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TPLF says Ethiopia sending troops to Eritrea , expresses “concerns” to Eritrea’s safety  

TPLF says Ethiopia sending more troops to Eritrea. It sees something “nefarious” about it.

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In the latest news conference with Tigray TV, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokesperson Getachew Reda makes a new claim about the “Tigray forces” victory on the western front. 

As has been the case in the past, his party is making exaggerated claims – one that paints what he (and TPLF) call Tigray Force’s invincibility that is out of this world.  To that end, he made the claim that many militia forces from the Amhara region died in the Tekeze river while retreating and the Ethiopian troops were totally vanquished. 

But again he made a new assertion in a Twitter message posted on September 15 saying that the Ethiopian government ( he used the name Abiy Ahmed actually) is sending more troops, and the trend could have malicious intent against Eritrea too. 

He tweeted:  “The #AbiyAhmed regime is sending more troops to #Eritrea, plane/truckloads of them everyday. Preposterous as it may sound, the Addis Regime could have nefarious plans against Eritrea itself, not just against #Tigray. The move defies ordinary logic. #TigrayWillPrevail, though!” 

Getachew Reda’s interview with Tigray TV came just days after General Tadesse Worede, he is described as “Commander of Tigray forces” , gave a statement saying that Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have taken control of Adearkay, Zalanbessa and areas near Dedebit – an area where the  TPLF was operating extensively when it was wagging guerrilla war against Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s government before 1991. 

The Ethiopian government did not confirm or deny the TPLF’s claims as has been the case since the TPLF started its third round of military operations against Ethiopia. 

Meanwhile, the European Union, like the United States, is putting renewed pressure on Ethiopia calling for negotiation with what it called the “regional government of Tigray.” 

The Ethiopian parliament has designated the TPLF as a terrorist organization. 


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  1. Subject: QUOTE:” TPLF says Ethiopia sending troops to Eritrea , expresses “concerns” to Eritrea’s safety” UNQUOTE September 15, 2022

    Humble Reaction, 15 Sept 2022
    Quote: ” TPLF….expresses “concerns” to Eritrea’s safety” Unquote, so said the honourable liberation force that Eritrea is lucky to have as a defender for its LIFE.
    What is next? Will Eritrea be part and parcel of independent Tigray?
    That would be classical example of Tigrinya speaking fraternity.
    Hence, peaceful atmosphere will rein for ever, and ever, and ever on Northern Ethiopia, as unique example for the World.
    And the individual enabler of such a success will be reworded with World Medal for the establishment of eternal peace.
    Needless to say, such an achievement will also be a LESSON to the entire WORLD —and glory to BLACK AFRICANS too.
    Again, needless to say, We Africans are extraordinarily patient to come out of the purgatory of Colonial Europeans.
    It is not farfetched to think that WE BLACK AFRICANS May VERY WELL BE THE NEW MORAL of the World !!!!!!!!!! (*)
    WARNING: This writer is not responsible for the loss of LIFE, out of extraordinary laughter — or anger.
    In that context, I will not blame the Owners of if they wisely decided to throw it into the gutter.

  2. This statement by Debre’s walrus hommie tells me that his group has no intention of ending this stupid but deadly conflict. Debre and his murderous cabals know very well that there is no war means it will be the end for them personally. In this new claim they meant to show their ‘ingenuity’ that know EU and USA’s numbers and are well honed to push the right buttons that well get them riled up. Until now they tried to rally up the EU and USA with all their available power by crying over their shoulders that PM Abiy has declared war on ‘the people of Tigray’. That did not go beyond urging both sides to stop fighting. Now they are playing the ‘Eritrea’ card. They know Eritrea is not on good standing with both EU and USA. So far nothing has gone past urging all sides to stop fighting. The next lot they gonna try is crying bloody murder by claiming Eritrea is sending drones and killing tens of innocent civilians. What the heck Eritrea is carpet bombing the entire northern Tigray that has left thousands dead! How about Eritrea is using chemical weapons? That will be next after the last. Okay folks, one thing at a time now!!! That chemical thing is gonna get the West really up in arms and the entire skies of Eritrea and Addis/Finfine will be buzzing with F22 Raptors, Mirages and Phantoms. Then Debre and his cabals will scream at the residents of the capital with ‘Abracadabra! We’re back! Did you miss me?’ What a fantasy! What a pie in the sky!!!

  3. we now know every inch of tplf logic and are not surprised by the number of majic rabbits they pull out depending on the situation. Ethiopia has nothing against Eritrea which tplf helped to scede actually. We all need peace and sea passage and growth and happiness – that’s all; no one has intention to fight all the time killing, maiming, destroying…this evil character is only one of tplf (and the reason is that life is meaningless without war for them).

    • QUOTE: (life is meaningless without war for them ) UNQUOTE

      YES, YES, YES
      And the last word —“them” — is squarely applicable to those who are now itching to disturb society, a reflection of revenge for something they failed to achieve. It is like the saying, something like ‘either I get it or nothing for all’ Correct me.

      And so OUR BLACK AFRICA remains disturbed and backward while the eternal colonizers are exploiting the natural richness of Black Africa. And — in that process and adventure — if they get local help in their endeavour, so much the better . The local enablers are also very happy and proud to use them for their own adventure — tit for tat.

      One last curious FACT: Ethiopia was one entity, with various different local races. A relevant example is one fact — out of so many. An apt example is about the era of Atse Yohannes of Tigray, Ethiopia. Why does not the same attitude applicable in 2022. What makes it different, now? Why the depth of animosity now among Ethiopians. Why the narrow mindedness now — with so many various degrees on so many different subject matters? Dose civilization mean regression to us — BLACK AFRICANS???? What a LABLE and OBSTACLE to our future BLACK AFRICANS. THE END

  4. It makes wonder how long does it take for the TPLF corrupt cabal to stop playing chicken and fabricated stories with Ethiopian masses including helpless Tigrain lives. Hopefully people will realize these twisted endless lies sooner than later.

  5. Honest Question
    Are modern Tigrayans telling the world that:

    a) Tigrayans of the past like Atse Yohanes and his Tigrayan Compatriot Heroes and the overall people of Tigray , were
    WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG in defending ETHIOPIA ?

    b) Is that the message?

    c) Is that a cause for the liquidation of human beings while the initiators are comfortably secured, in secured places, with
    secured dream for THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL ambitions.

    d) By the way, the initial failure of an ambitious individual to fill in the Post of the Previous Prime Minister of Ethiopia, may possibly has a lot to do in the process of destroying Ethiopia into pieces. WE are all human beings and WEAK when it comes to our ambitions.

    e) Sadly, individuals, with acute desire for Power, are very weak and blind in analyzing the consequence of their
    ambition — they never think of the PEOPLE. Indeed sadly, our WORLD is FULL of that UGLY & DIRTY History.


  6. I sleep well knowing fully well we got some sensible people posting on Borkena.
    @ Aba Farda, your prediction on the impending domino of false claims on Eri brewing in the TPLF stove is on point! Infact, if they forgot those false cards, now they got reminder from you writ!
    Eitherway, my crucible tells me, this is the Omega of the obese yet minisicule TPLF. Alas, Eri and Ethio shall be in peace and tango as they should! . I hope the people of Tigray join the program


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