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Ethiopia responded to the European Union’s accusation 

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On September 14, 2022 , the European Union issued a statement accusing Ethiopia of an alleged drone strike on Mekelle and “blockage of aid” to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The EU also accused Eritrea when it said “The role of Eritrea continues to impede ongoing efforts towards peace in Ethiopia.” 

The Ethiopian Embassy in Belgium has responded to the accusation.

The statement reads as follows : 

A response to the Statement by the Spokesperson of the EU EEAS

The Ethiopian Embassy in Belgium is dismayed by the statement issued on the 14th of September 2022, by the spokesperson of the European Union External Action Services (EEAS).

The Spokesperson continuously chooses to ignore the blatant violations committed by the TPLF in various occasions, including that  of opening the third round of conflict and abusing humanitarian aid and fuel to advance military escalations.

The statment is also misleading by pronouncing that TPLF took an initiative for peace.  It’s a well-known fact that the Government of Ethiopia has been taking various tangible measures including a unilateral humanitarian truce since march 2022, and naming a negotiation team under the auspices of the Africa Union, believing that it would create trust and ultimately paving the way for the commencement of negotiation.

While rejecting the selective vilification by the Spokesperson of the EEAS, we would like to reiterate the unwavering commitment of the Government of Ethiopia to Peacefully Resolve the Conflict in Northern Ethiopia.


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  1. A leaked letter from Mekele by Debre Tsion, Getachew Reda and Tsadkan to the “International Community”

    “Dear Pres. Bidet (US), PM Jokeson (UK), Pres. Macaroni (France), German Leader (apologies, we can neither recall, spell, nor pronounce your great name, Sir), and Mr Gutters (UN).
    Your Excellencies!!

    As you all already know, Le Tigray, c’est nous! Tigray, it’s us!

    But recently the ENDF has encircled us and trying to arrest, even kill us! If that happens, God forbid, it will be the end of us, and also Tigray. Our country and its people will cease to exist. That will be the end. Finished.
    You have helped us come this far. You can’t stop now. Help! Help!

    We remain at your service, as always
    Signed. DTsion, Getachew, and Tsadkan

    Toad-ras Adhanom -TPLF Foreign, International and Global Rep., and D General of WHO (and Why, Where, How, Which, When, etc). Je ne veux (a.k.a. Geneva)
    Ibdu Alsisi – President for Life of mighty Egypt, Supreme Commander of the great Nile, up to and including lakes Tana and Victoria, with all dams built over it, and also the waters of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. Ca-Euro (a.k.a. Cairo)

  2. “Ethiopia responded to the European Union’s accusation” borkena.com,  September 18, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 20 Sept 2022
    The response of Ethiopia to the European Union’s accusation is elegant to the point, and dignified. Whether EU, USA , etc likes it or not, it should NOT matter.

    Ethiopia — and for that matter any country in the UN System — has the right to be responsible for their own respective agenda— with dignity — what it feels doing on its own affairs. The EU. USA, etc has no business in the affairs of Ethiopia. — just as Ethiopia does not have business in the affairs of the EU, USA, etc

    The fact that colonial powers have the habit of manipulating and controlling the world cannot be taken for granted that the the world had to have servitude life under the control of the self-appointed colonial powers.

    One hard and sad fact: From human experience, we can say that the peace and tranquility of the WORLD has been disturbed as a consequence of self-appointed Powers’ INTERESTS. Nothing else. Let us be honest and frank: WHO CONTROLS THE WORLD?

    Good Luck to Dear Ethiopia — the Ancient, Independent, Black African Proud Country in the WORLD, that no body can take away from.


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