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TPLF rebels have attacked 240,000 civilians in Amhara region: Study 

As many as 240,000 people in the Amhara region of Ethiopia were attacked by TPLF rebels when the group controlled much of the region, joint study establishes

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Updated on October 1, 10:00 P.M. Toronto Time

A new study released on Thursday indicates that as many as 7,300 individuals with no roles in the war were killed in the Amhara region when the TPLF forces controlled most of the region. 

It is a joint study by the region’s office for the rehabilitation fund for war-torn areas, Amhara Intellectuals Council and Amhara Region Universities’ Forum. 

The period of study covers from June 2021 to December 2021 ( a span of about six months) during which the Tigary rebels controlled most part of the Amhara ( and Afar) regions. 

There are still areas that are under their control and it means that atrocities in those areas are not included in the study. 

The study established that Over 240,000 people in the region were attacked. The victims include women, children and the elderly. 

Over 7,4000 individuals are missing, and their whereabouts are unknown – according to the study. 

Still more horrendous, the TPLF used civilians in the areas it controlled as bullet shields. The group forced thousands of civilians in the occupied area onto the war front and put them on the frontline during combat operations against Ethiopian Forces. 

In the joint pressure, representatives of the institutions mentioned above said the census method was used to assess the magnitude of the attack and damage in the controlled areas. 

As many as 4, 000 people participated in the study which is said to be impartial. 

Eight zones, 87 districts and 945 kebeles (localities) were studied. 

Apart from rape and killings of civilians, the rebel groups targeted social service-providing institutions in the region with the aim of fully or partially destroying them. 

Property damages to schools, universities, health institutions, and factories – among others are estimated to be 292 billion birr – according to the study. 

Over 40 hospitals, 1,116 schools, and 46 government offices are among the institutions that were deliberately destroyed by the TPLF forces. 

Initially, the TPLF aimed at marching to Addis Ababa triumphantly – something that was given propaganda-style coverage in the mainstream media in the west. 

When that was reversed, the TPLF forces swung to a scorched-earth policy but the main targets were civilian institutions. 

The Tigray rebels opened the third round of attack against Ethiopian Forces on August 24, 2022. They have controlled areas like Kobo.  

Kobo, in the Amhara region,  is still under the control of TPLF forces. 


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  1. All of these Genocide against Amhara people, ethnic cleansing, atrocities, cruel and inhuman horrific crimes that is never been seen or heard before happening while the Cold blooded empty suits Abiy Ahmed is sitting at Arat Kilo spewing the false Prosperity that does not exist.

    OLF/ Shene Genocide Criminals, Abiy Ahmed ,Shimeles Abdissa, Adanech Abebe and every TPLF and Debretsion are all responsible for every Amhara loss of lives, deaths and sufferings.

  2. Dear Editors,

    You may need to look at this article again. I see one of the numbers in the 2nd paragraph is not using a 1,000 separator properly.


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