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New TPLF all-out mobilization, claims of invasion from all fronts 


TPLF asked Ethiopians and Eritreans not to join the war – that it portrayed as “war to exterminate Tigreans” 

TPLF _  Ethiopia _ Mobilization
Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF chairman ( Photo : File/Reuters )


“The struggle is an existential one that requires the full participation of every single Tigraway,” says the new mobilization decree by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that was issued on Tuesday. 

It has indicated that the purpose of the all-out mobilization is to “defend and to reverse the dreams of [Tigray’s] enemies once and for all”

The TPLF is making accusations that Eritrean forces, Ethiopian Defense Force, Amhara Region Special Forces and Fano have opened the coordinated war. And it has projected it as if the war is against the people of Tigray and that the goal is to “exterminate” the people of Tigray.” 

The statement came just hours after the organization’s spokesperson, Getachew Reda, took to Twitter to make new claims that Eritrean Forces are invading Tigray from many fronts. 

He tweeted first, on Tuesday, saying “Eritrean forces have launched full scale offensive in all fronts today-all the way from Tekeze through to Irob. Heavy fighting in May Kuhli, Zban Gedena, AdiAwala, Rama, Tserona and Zalambessa. AbiyAhmed’s Eastern command, significant elements of Northwestern command and three… commando divisions have also been deployed alongside Eritrean forces. 000s of Amhara special forces as well as Fano have also joined the offensive. Eritrea is deploying its entire army as well as reservists. Our forces are heroically defending their positions. #TigrayWillPrevail!” 

A little later Mr. Getachew shared a statement. This time it is issued in the name of “The Central Command of The government of Tigray.”  With support from the United States and its allies, including the European Union, the TPLF has long been acting as a de facto state while the Tigray region is one of the regional states of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. 

(Embedded audio is announcement from “Government of Tigray Central Command”

The Ethiopian parliament designated the TPLF as a terrorist organization in 2021 but Ethiopia has been under constant pressure from western powers to negotiate with TPLF.  The third round of the TPLF war against Ethiopian forces started on August 24 when the rebel group attacked Raya amid a government announcement for readiness for AU-led negotiation. 

The TPLF statement released on Tuesday, September 20 squarely portrays the war as a war between “Ethiopia and Tigray.” 

“The central command of the government of Tigray believes that the timing of the offensive, coming as it has while the government of Tigray were awaiting the response to their acceptance of the international community’s calls for the peaceful resolution of the war between Tigray and Ethiopia…,” the statement said. 

What makes the latest statement different this time is that the TPLF is also making calls for Ethiopian people – particularly to people in the Afar and Amhara regions where its forces perpetrated unprecedented killings of civilians including women and children. 

While it is mobilizing every single ethnic Tigreans, it calls for people in the rest of Ethiopia (particularly Afar and Amhara) not to join the war. The call is addressed to parents “not to send their children to war as they would lose them.”

It also made calls to the Eritrean people. TPLF accused the government in Eritrea of allying with “groups that do not accept the existence of Eritrea.” 

In a statement to Tigray TV, Getachew Reda said that all people in Tigray from children to elders have to join the war – as was the case in the past – he added.  There have been evidences of TPLF’s use of child soldiers.

The Ethiopian government did not say anything about military moves in the region except what is now official that Adarkay is free from TPLF forces. 


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  1. If I were Eritreans I would be extremely unsettled if I hear news that Debre and his cabals have begun an all out mobilization of every able citizen into their riff raff militia. I would be left with no other option except to launch a preemptive strike at those who rained deadly missiles on top of me while I was tending to my own business. For me what is going on inside Eritrea ain’t my business and am 100% confident in their ability to take care of their own affairs. But their Allah given rights to defend themselves should be respected. I’m sure that they are capable of reining in any rowdy elements/bad apples among their fighting force. I have read accounts by former soldiers in the demonic Mengistu’s army and how they were treated humanely and how they received all needed medical assistance after they were captured wounded. But Mengistu was taking out every Eritrean POW in the middle of nights and summarily executed them or even strangled them with piano wire. So I remind them to keep an eye on anyone who becomes emotionally unstable during the fight and crosses the rules of engagement and harm the defenseless.

    Debre and his cabals are accusing Eritreans, the ENDF and Amharas for invading Tigray on all fronts because they have come to realize how their relentless demonization of these three groups seems to register with some Western policy makers. But the fact is more than 80 ethnic groups have their men and women in the ENDF. There are overwhelming numbers of Oromos, Afars, Amharas, Somalis, Gambelas, Tigrayans, Sidamas and every ethnic you can imagine in the ENDF. The defense minister himself ain’t a Puerto Rican or Filipino. He is not an Amhara or Eritrean either.

