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Meskel Bonfire Celebration across Ethiopia 

Ethiopians in the Diaspora in many North American cities and Europe have celebrated Meskel Demera on Sunday 

Ethiopian Meskele Bonfire Celebration
Meskel Celebration in Addis Ababa (Photo : file / 2019 from SM)


Ethiopian Christians belonging to the Ethiopian Church are celebrating Meskel – a religious holiday on Monday.  

Meskel Bonfire commemorates the discovery of the true cross on which the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified – according to the religious traditions in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.  

It is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage. 

Despite security concerns due to the war in Northern Ethiopia and the Oromo radical nationalist group militant activity in many parts of the Oromo region of Ethiopia, the holiday ( it is also called Demera)  will be celebrated on Monday. 

Ethiopia’s Security Task Force is claiming that it has got information about groups (unspecified) who are preparing to disrupt the celebration. 

The Task Force had a meeting with representatives of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (including Abune Abraham) regarding the celebration. 

Abune Abraham reportedly called on the government to take measures against individuals or groups that are working to sabotage the celebration and tarnish the dignity of the church. 

Carrying unnecessary messages to the venue of the celebration in Addis Ababa, Meskel Square.  The task force has also banned any banner message that could incite violence. 

It said that it will take measures against those who are attempting to disrupt the celebration. It also called for the public to cooperate with deployed law enforcement bodies and report any suspicious activities. 

Ethiopian authorities have been making recurring arrests in the capital Addis Ababa in connection with security threats – according to law enforcement authorities. 

Part of the security arrangement for the holiday is the roads leading to Meskel Square are closed for vehicles. 


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