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Massive rally near the White House condemns U.S. support to TPLF 

Protestors call that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) be disarmed in the interest of peace in the Horn of Africa, not just Ethiopia 

The rally at the Whitehouse in Washington D.C. on September 18,2022 (Photo : screenshot from rally video)


Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis living in Washington D.C. and areas close to it are on Sunday staging a massive rally near the Whitehouse.

The rally is part of the “NoMore” movement – one that has been going on for well over a year now. 

Hermela Aregawi, she owns Hermela TV, is one of the founders of the movement, and the hashtag #NoMore has been trending on Twitter for a long time.  

It was started by calling for an end to TPLF political trickery by taking Ethiopians in the Tigray region hostage to its political ideology and foreign intervention in a way to support the radical ethic Tigray political group that is said to have the goal of forming “Greater Tigray” by annexing areas from non-Tigray speaking part of Ethiopia and from Eritrea as well. 

The movement is also advocating that the TPLF group, which the Ethiopian parliament designated as a terrorist group in 2021,  be disarmed. 

Neamin Zeleke, an Ethiopian living in the United States, has been an active organizer and participant in the movement against the TPLF since the time the latter were dominating power in Ethiopia. 

He is attending a rally at WhiteHouse this afternoon. He says turnout was huge. 

 He tweeted: “#SayNoMore #DisarmTPLF , huge turnout at the #WhiteHouse” 

Protestors are demanding the United States government (and its allies), among other things, to stop supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

They are also calling on the United States government to condemn the third round of war that the TPLF started in late August.   

Protestors are chanting slogans that call for the U.S. government to stand on the side of the Ethiopian government in the interest of durable peace. 

The rebel group in the Tigray region opened a military operation with the goal of “breaking the siege on Tigray.”  

The U.S government has been blaming, and putting pressure, on the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments for the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The war started two years ago when the radical ethnic Tigray rebel group attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4, 2020. 

Humanitarian aid, both food and non-food items has been trickling to the region via the World Food Programme and other United Nations Aid agencies. 

The humanitarian truce that was imposed since March this year came to an end when the TPLF forces launched their third phase of military operation south of Tigay in the Amhara region and in the parts of Afar region that are near the Tigray region. 

Ethiopian and Eritrean governments have confirmed that a war is going on on multiple fronts recently. 

There are confirmed reports that the TPLF group has suffered a severe military loss on many fronts. 

Activists who oppose to the TPLF irredentist claim and “hate ideology”, as many call it, are concerned that pressure from the U.S. government and European Union could embolden the designated terrorist group again. 

U.S. special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Mike Hammer, has been in Ethiopia for over two weeks now pushing the Ethiopian government to end the war that the TPLF started for the third time and resort to peace talk. 


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  1. This is, in my opinion, a misplaced anger. It reminds me of similar protests by Iranian students and residents supporting the overthrow of the Shah of Iran after Ayatollah and religious fanatics took the mantle of ruling Iran. I’m not saying these protestors are out there condemning USA in support of another Ayatollah in Addis/Finfine but in this one there is no evidence that USA is supporting Debre and his cabals with arms and diplomatically. Asking and pressuring the warring factions to come to peace is the right and noble thing to do. We are here in our comfy homes far away from the conflict zones where hundreds of thousands of the youth and innocent civilians have perished already. Women were raped, homes along with critically needed public institutions were razed to the ground and innocent citizens were mowed down and forced to flee their homes but we are still here lounging in our secured domiciles. This stupid and destructive conflict must come to an end soon. Neighboring countries along with their fellow African nations must come together with EU and USA and force the two stubborn warring groups to come to the dialogue table above all to come to their Allah gifted senses. I have said this again and again. This stupid war ignited by idiots must stop and stop now.

    This is for my very dear Eritrean brothers and sisters. If you are attacked by the riff raffs of Debre and his cabals you have the right to fight back including and up to going all the way to the source that has menaced you. But that does not mean you will let some rowdy elements among your soldiers loose. Debre and his cabals should accept the fact that Eritrea is a globally recognized sovereign nation with inviolable boundaries. This talk about access to sea outlets must be something that needs to be negotiated just the way it has been done with Djibouti and others in the regions. You can say yes or no and that is all about it. Some among us don’t even recognize how they make fool of themselves when they mumble around with stupid utterance like ‘Assab is historically ours’. I find such claim beyond funny. It is as so dumb as any fool can utter!
    What the heck! Miami was once a Spanish territory. Istanbul was a seat of the East Roman/Byzantine Empire. Do you want me to go on?

