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Zemene Kassie arrested in Bahir , police disclosed 

Zemene Kassie (Photo : file/ Social Media)


Amhara regional state police on Wednesday announced that it has arrested Zemene Kassie. 

Zemene was the first part of the Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 movement and spent years in Eritrea as part of the rebel army group that was training to combat TPLF forces.

Recently, he gained prominence among his supporters for organizing his own FANO group as an attack on Amhara was mounting from different corners. 

Commander Kendu Wonde, head of the police investigation unit in the Amhara region, said, as reported by Amhara Media Corporation, Zemene was arrested in Bahir Dar after police got tips from community members. 

Police said he was living in a private residence in 03 kebele of the city. 

Police have said it is investigating him. It is unclear if the police are investigating him for a crime.  

Sometime in May this year, the regional government mounted a crackdown on part of FANO group whom the authorities linked to “crime” and cooperation with enemy forces. 

Police also claimed that it had seized 541 thousand Ethiopian Birr when Zemene was arrested. 

Zemene Kassie’s arrest has generated a noticeable resentment among a considerable number of Ethiopian activists who are prominent on social media.

Some see Zemene as a champion of the cause to defend Amhara from attack. These groups tend to think that there is nothing illegal that Zemene has committed. 

Regional security authorities have been searching for Zemene since the crackdown on Fano in May 2022.  


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  1. Zemene Kasse is NOT Terrorist Oromo Shene aka OLF/OLA

    Abiy Ahmed Violating Amhara Zone and Amhara Rights living in Amhara Zone and everywhere!!!
    Abiy Ahmed Stop Stop Terrorizing Amhara People!!
    Free Zemene Kasse Now!!
    Zemene Kasse is innocent and stop the Harassment and the illegal arrests.
    Free ALL 21000 (Twenty One Thousands) of Amhara Journalists and Prisoners Now!!

    Your main responsibility is protecting the safety of innocent people and upholding the rule of law Not Breaking the law!!
    You should not be above the law!!
    Your government is in violation of Human Rights Law!!1

    Abiy Ahmed Government has nothing to do but cracking down on INNOCENT Amhara People, arresting over 21000 Amharas because they are Innocent, law abiding, not armed daily murderers like the Terrorist Oromo Shene criminals.

    Abiy Ahmed Stop the Cowardly deceits misusing peace and lawful gestures as to lure and trap Amharas for your dirty criminal games. Stop hurting and Abusing the law abiding People of Amhara ethnicity!!!.

    Go after Oromo the Terrorist Shene who are massacring thousands and hundreds of Amharas EVERYDAT in WELLGA, OROMIA ZONE ETHIOPIA!!

    Amharas fight for your safety and right!! Fight for the Freedom of Zemene Kasse and Amhara People!!!
    Save yourselves from the Terrorist Oromo Group under the disguise of Shene that is abusing Amhara people by going in Amhara Zone!!

    The Scandalous Amhara Greedy Prosperity Party, Shame on You!! You don’t represent Amhara. You are all lowlife slaves of your greed. Hope you all burn in Hell!!

  2. The Ethiopian Khmer Rouge PM Ahmed and his Prosperity Party regime that murdered hundreds of thousands of their perceived political opponents, and its racist emphasis on national purity resulted in the genocide of Amhara majorities.

    Amharas do not allow Genocide to go on until everyone or you are gone. Defend yourself because there is no law that stops you from saving your families. Abiy Ahmed’s and his Prosperity Party unjust and crime law is not to be respected but to be defied and openly resisted!! Everyone is a leader and a fighter. Keep your secrets, leaders, organizers in secrets. Start from your close friends, neighbors and expand. Earn your respect and right to live!!

  3. It is crystal clear Khmer Rouge Abiy Ahmed’s emphasis is murdering Amharas as many as he can. No doubt!!!
    Amhara youth must start get together and come and fight against Genocide and Tyranny!!

    At this time even a mosquito avoids sacking blood from the Demon Abiy because he does not have human blood in his body but only poison.

    The useless, education and Doctorate degree in Conflict Resolution he claims to have after he got old, is not about finding resolution to conflicts but creating and making Conflicts.

  4. እንደምናችሁ!

    ZERO Tolerance for Domestic Terrorists [DT]: Ethiopia comes first! DT are Putschists! They are threats to Ethiopia’s integrity & National Security. Hence, they should be prosecuted to the full force of the law. You do the crime, you do the time! No exceptions!

    NO Double Standards for DT: DT are DT no matter the ethnicity. Why are DT ‘Heroes’ when they are Amara and Public Enemy when they are from any other Ethiopian ethnic? Zemene et al. can join any party or form their own and participate in elections peacefully!

    NO Free Pass for Amara DT: The Asaminew-Gojjam-Gonder Fannos flood streets wearing the Ethiopian flag & waving the Ethiopian flag! They also open additional War Fronts on Ethiopia that is already at war. So, they are helping Egypt-TPLF-OLF/OLA.

    Abiy vs. Asaminew: The TPLF stripped Asaminew of his rank [general] and sent him to jail for life. Abiy pardoned Asaminew, saved him from rotting in jail for life, and reinstated his rank. Then, the Amara leaders [Ambachew et. al] gave him a job [Head of Amara Special Forces]. Ungrateful Putschist Asaminew gunned down Ambachew et al.

    OLF/OLA vs. Wollega Oromos [WO]: In Wollega, WO are the most affected by the OLF/OLA’s SAVAGERY. The Amara Media and Government Media never report that as though Oromo lives don’t matter. Well, the Amaras flee! Where would the WO go?

    Wollega vs. Security: Abiy inherited a 27-year-old TPLF Cartel [Security, Army, etc.]. So, Ethiopia needs to create its own Security, Army, etc. That can’t be done overnight! While Gojjam alone got 450 km of many asphalt roads under Abiy, almost all of Wollega is dry weather road. The ENDF is fighting OLF/OLA drenched in mud. Hats off to ENDF!

    i_Mognu / don_Q


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