    Having said that this does not mean that previous atrocities committed by soldiers and militia members should be repeated. Not one unarmed civilian should be harmed. The deal is off with me if EHRC(Human Rights Commission) reports any factual account of rape and extra judicial killing. So watch your steps Brother Isaias and PM Abiy.

  2. The military operation against the TPLF forces is gaining momentum and progressing as planned according to sources. This time all the escape routes and hiding places are lost to the TPLF leaders who are being encircled in their Makelle residences.
    If the TPLF have some sense of rational thinking, they should surrender and save tigrayan lives.

  3. Wake up Tigreas!!! For how long will you be fooled by Debretsion and Abiy fight over power?

    Faked Doctors Debretsion and Abiy Ahmed who gave themselves the Doctor title without attending real Universities in their adult lives descended the country into chaos, Terrorism and war.

    Many thousands and million of Innocent Amharas and Tigres are killed in Abiy and Debretsion personal war. Tigreas must wakeup and stop fighting with Amharas who are close to Tigres in many ways. Deceit and greed will not bring peace and stability either for Tigres.

    Abiy never talks about or go after to disarm or to arrest Terrorist OLF/Shene leaders or its savage armed fighters because they are part of his own Orommuma, Adanech Abebe, Shimels Abdissa, OFCO groups. His obvious aim is to neutralize and paralyze Tigres and Amharas so that he and the Orommuma will be the only absolute power who can decide who can be killed, rot in Aba Samuel Orommuma prison in Oromia Zone and which treacherous Amhara or Tigrea to be kept as servants to the Orommuma cannibals. .

  4. Subject: “New TPLF all-out mobilization, claims of invasion from all fronts, http://www..borkena.com, September 20, 2022

    Humble Opinion
    a) One cannot help feeling deeply for the people of Tigray.

    b) For Heaven’s sake, what will the people of Tigray gain out of “New TPLF all-out mobilization” ????

    c) Once again, for Heaven’s sake, what is the rational behind QUOTE:” … all people in Tigray from children to elders
    have to join the war – as was the case in the past” UNQUOTE. WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!

    d) Why should the the people of Tigray be immersed in hell ?

    e) What is the rational for extraordinarily and supremely EDUCATED Tigrayan going through hell to order the liquidation
    of QUOTE: “children to elders ” UNQUOTE of the Tigrayan Society !?!?!?!? WHY???????

    f) No Human Being could answer that question and remain ‘NORMAL’ .

    g) At the end, for sure, ‘ELDERS of TIGRAY’, with consciousness and moral decency, would live up to the moral of the
    People of Tigray.

    h) No matter how sad and angry a person may be, for losing something of desire, would go to such
    extreme and subjected INNOCENT human beings to purgatory. NEVER. This must be the UGLIEST history of the
    Honorable Religious People of TIGRAY. THE END

  5. Empty suit talks, talks, talks, and Ethiopians don’t want to listen. You are missed. Please come back.
    Your thoughts and comments are much needed because they are very precise, deep and very important .

    Cruelty is a sign of Cowardness that we see in OLF/OLA Shene Terrorists!! Taking example from the Animal world is a good example.
    A Lion knowing its bravery and strength will not kill any animal because it feels strong. Unless it is provoked or hungry the Lion is always calm and peaceful to other animals even when they pass by him. Even when hunting it only hunts what it need not going rampage like coward OLF/OLF/Shene terrorists.

    On the other hand a Hayna by itself is a coward. Even when hungry quietly feeds on dead animal leftovers and runs fast when sees other animals coming its way.
    But when in groups or pack it makes a lot of noise and tries to attack a strong animal through distraction and running away and avoiding coming strong and strait forward.

    It is the fear that makes a coward cruel. Afraid of being challenged coward people go for savagery and rampage killings.

    TPLF Tigreas and Oromo OLF/OLA/Shenes are all cruel because they are cowards that kill infants, unarmed peaceful women and children, rape and destroy innocent Amhara properties. But Amharas are have never been known to commit such cowardly acts.

    TPLF is still invading Amhara land, killing, raping Amhara women and girls and looting Amharas while Abiy, his cadres, and handout collectors are spreading lies of winning and controlling the war. Abiy Ahmed strives on war and conflict. That is the pilar of Orommuma agenda and getting slaughtered Amharas is his way of controlling power.

    Raya, Wello and Wellega are the mass slaughter and burial place of Amhara race.

    Amharas Youth must say Enough,!!! That is IT!!! I’m not going to let my race go extinct by one insecure, weak, ignorant and coward regime!!! Then will see the whole situation changed one by one even after one day of decisive action!!! That is all will take.


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