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Ethiopian government says it has killed a rebel leader in Wollega area

Ethiopian Gov't _ rebel leader


Just a day after reports of a fresh massacre of civilians in Horo Guduru Wollega, the Ethiopian government is claiming that it has killed a rebel leader whom it identified as Jal Urji in the Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

Government disclosed the information in what appears to be an explanation for the renewed radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group attack on civilians and militia in the area cited above. 

The government has not disclosed the number of deaths or wounds from the latest attack. DW Amharic service cited residents from Kiramu district of Horo Guduru zone as saying the number of deaths has reached 15. 

In a statement issued on Saturday, the Government Communications Affairs Ministry linked the motive of the recent attack to the death of Jal Uri.

It also linked it to the upcoming Meskel celebration (a UNESCO-recognized Ethiopian Church open-air celebration) and Irreccha celebration (it is an ethnic Oromo traditional religion that is mainly celebrated near the lake in Bishoftu) celebration. 

The government also made claims that community members are coordinating with security forces to clear “Shane” from the area. 

The militant group has been actively engaged in massacring civilians, mostly in the Oromo region, by targeting ethnic Amhara civilian populations and in some instances Oromia regional state zone and district-level authorities.  Thousands of civilians have been killed in the area in the past four or so years. 

The Ethiopian parliament has designated the group as a terrorist organization, just like the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

In a recent press statement via Tigray TV, General Tadesse Worede – whom the TPLF spokesperson often refers to as a commander of the “Tigray Defense Force” – said that his organization is coordinating with rebels operating in the Oromo region. 

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  1. The blood soaked regime of the impostor Abiy Ahmed shows its grim reaper’s barbaric, serpentine, ugly face again. It is mind boggling how this fake “pastor” and sham of a premier has managed to sleep without a wink at night for 4 bloody murderous years, while the bathing in the blood of thousands of innocent victims, defenseless children, women and the elderly has been allowed, abetted and orchestrated by the Abiy cultist and sycophants for the Oromo militant thugs and TPLF butchers.

  2. The protest about #StopAmharaGenocide should intensify!!!
    Until the West and the whole World is forced to hear they must be confronted by LOUD Genocidally Slaughtered Amhara Pictures, Vigils, Loud signs and continuous protests!!

    It is election time and take that as an opportunity to let the Silence #StopAmharaGenocide be known !!

    Determination and Persistence inevitably will bring good result!!

    Notorious for lies, deceit, confusion and distraction Orommuma, Abiy Ahmed same as his political party name, the Prosperity Party that has nothing to do with Prosperity but has bankrupted the country and impoverished Ethiopians.

    Abiy Ahmed’s Orommuma government has intensified the Amhara Genocide in Wellga Oromia Zone , crack down on journalists and Terrorisms against Amhara in Addis Ababa and Amhara Zone.

    Abiy Ahmed and his Orommuma government has imprisoned over 25000l, Twenty Five Thousand of Innocents Amahras 12700 of them are Fannos. Innocent Amharas are daily slaughtered by Oromo Terrorist Shene armed and dangerous savage groups, the hidden hand of Orommuma Abiy and Shimeles that Abiy claimed as find it hard to see or catch them alive. Many false lies and claims have been fanned from Abiy government yet we see more and more armed to teeth Terrorists Shenes comfortably growing, moving, training freely and slaughering more and more innocent Amharas in Wellega Oromia Zone Ethiopia.

    While the Notorious Oromo OLF/OLA mass murderer was granted pardon, cut his jungled hair to make him look as civilized, hugged by Simeles Abdissa and privilege with big house, car and employment position Abiy Ahmed on the other side is relentlessly terrorizing and abusing Amharas and the disciplined Amhara Fanno patriots who never harm innocent people. Actually they are so into protecting innocent people from TPLF terrorists and dangerous people.

    as yet every Ethipian sees them slaughtering Amhars and videos otf massive well aremed Shene Terrorists training in wide open fields,

  3. Hasn’t it become routine to hear a claim of a major kill right after news of massacres of innocent civilians by faceless vagabonds? ‘O these terrorists killed civilians in desperation because I just eliminated so many of them’. This time it happens to be a leader we never heard of. May some college professors know him very well but we don’t. The theatrics goes on.

  4. Subject: Ethiopian government says it has killed a rebel leader in Wollega area, by, September 25, 2022

    QUOTE: a commander of the “Tigray Defense Force” – said that his organization is coordinating with rebels operating in the Oromo region. UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 25 , 09, 2022

    a) “rebel” coordinating with rebels, leading to the disintegration of ETHIOPIA. Wow, Wow, Wow
    b) Who benefits out of disintegration of one of the few ancient independent countries around the Globe — ETHIOPIA???
    c) Do Ethiopian people benefit out of the disintegration of ETHIOPIA???
    d) By the way, WHO IS behind the scheme to mutilate Ethiopia into pieces???
    e) It is the most baffling scheme to destroy the oldest Nation in the WORLD by individual who lost his ambition to be
    the Prime Minister of the Oldest Country in the WORLD — ETHIOPIA.
    f) The Spirit of past few Heroes of Ethiopia, in alphabetical order, Haile Sellassie, Minilik, Tedros, Yohannes….may be
    rolling in their graves.
    g) Ahhhh….. Ethiopia, and in general, OUR BLACK AFRICAN CONTINENT is not destined to be its own self, for its own
    ideals. Why? Why? WHY? WE KNOW THE SCHEME and DETERMINATION of COLONIALISTS >>> determined to
    create turmoil for the benefit of exploitation. African INDIVIDUALS too use that scheme to satisfy their personal
    ambition!!!!!!!. If not successful, it is always easy to destroy our Africa — as clearly reflected TODAY in 2022. WE


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