternal living in harmony depends on our understanding of the two extremes of LIFE.

    h). I better stop, here before I cheated myself to be what I am not and can never be.

    THANK YOU, borkena.com, for providing space to all readers, to express our opinions even to those like me who have the tendency to hallucination !!!


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