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Ethiopian Defense Force Chief New Year message

Ethiopian Defense Force is ready for any eventuality from any direction is the new year message from the Chief of Staff

New year message _ Defense _ Ethiopia
Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, Chief of Staff the Ethiopian Defense Force (Photo : public domain)


Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, has conveyed a message on the occasion of Ethiopian News year – which will be celebrated this coming Sunday across the country.

He conveyed his message via the quarterly defense magazine, Meketa – State media Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation reported on Friday.

“Our defense force is in a position and has the readiness to stop enemy forces coming from any direction,” he is cited as saying.

He also expressed his new year best wishes to “Ethiopian nations and Nationalities” and to “our heroic defense force.” 

The Chief of Defense described the outgoing year as one during which many challenges were successfully overcome.  “On the one hand, Ethiopia was facing existential challenges. On the other hand, our people, our leaders and the defense and security forces coordinated their struggle to overcome the challenges with strength,” he added. 

He also made a reference to the third round of war that TPLF forces opened in August this year.  

He explained the TPLF act that ended the humanitarian ceasefire in terms of what he called TPLF’s envy over Ethiopia’s readiness to focus on development in 2015 (the new Ethiopian year). 

“Although they [TPLF leaders] opened war against us, they can not reverse the victories we have achieved and stop us from the stride to development except that they are forcing youth in Tigray to be casualties.” 

The Defense Chief seized the opportunity to emphasize that peace is always a priority and that the Defense force will not go to war except in situations when a war is opened against Ethiopia. 

He did not give details about the state of the war with the TPLF – which is now said to be on four fronts. 

Since the war resumed on August 24, the Ethiopian Defense Force has not disclosed military losses or gains on different fronts except for the announcement of retreat from Kobo just a day after the TPLF new offensive. 

However, reports emerging on social media seem to suggest that the TPLF is suffering defeat after defeat.  A purportedly intercepted radio communication between commanders of the TPLF forces indicates that the TPLF has lost the battle at least on one front.

Many other evidence emerging on social media and media outlets like EMS, a media that is believed to have a connection with the Ethiopian government, do seem to indicate that the TPLF forces are mostly encircled and the war is in Tigray now. 


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  2. Your Excellency Field Marshal Berhanu Jula,

    First of all I would like to take a moment to profusely thank you for your extensive and extremely valuable service to that gem of the colored that produced us all. When others chose and went on rampage to harm that blessed country of more than 120 million upright people you and your gallant and patriotic colleagues have decided to stand by her and fight for her existence. When other miscreants chose the yank away one harmonious people from their centuries old co-habitants you and your colleagues have decided to remain her loyal servants. This beyond-repair Afro/Ethio-centric junkie always has his hope alive when he realizes you and your colleagues are still out there fighting bigots of all sorts tooth and nail. I have no doubt sooner if not later I and others alike will see you standing on the dustbin of those demons of the third kind.

    Over the last two years that country has lived through one of the saddest moments in its history even though there were others that gave us all hope that it is changing for the good of its people. I and my family were among the happiest over the news of the release of thousands of political prisoners. But it did not take too long for demonic bigots to go back to their own device to pitch one ethnic group against another by massacring innocent civilians just because they were from different ethnic groups. They murdered hundreds of their own when they found them standing in their way. All these bloodthirsty vagabonds have the same objective: To send that pride of humanity asunder. They should have known that it will never happen on you watchful watch. In the middle of all this fight for the right once in a while I hear some contradictory remarks from your camp. Not too long ago we were told by one of your high level commanders that the country’s airspace is well protected from any hostile foreign elements. But after the recent downing an Antonov military cargo plane that was heading to the bigots joint to deliver military hardware, we have read a story of the Prime Minister meeting with youth groups where he told the audience that there have been several illegal intrusions into the airspace of the country by foreign powers. In a country of well defended airspace I am not sure how that was possible. Which one is the reality on the ground? Just to air some genuine concern.

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