  2. The other thing these protestors are not apprehending is the fact that their legit anger at the chaos and calamities back in the old country has been hijacked. It is being cleverly used by others with ulterior motives which reminds me about those individuals back in the late 1960’s and 70’s. I used to see some among the gullible Ethiopian students protesting about and calling for the overthrow of the late emperors. They were the organizers of the rallies, conferences and protests but you did not notice them at the front of the demonstrations. They saved that for their own on another day. It was ‘Down with Emperor Haile’ from Monday through Friday but in their own demonstrations on Saturdays and Sundays it had totally different slogans. You see folks; we are not like our cleverly apprehensive forefathers. We are haplessly gullible. Boy, this brings back my long archived memories of the back in the days!!!

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  5. Hands OFF Amhara Abiy Ahmed!!! Stop Amhara Genocide

    This protest is never like before. It has lost Massive people. Massive Ethiopians opted out to stay away from any protest that supports the murderous Abiy regime.

    Few beneficiary servants of the Genocidal Abiy government are appealing for handouts.

    Genuine Amharas don’t want to see their people slaughtered by the Orommuma Amhara hater Genocidal Terrorists.

  6. Subject: “Massive rally near the White House condemns U.S. support to TPLF”, September 18, 2022

    Quote: Protestors are chanting slogans that call for the U.S. government to stand on the side of the Ethiopian government in the interest of durable peace. ” UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 21 Set 2022
    a). U.S. government to stand on the side of Ethiopia?!?!? It will NEVER HAPPEN ditto with EU Nations

    b). They do not want to see solid ‘ONE ETHIOPIA’.

    c) What the old Colonial EU NATIONS and USA seem to be aiming is to have HOPELESSLY FRAGMENTED BLACK

    d). Sadly, witnessing the behaviour of BLACK AFRICAN EDUCATED LEADERS, WITH PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE upon their
    own Continent AFRICA, one cannot help arriving at the conclusion that we Africans may not have any choice but to say
    Good – Bye to our own Continent.

    e). Modern Education and Experience of Life did NOT, teach us to be master of ourselves– long story

    f). It is a fact that NOT a SINGLE — so called, EDUCATED — Black African would deny. WE are hooked from the very
    beginning — and for ever.

    Dear Black African Reader:
    BE HONEST TO YOURSELF: Can WE make a difference to our Africa? My sad answer is NO, NO, NO. Why skirt around? What colonialism has done to Black Africa did not happen to the rest of humanity. And, some of us — very sad as it is — are still cooperating with them to degrade one of the few ANCIENT country around Globe — ETHIOPIA, the COUNTRY of Hailesellasiie, Menelik , Tedros, Yohannes ……… alphabetical order.


    That way, the exploitation of the NATUTRAL RICH AFRICA

  7. Why should we blame the EU, West, and whites when the evil Abiy government in Ethiopia is drinking blood and feeding on innocent Amhara lives everyday? Abiy Ahmed is unfit and very bad to rule Ethiopia!!

    Let alone foreigners, Ethiopians themselves do not want and support him. Because of his bad and evil nature the support he had is dwindled down to few greedy beneficiaries Orommumas.

    The last three years under the Promoter of Amhara Genocide, Jailer of INNOCENT AMHARA and Human Right Abuser Abiy Ahmed has been Hell for majority of Ethiopians.

    Abiy Ahmed is a Jailer of Innocent Amhara, Journalists and people!
    The Demon, Abiy Ahmed cruelty, savagery, abuse of Power and callousness has surpassed his mentors TPLF!!

    Abiy Ahmed is glued to power through deceits and daily distractive news, committing land theft here and there while distracting with the most heinous Orommuma agendas .
    Vast majority of Ethiopians don’t see or respect him as a good leader. For vast Majority hhere is no government in Ethiopia but a leader of Shene Cannibals who is complicity to Shene daily massacres yet lost sleep over innocent Amhara Fannos and Journalists.

    Abiy Ahmed has never been seen swearing at and flying his fingers at Shene Terrorists. His fear and nightmare is about looking at Amhara children going to school and growling up, living peacefully, going to work, settling in one place, farm, trade or get happy and so on.


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