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TPLF making new claims of military gains, drone strike in Mekele at the same time


TPLF says it has killed tens of thousands of Eritrean Forces – just two days after announcing readiness for unconditional African Union-led peace talk 

TPLF _ Drone Strike _ Military gains
Getachew Reda talking to Tgiray TV about a week ago. (photo : screenshot from Tigray TV video)


The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has made new claims of drone strikes in Mekelle.  

As was the case the past several months, the narrative is making headlines including in the mainstream media in the west is one that the TPLF is setting. 

It is Getachew Reda, spokesperson of the TPLF ( he is sometimes referred to as a member of the “Central Tigray Command” ), who made the claims about a new strike in Mekelle.  This time, the TPLF is claiming that Mekelle University was targeted in the strike. 

Getachew wrote  on his Twitter : 

“He wrote o#AbiyAhmed’s drones targeted #MekelleUniversity Adi Haki campus. As usual, with #AbiyAhmed & #isaiasafeworki massive offensive in many fronts is crumbling like a house of cards, targeting civilians and civilian installations is their way of exacting revenge.#TigrayWillPrevail! ” 

It is unclear, from his twitter, if there was a death related to the strike.

The Ethiopian government has not responded to the new TPLF allegations. It is not verified by independent sources either. 

In another Twitter message on the same day, the TPLF spokesperson went on to say that the war is underway on many fronts. In fact, he also makes claims that his forces are winning on many fronts. 

It was not too long ago when the TPLF said that Eritrean forces were advancing to Adigrat city.  

As has been the case in the past two years, the TPLF is projecting itself as an “invincible” force. It claims it has killed tens of thousands of Eritrean and Ethiopian Forces.

“Obviously, both #Abiy & #Isaias don’t care a hoot if hundreds of thousands perish in pursuit of their genocidal objective. Tens of thousands of Eritreans & Ethiopians along with numerous commanders have been killed in engagements the last few days in the south and western fronts…. The question is: how many more soldiers and commanders have to be killed before #Abiy realizes that his quest for a ‘stronger position’ cannot be achieved and #Isaias will stop at nothing before he presides over the disintegration if Ethiopia as we know it? #TigrayWillPrevail! ” he said.

Eritrean or Ethiopian governments did not say remarks about the latest TPLF claim of victory in battle fronts. 

Two days ago, the  TPLF announced “readiness” for unconditional African union-led peace talk for a “negotiated cession of hostilities.”

The Ethiopian government, opposition party figures and activists ( as observed in multiple social media platforms) are skeptical about the TPLF’s latest statement. 

Apart from the lack of trust in TPLF given its history of betrayals and malicious intentions in pursuing negotiation, it is too fresh in the memories of many Ethiopians that the TPLF leaders labeled calls for a ceasefire as “a joke.”  It happened about one year ago. 

Despite that, the “international community” is rallying behind making the TPLF a relevant political actor in Ethiopia.  Some are branding the TPLF, a designated terrorist organization, as a legal entity in pursuit of an apparent political goal to make the TPLF relevant for the second time.  The Ethiopian parliament has designated the TPLF as a terrorist group. 

Josep Borrell Fontelles, representative of the European Union For Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, wrote on Twitter : 

“The Regional Government of #Tigray announces its readiness to abide by an immediate cessation of hostilities and to participate in AU-led peace process. This opportunity should be seized by all. Now. ” 

The United States special envoy to the Horn of Africa has been in Ethiopia with the hope of convincing the Ethiopian authorities to accept TPLF’s call for negotiation. 

It is not disputable that the TPLF started the third round of military attack on Ethiopian forces on August 24, 2022, amid extensive efforts for unconditional peace talks.

Now what many Ethiopian opinion leaders are saying is that the TPLF has to disarm itself before any negotiation or Ethiopia will continue to find itself in the same situation. 


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  1. QUOTE: “Now what many Ethiopian opinion leaders are saying is that the TPLF has to disarm itself before any negotiation or Ethiopia will continue to find itself in the same situation. UNQUOTE

    Humble Opinion, 13 Sep 2022
    “TPLF has to disarm itself before any negotiation”. You might as well believe there will be rain in the Sahara Desert

    It is very sad that ETHIOPIA — a country that was admired and respected around the Globe comes down to such a low level.
    As to the ‘foreign’ encouragement towards the TPLF, it is a natural habit of the UN, EUR and USA to be catalyst for the disintegration of successful looking third world country. By the way, UN, EUR and USA, are NOT in love with TPLF. Leaders of TPLF — very wise and shrewd as they are, are fully aware of it. It will be a laughter to think otherwise — ha ha ha, hu hu hu, ho ho ho. he he he ….. Believe it or not, Tigray can maneuver any country in Europe or in USA or In UN. Don’t underestimate the shrewdness of certain Black African Countries [ if not all ] based on the colour of their skin. You will be making a great mistake in your Life.

  2. tplf should be worried more about the disappearance of young people in tigray. Ethiopia has more than 100 million people, tigray < 5 million and getting less by the day, due to the stupid propaganda of the tplf leadership. This group should be accountable for the loss of an entire tirgay generation should be brought to justice (like Nuremberg criminals)

  3. Woe for those gullible young people who are losing their Allah blessed lives in this stupid conflict ignited by reckless and stupid leaders. Woe to their mothers who were bamboozled to send their baby boys and girls into deadly battlefields just to find out their sons and daughters will never come home!!! Some of you here among us who have fomenting hatred and beating the drums of war from your safe and comfy homes, I say shame on you!!! Shame on you!!! I’m told you have created streaming sites on YouTube and other social media platforms with the primary scheme of garnering enough hits and ‘likes’ to make nickels and dimes but not to deliver independent news and analysis. You took free enterprise and capitalism at their face value and make money at the expense of those upright people whether they are dead or alive. I see you lambasting in my own mother tongue and my Amhara friends are telling me they have been dealing with similar con artists for years especially since 2018. These connivers were former government employees prior to 2018 and some of them were journalists. These groups of messengers of death have turned into rabid ‘opponents’ of the Abiy administration just to dust up their political asylum application and case. Shame, shame and utter shame on you!!!

  4. What I can’t help noticing in this article is once again the photo of Getachew. Just look at him. Just look at those two or three amassing beef sirloins tucked under his chin and wrapped around his neck. Just eyeball that and compare that of the average citizen in that region. You see them there with emaciated faces with ribs sticking out and you the youth being marched into death ujuums gaunt with chick bones ready to burst open. Does this walrus brute shown any sign of some one who missed even a single snack between his daily three meals? Quote me calling him a replica of that fat murdered Mao in body and soul. Mao used to get fatter and fatter by the day while 25 million Chinese citizens were dying for lack of food during his demonic fatwa of the Great Leap Forward!!! Commies, commies, commies! Do I justifiably have contempt for you!!! That includes those with glossed over or thinly veiled faces!!!

  5. I want to interject something of a different nature. Heads up to those of you dear countrymen/women here among our Diaspora who may be planning trips to Japan on business. One of the most violent typhoons is heading toward that nation. Some of cities are in the crosshairs of the typhoon. You may need to postpone your trip by a few days until it passes. This is not an ordinary typhoon. Its force of wind is gonna cause the worst flooding thousand miles in coastal Alaska in a half century. Some of villages in Japan may not be the same again. Just to say a word of two about it with my dear countrymen/women working corporations or those self employed who may to travel there.


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