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MSK Prime : Wisdom Review

MSK Prime

I. Introduction

  • Name of musician/band: MSK Prime
  • Name of CD/Album: Wisdom
  • Genre of music: Hip Hop
  • Initial Impressions – New Flavor
  • While the majority of hip-hop artists in Ethiopia attempt to use 90s music style, MSK Prime is attempting to bring something fresh. Therefore, MSK Prime’s debut album was given the moniker wisdom to reflect how he came to understand his 20s by releasing it on that day. Only eight tracks total on Wisdom, including an intro and an outro with introduction for his mental state and closing for the listener. 

How would you describe Wisdom tracks ?

Most young guys are interested in fun, body count, and their counter-influencers are pushing them to use their productive age to use it to gain. Wisdom is a journey a young man takes through adulthood.

Perfectly orchestrated rhythm by teenage producer Nathnael for the intro. Maleda, his second song, is about a journey in which the singer replays his life in front of him. He first set out to change, but after doing so, realizes that he is the change.

Music: is a reflection of his musical experience, with MSK Prime describing its reception by Ethiopian music critics and listners. The purpose of MSK Prime telling as music is primarily to convey a narrative or an emotion. He also inquires as to why he, unlike his brothers and sisters artist is not featured in the media.

The character in MSK Gang fantasizes about the kind of support he would receive from his devoted followers in order to get it. The fan component was introduced by youthful author Dawit, who also wants to be referred to as Daveboy on stage.

Love: It is two opposing sites of the love that engage in argumentative writing about whether or not love is real or something that we should strive to understand in daily life. As a writer, I found that this particular piece of writing focused more on the experience of love than it did on psychological issues. MSK Prime performs both sides in a distinctive tone.

History: This song attempts to clarify his philosophy of life and aligns its solution with monotheistic religion. It poses moral and philosophical questions such what our purpose in life is and whether it is truly worthwhile. JR is a clearly accomplished full-time street rapper from the UK who strives to convey the complex nature of racial issues on the street level as well as our inside struggles.

Ethiopia: It began with him talking about his back and wanting to explain what the real issue was with Ethiopians as a whole.

Yqrta: It is an apology with sarcasm, as MSK Prime is renowned for.

Give the CD/Album an overall rating ?

  • 6/10

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