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Ethiopia earned $1.4 billion from coffee export 

Volume of Ethiopian Coffee in the international market has shown a remarkable increase in the 2014 Ethiopian calendar  (2021/22 G.C) , according to the government

Sahlework _ Coffee export
President Sahlework Zewde speaking during Ethiopian Coffee Day celebration (Photo : public domain)


As Ethiopian Coffee day was celebrated this week with the motto of “Our coffee for our unity and prosperity,”  it is revealed that the concluded Ethiopian year was a success in terms of coffee export despite the country facing a number of challenges of economic, political and security nature. 

Over 300,000 tonnes of coffee was exported in the 2014 Ethiopian fiscal year (the new year started just five days ago) from which Ethiopia earned $1.4 billion dollars. 

State media cited Adugna Debella, head of the Coffee and Tea authority, as saying that the reform measure in the sector restructured coffee supply chains starting from farmers to exporters. 

The increase in revenue is explained in terms of an increase in coffee production and making quality coffee available in the international coffee market – which is linked to the reform measures. 

The Ethiopian government organized a recognition ceremony for coffee exporters in the country who contributed to what the government says is success in the international coffee market.  Farmers and coffee exporters were awarded during the ceremony. 

Ethiopian President Sahlework Zewdie said reform measures in the country have enabled Ethiopian coffee to fetch better prices in the international market. And that has contributed, according to the president, to an increase in foreign currency earnings to the country. 

Ethiopia has a ten-year agricultural development plan the goal of which, among other things, is to ensure food security. The government claims that Ethiopia is about to achieve that and start exporting cereal crops. 

During the last fiscal year, Ethiopia earned about 72 percent of its foreign currency from the export of agricultural products.  


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