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Ethiopian New Year – Ethiopians celebrating New year 


Despite a conflict situation in the northern part of Ethiopia, Ethiopians are celebrating Ethiopian New year! It is 2015 in the Ethiopian Calendar.

Many are hoping that peace will prevail in the country in 2015.  

Ethiopian President Sahle Work Zewde, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force and regional administration heads have expressed best wishes. 

borkena Ethiopian News would like to wish Ethiopians in the country and abroad a Happy New Year! 


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  1. I would like to join our very dear editors of this esteemed website to wish all of my countrymen/women a Happy New Year! Let’s band together in playing our part to bring peace and security for our suffering countrymen/women there in the old country. Let’s make that our firm pledge to preach harmony and solidarity among those upright people regardless of religion, ethnicity and status. Peace!!!!!


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