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No Negotiation by Exclusion: The Amhara and Afar are Primary Stakeholders (Press Release)

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Ethiopian PM Abiy (left) and TPLF chairman Debretsion (right) speaking to journalists sometime before the the war started in November 2020 ( Photo : file /ENA)

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The regressive and polarizing ethnocentric political system Ethiopia has lived under for three decades has come  to its logical and tragic conclusion. The constitutionally quasi-sovereign Regional States have now raised ethnic  armies by the tens of thousands to assume state power, press for more territories, and even secede from Ethiopia.  The most dramatic cases that are challenging federal authority are the self-styled Tigray Defense Forces (TDF)  and the Oromia/OLF Special Forces. Going beyond district-specific ethnic cleansing and crimes against  humanity, the TDF has been engaged in mechanized warfare and massive killing, looting and destruction by  targeting the Amhara and the Afar for a genocidal annihilation.  

Following the collapse of the Dergue military regime, the Amhara people were explicitly excluded from the  negotiations to establish a transitional government in 1991, which paved the way for the current ethnocentric  order. Presently, Abiy Ahmed’ administration, representing interests that promote Oromo supremacy and with  a record of betrayal of Amhara communities, is once again excluding the Amhara from peace talks and power sharing negotiations.  


Abiy’s administration has yet to make clear its negotiating position, especially given the longstanding anti Amhara stance of the TPLF and its designation as a terrorist group engaged in horrific war crimes and networked  destabilization of the country. At the same time, the Amhara are once again being called on to the war front  primarily using their own devices while they are being pushed into an existential crisis by relentless supremacist  forces, such as the OLF and the TPLF. 

We believe that it is patently unfair to exclude the primary targets of the Northern civil war from negotiations.  More importantly, such an exclusionary settlement cannot bring lasting peace to the country. Our angst is based  on a number of considerations: 

∙ Ending perpetual civic conflict requires a three-stage process of peacemaking and peacebuilding: Peace  and Stability, National Dialog, and National Reconciliation and a Democratic Constitutional Order; ∙ With regard to peace and stability, it is entirely possible that a new social contract and a new civil order  might arise that blatantly excludes all stakeholders except those heavily armed groups representing the  federal state and the Tigrayan regional state; and 

∙ Even at the limited ceasefire talks, it is not clear that impartial and enforcement-capable third-party  negotiators are selected, and representative observers are included. The broadest possible representation  is essential for facilitating negotiations on even more substantive issues in the next stage to prevent  reversion to civil conflict and ratchet up an all-out effort to cleanse the country of political ethnicity that  is alien to its inclusionary culture. 


It is high time to end the abuse of the Amhara by insurgent and government forces alike, and for the Amhara  to proclaim their agency as Amhara and for Amhara. With a sense of urgency, we issue our collective call to  all concerned parties (the combatants, the valiant people of the Amhara and Afar regional states, the rest of  the Ethiopian people, and the international community) to heed the following to ensure lasting peace and  stability and the establishment of a democratic system of government in Ethiopia. Specifically, the process  and substance of the would-be protracted negotiations to craft an equitable political settlement must be  designed:  

1. To ensure the full representation of the Amhara and the Afar by their rightful leaderships as victims  and key stakeholders, Amhara and Afar societies have suffered enormous economic, social, cultural,  ecological, political and military or defense distresses.  

2. To insist that the TPLF, as a relentlessly treasonous cabal with an unbroken record of militarism and  rule by committing atrocity, should be forced to disarm and demobilize completely and banned from  participation in electoral politics. The same goes for OLF in its myriad forms. 

3. To ensure that the business empires of the TPLF and Prosperity Party, built up on grand theft, be  nationalized and compensation paid to the aggrieved residents of the Amhara and Afar regional states;  4. To demand the release of all Amhara and other prisoners of conscience, journalists, and the Fano citizen militia immediately and without any preconditions; 

5. To ensure that any post-conflict rebuilding effort is aimed at all war-affected areas with 20 million  people, with equitable distribution of available resources; and  

6. To pave the way, through an independent and well-designed national dialog and reconciliation process,  for the drafting of a citizenship-based constitution as a launching pad for a robust democratic order.  

Our Dream is for a Just and Lasting Peace for the Beleaguered Amhara and all Ethiopians!! 


1. Adwa Great African Victory Association (AGAVA) 

2. All Shewa Ethiopian People Multipurpose International Association 

3. The Amhara Association in Queensland, Australia 

4. Amhara Dimtse Serechit 

5. Amhara Well-being and Development Association 

6. Communities of Ethiopians in Finland 

7. Concerned Amharas in the Diaspora 

8. Ethio-Canadian Human Rights Association 

9. The Ethiopian Broadcast Group 

10. Ethiopian Civic Development Council (ECDC) 

11. Freedom and Justice for Telemt Amhara 

12. Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause 

13. Global Amhara Coalition 

14. Gonder Hibret for Ethiopian Unity 

15. Major Lemma Woldetsadik Memorial Foundation 

16. Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES) 

17. Radio Yenesew Ethiopia 

18. Selassie Stand Up, Inc. 

19. Vision Ethiopia 

20. Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network (WE-CAN)

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  1. I don’t care and also we shouldn’t care at this point who would bring this stupid but bloody conflict to a peaceful end. I don’t give a rat’s arse about it!!!!! Hundreds of thousands of young people have already lost their Allah Blessed lives in the war they did not start. Thousands have lost limbs in battlefields they don’t even know the name of the locations. Millions have been left homeless with no promise to return. This stupid war! This senseless war that was ignited and being perpetuated by individuals who lost their senses. Allah had given them their senses but they have sold them to the devil. Those of you here among us who glorify rabble rousers and sheer bandits you must be ashamed of yourselves. You preach bloodshed and pray for more wars. But you are doing that here from your comfy and safe homes. You are taking as many as you possibly can your loved ones and friends out of the country but you are urging those left behind to go to deadly battlefronts. You demonize those who try to find lasting peace to this idiotic conflict. You must be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Negotiation without the REAL PARTIES AND REAL VICTIMS of the war, Amhara and Afar is not valid. It is Null and Void.

    Both Abiy government OLF and TPLF- DO NOT Represent Amhara and Afar People!

    Many well known and accepted by Amhara people from outside of Ethiopia must be involved in this so called negotiations.

    Those selected Amharas must come from known Amhara Organizations such as AAA and others, known to fight for endangered Amhara lives, rights and Continuity of Amhara race in Ethiopia.

    Those Amhara representatives names and identities muse be announced and made to be known by all Amharas around the World.

    Negotiation without Amhara and Afar representation is Null and Void.

    Negotiation without the REAL party

    1991 OLF and TPLF scramble for Amhara Land and Genocide plot against Amhara will or should not happen or be repeated again!!!


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