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TPLF says it is withdrawing forces from Amhara region in South Tigray 

The decision was not made due to circumstances but to strategize resistance to “invading forces,” TPLF claimed

TPLF _ Kobo _ Ethiopia
Ethiopian Forces assessing TPLF positions ( Photo : file / screenshot from ETV video)


In its latest statement, the body that calls itself as Tigray command says it is withdrawing forces from the Amhara region in the South of Tigray. 

The statement which was read out on Tigray TV made claims that the withdrawal is initiated by the Command Force – not due to pressure from circumstances. 

“In consideration of the current objective situation on the ground, we have made changes to the directions [spatial] and location of our forces,” it said. 

TPLF added that its forces have been implementing the changes for the past three days. 

The change is made “to reliably resist” what is called “invading joint forces.” 

In this writing, the Ethiopian government did not confirm what TPLF had said. 

Kobo area, which is within the Amhara region of Ethiopia, came under the TPLF forces for the second time when just a day after the TPLF forces launched the third round of attack against Ethiopian Forces on August 24, 2022.  

The TPLF “withdrawal” came days after reports of intense fighting just south of the Kobo area which was going on for well over two weeks now. 

Also, earlier this week, the TPLF accused the “Eritrean Air Force” of carrying out a strike in a residential area in Adi-Daero area in the North West part of the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian government dismissed TPLF’s claim of a strike targeting civilian areas. It also said that it is the Ethiopian Air Force that carried out the attack in Adi-Daero, implying that it is not Eritrea. 

In the past two weeks, TPLF made several claims that it has destroyed many divisions of the Eritrean and Ethiopian Forces. 

Neither the Eritrean nor the Ethiopian government did not respond to the claim. It is, however, questionable if the TPLF would abandon the areas it controlled with sacrifices and retreat back. 


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  1. Subject: QUOTE: TPLF says it is withdrawing forces from Amhara region in South Tigray ,, October 2,
    2022″ UNQUOTE

    Humble Opinion, 2 Sept 2022
    a). TIGRAYAN can be anything but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER BEING FOOLS.

    b). We shall see if AN INDIVIDUAL succeeded in portraying The Tigrayan as ‘FOOLS’

    c). May Ethiopia retain its historical admirable posture and the good heroic names of so many.

    d). May ETHIOPIA — The Ancient Black African State — retain its age-old respectable name among ancient Nations.

    d) May the YOIUNG, FAR SIGHTED , TIGRAYAN of the 20th Century retain the dignity and valour of TIGRAY in the oldest
    independent Black African State — ETHIOPIA.

    e) By the way, who is benefiting by breaking the unity of the oldest country in the world, ETHIOPIA.???

    Amen – Inshallah [in alphabetical order].
    Post Script
    By the way, are responsible and far-sighted Ethiopians ready to see their beloved ancient Nation eventually being STRIPPED into nine separate pieces?????? It is upon individual consciousness.


  2. oh well you know we are retreting because we want to have a party in mekelle. Wake up and save lives Sehulites! Times have changed – you should accept that. Don’t kill lives just to escape accountability – which will happen any time.

  3. The intense wars in Northern Wollo have cost the TPLF tens of thousands of its fighters according to the local sources. This senseless TPLF war is sending messages of grief in every household in Tigray. The mothers in Tigray who are said to be offering cannon fodder with blessings to the TPLF may not have more to offer. The TPLF leaders should recall their own children in the west to continue the war. But they will leave their base in Makelle and go into their hiding places.

  4. Those Eritreans! Them rascals! Their fighter jets have been bombing every inch of the ‘country of Tigray’ every day 2 years strait now. They have killed 17,250,000 citizens of the ‘country of Tigray’
    Hey Ittu! There is no ‘country of Tigray’ and the population in Tigray is estimated to be no more than 7.5 million. Where did get this information?
    My homeboys Debre and Getachew are the ones who told me that. I affectionately call Getachew ‘Walrus Getachew’. You are not supposed to question my claims. Just ask Nima at CNN and the AP’s, AFP’s, Reuters, NYT’s and Blumberg’s in all. They are my no-question-asked clienteles. I tell them and they print it. Capisci? Entiendes? Verstehst du? Tufham? Understand? Them Eritreans! They are everywhere, dude! I was looking at the stars using my high power telescope yesterday and this morning. Guess who I spotted? An SU-35 fighter jet with a decal ‘Eritrean Airforce’ emblazoned all over its sides. That was here on the skies of USA. Them rascals!


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